Flesh Golem splinterland Challenge: The Undefeated Meat

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This week Splinterland's battle week featured Flesh Golem. I am very happy that one of my favorite card featured in this week challenge.

Flesh Golem.png

I feel it is very hard to take down this tank when it is also supported by wood nymph and other healing cards from back.Your opponent really need some very heavy hitter to take down flesh golem.

So when I got ruleset "Reverse speeds" + "Even stevens" I decided to go ahead with "Daria Dragonscale"


My Team in order: Daria Dragonscale(Summoner), Flesh Golem,Manticore,Cocatrice,Wood Nymph,Halfing Alchemist and Cyclops.

Opponent Team in order: Daria Dragonscale(Summoner), Flesh Golem,Failed Summoner,Furious Chicken,Prismatic Energy,Fire spitter and Wood Nymph.

Let's meet my team:

Daria Dragonscale.png

Dragon summoner is used to give +1 melee attack to my Flesh golem and Manticore. More precisely I used it for using Manticore and I will explain it later.

Flesh Golem.png

I love the healing ability of the flesh golem and nice health,I consider it as very nice tank.


Since this is reverse speed ,so I do not want to use Minotaur warrior because of its high speed. Grumpy dwarf is a sane choice here but I feared the magic blast and decided to go for Manticore.


Filler for my team for 2 mana,Just hoping that it does need to face the enemy in front.

Wood Nymph.png

Healer for my team,making it hard for opponent to take down my tank.

Halfling Alchemist.png

with 1 swiftness ,it is perfect candidate to be in team. If it hits then opponent attack will be halved.


1 swiftness card with shield and 3 attack,I can say it is acting as my tail tank.

Let move to the battle.


Team look after all the monster and summoner abilities in place.


Halfing Alchemist did it's work in round 1,Will he and cyclops will take down the opponent's tank?


Yes they did take down the opponent tank and I am feeling quite confident now.


Three round and opponents 2 monsters are down and my tank is standing strong. I think it is now clear I will win this match now.

Link to Battle

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Thank you for your Fleshy Challenge.



Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Nice lineup, it's really nice.
Keep on playing.