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It is about time the redundancy for decentralized network prevails
in this day and age. It may never happen for many reasons. Today
the FED system that run ACH automated clearing house was down.
It has caused the exchange like #Coinbase and many others that dealt
with it, unable to do business.

It is a disruption for anyone at the time to move crypto to fiat.
I have witness this type of issue before when the state I lived in
had issue in their network. Anything state wise shut down for couple of

I know #coinbase is losing money since the flow of transaction halted.
It is clear the need to decentralize will reinforce the network and bring
more security and no down time.
Since I have been in Steem/Hive we have any issue most likely when there is
a hard fork (change in the application on the blockchain) other that it is
running like butter.

It is just a case to show, it is about time blockchain be part of their system
to keep the ball rolling. Lately they want to bring the digital dollar in the market.
That advancement should help them avoid this problem. It will be one stone
two birds.

You can really see most institutions will use that system cause the trust
of the blockchain is more secure. This headache will propel them to bring
that CBDB quicker than before. Glad we are already pushing for #hive to be decentralized.
Best way we can achieve that by holding your tokens in power mode.

We can say the same thing for #hive-engine tokens.
Their platform is doing the same thing to enhance all tribe tokens.
I checked out their site www.tribaldex to see their pool attire.
Many coins already jump to bring liquidity to the sphere.
I think #leofinance is bringing something similar to their lions.
It is a reminder that changes are coming.
Start from the FED to a blockchain near you, decentralization
is the trust way to transact with minimal down time.
Keep stacking satoshis.

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Here we go
ripple then tether then ...
That is enough we need some stability

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