Presearch Will Be The Next Generation Search Engine

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I was recently going through my comments on a previous post, and discovered a Brave Add-On called Presearch which is a community powered, decentralized search engine. PRE was created in July of 2017, and so far has racked up over one million users. In my opinion, migrating a million people to a different search engine in just three years is very impressive. What makes Presearch so attractive is the fact that you are able to earn PRE, which is an ethereum based cryptocurrency and is worth about $0.015. The reason that I jumped on this so quickly is because I am using Brave and Presearch together now, earning two cryptocurrencies for searching the internet.

Adding Presearch to your Brave Extensions is very easy, just look up Presearch online and the website will prompt you through the process in a matter of seconds. If you are using Brave, I highly recommend using this newer search engine. Not only do you earn the crypto, the platform itself is awesome. After looking through the White Paper on, I am thrilled for the amazing innovations they have planned.

I will be putting out another post today on a feature, within Presearch, that I find very interesting. It's called Keyword Staking, which is essentially advertising by staking PRE on specific words and phrases. I will go into more detail on it in the next post, don't worry. Again, stay tuned for my post later today, and let me know if I've convinced you to switch over to Brave or Presearch in the comments below.

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Presearch is an interesting project, but it needs more development to take down Google from its throne! I hope that it will! :)

The best way to take down google is to use and support the projects like presearch! You can still use google as your default search engine but you go through Presearch first and it then searches the google beast. This gets Presearch paid I believe so it’s a win for you and Presearch.

Well, can't agree more with you... Tbh, I'm a bit sick of Google and all this monopoly that they have... Actually, I was sick a long time before when they bought YT, and killed all the competitors in the Online Ads industry with Adwords and Adsense...

Excellent strategy, and I am all about supporting Presearch now!

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Agreed, but it definitely has the potential and some other features that Google does not.

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I have been using Presearch on my chrome browser but I need to add it to Brave. Thanks for the reminder.


You're welcome @slackerman, thanks for the support!

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Yes Presearch is awesome and you are right it easily connects to Brave browser so you can earn on 2 platforms using one browser.

Glad you think so too!

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I wrote about this service twice. Love it!

Haha, I did too! With the amount of features that Presearch has, you could probably write hundreds of posts!

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