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I took this picture in December 2020 to locate #leofinance situation in the witness chart.
December looks a long time from now. Around 90 days could be a game changer for Leo.
Even Hive was trading at 12 cents. This blockchain keeps moving 24/7. It means the witnesses
should be up to par all the time to keep this blockchain secured.

Looking through the lens of the community, a lot had change since. Bitcoin is trading around $50k+,
#leo tokens is pushing past the dollar mark and the witnesses are shuffled a little. Some dropped, some
rise to fulfil their everyday duty to secure the chain. Looking at Leofinance in December I was shocked
to see a platform with such a bright future laying around number 33.

As a member of the community my assessment pushed me to write a post then. I continue throughout the months
to bring emergence to this goal.
We moved to 28 and got stuck for a while. The voice of the community does not stop there. I was so happy to see
other members putting their due diligence to promote #leofinance to get to top 20.
From what I see, it is getting closer to 20 than three months ago. It is progressing to a level where top 20 is
just couple months away. I mean top 20 could be days away if Leofinance get the right vote now.


I just want to thank the community and fans for their support. Many may not know how to do it. You have
the choice to support this decentralized blockchain. You are the reason with the supported witnesses we have
Hive today. Any top 20 witnesses deserve to be there. It is a constant work to update the price and make sure
everything runs smooth accordingly. More than that the witnesses bring change the way we see the blockchain.
Changes are inevitable.

Do you know how to vote for a witness like #leofinance?
This link should help if you use hivesigner


Next you can use this link as well if you use #ecency user interface to check on your witnesses.


This link gives you a clear idea to pick your witnesses using hive keychain.
#peakd is another way to check them as well
follow this link


Go to action and click on witnesses.

It is recommended to check from time to time your selection.
One witness could drop out of contention
you need to bring another one to your 30 selection.
That way you promote and dispose of your eyes in the blockchain.
Again #leofinance deserves to be up there for what they bring to the community.

It is a choice you have to make.
You probably tried #uniswap with #Wleo/ether and it is a great way to interact with Ethereum blockchain through #defi.
Recently you probably tried #Cubdefi where you have a portal to Binance smart chain and a way to diversify into
decentralized finance.
They have more to deliver and bring more eyes via Leofinance to Hive.
We are no stranger to decentralize. This is the way forward to support what bring diversity
and ample earning for everyone.
This is the beauty of crypto. Everything moves and we have to adapt and get the best of what will keep us on the light.

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I just voted for Leo Finance as a witness. Speaking of, whatever happened to Jerry?

Jerry has been persona non grata for a while.
Who knows may be he is trying to do something somewhere.

Haha yeah, Jerry did have an interesting personality, he did bring a lot of people here including me I think back in 2017. I think some people started not to like him, perhaps he said or did some crazy things.

There was some drama. But from my perspective, it was basically entertainment. I was voting for Jerry as a witness back in the day but not currently. I am a fan of Leo, PeakD, Ecency, Three Speak, etc. I'm excited about the ongoing projects on Hive. RIP Steemit which I actually still post to but with links going back to Hive.

Jerry was drama to a point he starts hurting his image.
He brings a lot of people to steem.
I knew him on youtube when he was pushing dash.
Time flies so fast.

Certainly a lot has changed @pouchon, and the fact that #leo tokens is projected to break the $1 barrier speaks to the great things to come, we are sure to rise to important positions in the top.

I know it will continue to move.
Changes are things we cannot mess with
It will happen, we need to fall in place and bring the community
Leofinance support where it should be.


Leo is at the forefront because it has demonstrated the great potential of the ecosystem. Thanks for your BEER.

Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

Who is voting for netuso? WTF These votes should come to active witnesses that care about hive.

This witness is no longer active for a while.
Somehow he used to be top witness.

weird right. He was also the guy who starts building the hive ledger thing ( with super high DAO funding) and exit without completing the work.

Vote decay will be really good for Hive long term.

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I am in full agreement with you. I voted for @leofinance for blockproducer/witness shortly after they had their witness node set up.

Leo Finances contribution to the continued success of the HIVE Blockchain Network has been no less than outstanding. We are all reaping the rewards of their innovative projects.

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Upvoted and Reblogged.

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Keep the info train moving.
This is why we are here.

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Exactly 💪

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Strange, I thought #LEO node has been in the top 20 for a long time ... For me, this is new, unexpected information

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It looks that way but when you go
to the list, almost there.
The more we talk about it
eventually it will happen

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Yep!! :)

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Thank you for sharing
I´m learning about it

Spread the news and allow Leofinance to show
its presence across the blockchain

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