The Start Of Something New | HIVE PUD June 1, 2021

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"The purpose of our lives is to be happy."
-Dalai Lama

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And here we the blink of an eye, it is June 2021. I don't know about you, but the past six months have flown by. It is truly amazing how much has changed both on & off the #HIVE blockchain....

As I set foot back home late last Saturday night, I took a deep breath & realized that things have changed dramatically in my own life...when I took a hiatus from my online endeavors to travel, I had no idea exactly HOW dramatically my priorities would shift...

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On my travels, I found true love that has changed my world (as well as renewed self respect) & even the adoration of a sweet little girl like Lucy... ;)



Taking a step back showed me what is truly slow down & really appreciate what is around me. Before my trip, I was so confident in what I thought I wanted in life with all of my future aspirations & goals, mostly career-oriented....I "knew" where I was going in life....

Boy, was I wrong! LOL

A lot of us are in such a rush to prove things to everyone else & keep up with the Joneses ... sometimes, we forget to have gratitude for what we already have or the changes we have the power to make at anytime...

Not that there was anything wrong with my goals, etc, but now I realize life is going in a different direction. I used to feel competitive in everything I did (though I didn't show it much), like I had something to prove to myself. Then, the shadow work came in....I got to the root of why I was feeling that way & worked through it to come out of it with this one realization that applies to us all ...

"You are enough in just being."

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It is one thing to believe it as you tell others that, but when I realized it truly for myself, it really changed everything. Wow. Mind blown. 🔥

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So, now stepping forward in this self knowledge, I am walking more in my truth than ever. I share a sneak peek of this in my latest podcast "Coffee, Cards & Pixie Dust", which you can listen to here... Feel free to subscribe. It would mean a lot! :)

With it, the Pixie Post brand is changing somewhat - in ways I may not even be aware of myself yet....just like change itself, it's a process & with it, we will grow together... a whole different flow.... I hope you will share that path with me :)

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This is why June #HivePud is so fitting...the #HIVE blockchain & community has really helped me in my path; to go outside of my comfort zone & see how truly capable I's not just a social & crypto place (even though those are GREAT assets!)'s a lifestyle for some of us....

And while I may not be on the front lines as I once was, I am still here, representing my firm faith in our potential & growth! So, with that, I present my month power up ;)


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And it is DONE! ;) Feeling good almost at 9K...still have a ways to Orca, but I will get there! :) If you want to know what the #HIVEPud hoopla is all about, check out the amazing @traciyork's recent post explaining the details.

I am still not sure if I made it in time, but regardless, I am glad to stand for our #HIVE.

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So, where is your life path going this month? What is one goal for you? I would love to read it in the comments below. I will share mine in my next #MindfulMondays vlog series this coming Monday (June 7th) so stay tuned... ;)

Until then, remember you can make any changes you want to at ANY TIME and start on a new journey, too. As Glenda the Good Witch said in the "Wizard of Oz", "the power has been within you all along, my dear" 💜


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I am glad to see your are still doing well. All the HIVE does add up in the end so I think you will get to orca status soon enough.

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This was a long time without (or with a lot less) pixiedust for us ;-). Great to have you back. Hope to learn more about your vacations!

Congrats on your Power Up! 💪😎

Missed your sparkly pixie dust! Happy news and all the best for your new direction!

Changes like you mentioned can sometimes be so intimidating but refreshing at the same time. Embrace this new chapter of your journey.

Hey Jenn! Happy to see you back here and looking forward to hearing about your new chapter in your journey!

Good to have you back! I am glad to hear about your self-discovery and I am looking forward to hearing more about your new life goal for the future.

When asked about his injuries and the risks they take, the well-known wrestling champion, "The Undertaker" once said in an interview, "our bodies are not designed to do what we do".

I would like to take it a step further...we are also not designed to live at the pace and with the amount of stress as we do"...

Nice to see you back on HIVE! We missed you! As you can see whole crypto markets went down in your absence... Don't do that anymore... :P

Happy to see you happy!

Happy to "read" you're back hahaha
Wow, so beautiful those realizations about yourself and makes me realize how right you are and that I should apply that wisdom to my life also.

Looking forward to reading more of your journey :)

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YAY and ARRGH! Yay because it's awesome to hear from you, especially on Power Up Day, and arrgh because I opened your post on my laptop, which doesn't play nice with the Leo frontend. I meant to reply (and upvote) as soon as I was back on my regular computer, but it fell out of my brain... 😆

Just subbed to you on Spotify (yes, I'm internetg33K over there) and look forward to getting caught up with you, dear soul sister! 🥰

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Really lovely to read this post and im glad your offline life has been rewarding. Im about to embark on a more offline life, so my HP is less relevant to me, I think for similiar reasons as you say above. It feels strange not to PUD after 4 years of doing so. Ill still be here to some extent though and look forward to your adventures.

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