Calling all tribes, all Hiveans. Ask me absolutely anything!

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Those of you that know me well will know that I'm more open than most people, and I'm quite happy to answer most questions thrown my way -- so I want to stage an ask me anything across the entire hive ecosystem. From corner to corner. See if it can actually be done! I'm not sure if I can though! But it will be fun trying!

Why am I doing this?

I have a friend Rebecca that I don't think fully appreciates the power of hive and the entire ecosystem that we have. She's one of the many popular writers I know in the mainstream. You can read her on a lot of popular magazines across the spectrum of social issues, Christianity, and Politics. I am slowly but surely chipping away at her barriers, and maybe this may be the straw that breaks the camels back. Who knows?

Anyway, for those that are wondering why this post appears in your tribe then I'm leading off with a few questions for you.

LeoFinance: I pretty much built the @brofund from the ground up. From a 500HP nothing to a megamonster with tentacles in almost every project there is on hive! Any questions folks?

CINE Diehard SciFi fan. You guys should be asking me lots and lots of questions!

Weed: I was quite the smoker back in my day. From lungs, to bongs, to pipes. I've had it all! I couldn't handle it very well, though! Questions?

Lotus: You guys know I'm all about the natural medicine of the mind - please ask me as many questions as you like!

CTP Guys, I've been an entrepreneur now for at least six years. Coming on seven! You have to give me some questions, please do :)

There are more! But I feel these are the only ones relevant to my life right now. But the power of hive is most awesome! I hope you can feel it through this post.

Just to be clear I won't be making any more of these posts -- I am just aiming to reach a LOT of people!!

Also, please don't be offended if I don't answer right away. I am going to bed in about twenty minutes, so if I miss you now I'll get you first thing tomorrow! + you'll all get lots of votes from Brofund's big accounts for participating!

Anyway, let's break a leg :)

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Hello ray, what is your biggest mistake in the cryptocurrency world that you still regret till today?

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None. I generally don't regret my mistakes because I see them as a learning experience. Like sure I lost a lot in Bitconnect, but if I hadn't it would have been harder for me to spot out that shit today.

So, no, no regrets :)

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Do you play games and read/watch manga/anime? If so, what's your top 3?

Big gamer here. I was a gamer before gaming was cool. I used to play old football manager games on my zx spectrum +3 when everyone thought I was a geek and it'd never catch on.

Not an anime fan so I'll list my top 3 games here so far:

Cyberpunk2077: Honestly? People complain too much these days. I loved it. So much to do. Trying for 100% completion, still going a few months later.

Red Dead Redemption: I am a fan of history so this game really gets my sandbox gamer and history buff bones going!

Star Citizen: This game is slowly going to the top. Honestly man, there's a whole load of stuff you can do with this game. I'm really looking forward to it

There others I'd say I play quite a lot: Notable mention: No mans sky. This was my fave before Star Citizen came along.

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 last month (edited)

Did Brofund invested in Cubdefi?
And what is your personal take on cubdefi?
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Yes, we did. Half my own money, and half Brofund's. I may even just gift Brofund my part if it helps us grow.

It's too early to tell @xabi I'm enjoying it so far though, and I keep compounding :)

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May be we can also look into upcoming Kingdoms Contracts too. They seems promising too.

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I'll have to understand it first! :) - so once I get my head around it, we'll see.

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What's it like to have such a tiny penis?

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I don't know. My penis is rather average in length terms. It's not HUGE, but it's not small either.

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dignifying this with any answer is demoralizating.. very small right now.

Average by which country's measurement? 😂 punis jokes are always funny

LeoFinance: I pretty much built the @brofund from the ground up. From a 500HP nothing to a megamonster with tentacles in almost every project there is on hive! Any questions folks?

  • You are so humble.

CINE Diehard SciFi fan. You guys should be asking me lots and lots of questions!

  • We do't care if you like Sci Fi

Lotus: You guys know I'm all about the natural medicine of the mind - please ask me as many questions as you like!

  • If you don't smoke or eat cannabis I don't know what to say

Weed: I was quite the smoker back in my day. From lungs, to bongs, to pipes. I've had it all! I couldn't handle it very well, though! Questions?

  • Answered my question about 2 tribes..

CTP Guys, I've been an entrepreneur now for at least six years. Coming on seven! You have to give me some questions, please do :)

  • What questions???

Just to be clear I won't be making any more of these posts -- I am just aiming to reach a LOT of people!!

  • In other words you no longer need to shit post like us little people ;)

Please answer this interviewer’s questions in exact order as they appear.

Why am I gay? - If you mean gay as in happy then I am happy because I have all that is naturally required around me to thrive if you look at Maslow's Hierarchy of needs.

Outspoken Lesbian? Homosexual?: Neither. Completely Heterosexual these days

How can I describe you?: Happy overweight father and husband that's comfortable in his surroundings? Hard question. Not sure I know how to describe myself this late at night lol

Why should someone be gay?: I've never believed it was a choice to tell the truth. I think you're born that way. Kind of like the colour of your skin, it's not something you choose or can change.

You having a girlfriend?: I have a wife. 12 years married :)

Do you perform the natural obligation?: When we met -- 3 times daily at least now, not so much, and sometimes it's me that's not in the mood.

Not engaging makes you gay?: Common misconception about men actually - depends what's going on in our life at the time. Could be anything, stress, work, depression - who knows. Sometimes he just doesn't want it.

So who is gay?: I'm guessing you? @leonis? :)

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Completely Heterosexual these days

I presume this means you have a past. LOL

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Ohhh jeeez Ray tried some unfortunate things in college

Too much intellectualization regarding coitus

Thank you. I’m sure the community will find your response most informative.


Hahahaha this is legit funny! The guy is massively confused!

Is it hard to admin a group as rowdy as the Man Cave?

Really good question ecoinstant! Asks for a beefier upvote. No, no it doesn't actually. Mainly because people aren't having to worry about what they say and do. As long as they aren't doing anything crazy then it's fine with me -- after all it's just words isn't it? What harm is it doing? And at the end of the day everyone gets to go home and get on with reality.

Escapism at its finest.

It's harder having to keep everyone in line! It's more annoying having to set rules and demand that everyone tow a certain line. I mean, there are lines with me but if there's no bullying going on then I'm fine.

If anything happens that's a bit offside then the community moderates itself.

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Wen Witness ?

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Not yet my UK brother, but eventually. Leofinance can't even top the top 20. What chance do we have? Let's collect for a few months/years and then revisit that equation!

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We need to create competition and eventually change the reward model for Governance.

I personally love to see your Witness node

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Damn, man, you positive types. Okay, let's see what I can do!

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Where did you come up with the idea for BroFi?

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I wanted to do something different but I didn't know what. The time was approaching to bring up something new. So I banded together with my admin and asked them what we should do. It was actually @ecoinstant that told me to message @taskmanager -- he told me that he had a brilliant idea cooking up. Credit where credit is due, it wasn't my idea. All I said was, "That's a fantastic idea!"

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Do your tribes and Brofi have a backup plan if or when life finally says you had enough?

you use to smoke? So have you had the chance do to any dabs LOL

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Yes. My son will hopefully take over my side by then. But if not then another person has the keys to @brofund and can continue the game forever more. Hopefully the keys will get passed down from generation to generation of leaders.

Never done dabs before -- I had to google that. What I have done though is Hot Knifes << In Scotland we'd call them Spatz

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That's the question I wanted to ask too and wondeful answer , most of the time when the project is doing good , people don't tend to think about the future when the project owner might not be able to continue . Thankfully that's not the case with this project.

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Part of having a business is thinking what you will do with it when all you want to do is holiday and have old-folks style fun. So yeah, not dissing my peeps

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That is the perfect answer, I plan to actually ask more tribes the same thing so when you dropped this AMA I thought great time to see the future of bro Glad to hear little bro lol will take over.

Ah, hot knives we used them for hash back in my teen years now we do dabs. Much cleaner than standing over a stove with knives plus we got one of them flat top stoves so sadly no hot knives from that.

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Need more AMA's - if I see them I will ask :)

Hehe. Hot Knives. I drove my mum insane with those. Ruined her cutlery and got myself grounded. I didn't care

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LOL! Knife hits !! awesome!


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I love your mental health posts. Mind medicine is essential. Saying that though, are there any other herbal or alternative medicines that you swear by?

Rescue Remedy. It's a small herbal vial that you take on your tongue whenever you are nervous. I don't use it much because I don't often get nervous but I meditate a lot less because of this. It's pretty good.

My wife happened across it when she was having problems with her thyroid a couple of years ago.

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Oh yes I'm well familiar with Rescue Remedy! I'll never forget downing it on my first flight to the UK many years ago.. I was terrified. Mum suggested I'd be better of just chugging a bottle of brandy.. 😂😂😂 Remarkable stuff.. always have a bottle on hand .. or used to!!! Thanks for the reminder and for answering!

Yup! I have no idea how it works, but it does, and it's awesome.

My Dad used to get super drunk on any plane flight to avoid his nerves. I don't think you can do that these days! Haha.

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I find Hive to be a pretty awesome escape from reality with awesome peeps.

How did the network and all us misfits help in aiding or supporting MH issues?

The fact that I created a home for you guys to feel as if you can say anything about anything without needing to watch what you say is in fact supporting MH issues. A lot of us cryptonians are outliers of society, and we bring with it our fair share of baggage.

Mental Health and having to watch what you say about what you think isn't actually synonomous despite what the hardcore left will tell you. It's actually quite messy.

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I could imagine it would be quite challenging, I wouldn't worry to much about it. There have been culture wars raging since culture wars were a thing.

Well done on the group mate!

Where do you live? City/State (if comfortable saying.)
How old are you?
What kinda work do you do, or did you do?
What is your level of education?
Are you married, have kids, or own a home?
what kinda car do you drive?
what sports or hobbies do you enjoy?

Lowestoft, UK
All sorts. It's hard to say really, but I'll give you the run down.

  • I taught in the community for about 5 years. Mainly basic IT to old people
  • I was a Project Manager for several years, heading up lots of projects in the community
  • My speciality is setting up communities and having them work together
  • Brofund, of course :)

Married, kids, no home - although I am moving towards that.
For Focus Titanium. A bit of a luxurious car for us. It's very comfortable to drive
Anything the involves creativity. All the creative stuff I enjoy! I used to be into sports but now that I'm older not so much.

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You level of education is brofun? lol

Thats cool that you live in UK

your 11 years older than me, so ill remember to respect my elder :)
Those are some really cool jobs you had, especially teaching elderly folks how to use tech, that really struck me and made my mind go "well shit! why didnt I do that!?"
thats really cool that organizing comes natural to you, and that you were able to collaborate and build brofund

Cool man, good to hear you have a family, and are doing well!
(Not that my opinion matters!)

Ford focus titanium?
I got a 1994 ford ranger!

yea, im 30 now.. and still trying to skate.. but its scary!
Ive never broken any bones.. dont wanna start just cos im old and out of shape!

Im not super creative.. but hive is helping with that.. and im finding my most creative times are in the early mornings..

Sorry! I forgot level of education! So I've done one year of University here, which I think that is equivalent to your associates degree over there. I did one year and then I got a job offer, else I would have done three.

I'm not huge on the educational system, not the way it's set up right now that's for sure. I'm way more experienced. In life, in business, and in social. College/University now is Political indoctrination, rather than free thinking -- I'm not entirely sure that it's the same way in STEM because I took Computing & Business so I was rather far removed from that crap, but I hear there are all sorts of mandatory courses you have based on widely contested theories.

Nevertheless, I am a lifelong learner. I always try and learn something new daily.

Organisation is my downfall. I am shit at that. That's why I have a team to keep me in check lol, and they do!

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Nice man! i agree with all that stuff you said! i gotta go to bed for a bit now haha! was good talking to you and getting to know you!

Where would you rather be,
Mars with Musk or Earth without Summer?

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I don't see how Mars with Musk is a bad thing? I actually do really well in confined, quiet spaces. I'm right in the middle between extrovert and introvert. I like to be a little extroverted, but afterwards I need a lot of alone time to recuperate.

So.. Mars with Musk. I think that'd be really cool. If there was a deep space program that anyone could sign up for to a new planet - I'd be one of those that went (with my family of course).

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Mars for you then, keep us posted from up there :))

I‘m looking forward to Dodge Coin as first Marsian Currency.

I've got one:

I built up a small amount of ctp, and hive on my main account.

I started this account (@threesteps) to upvote content from the ctp tribe around one of our current challenges (#3StepsNoExcuses) that Jon O. put on.

In an effort to grow this account from a small one to a "mega monster", I am staking 100% of all earnings back to HP, CTP, and LP. I also got a dlease for 1000 hive for a month so that I can earn more curation rewards and give more when I vote.

Besides those steps above, what do you recommend a small up-and-coming account to do to maximize their return and increase the growth of the account?

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Offer something bigger to the wider community. Network yourself like a cheap whore on an Army base. Meet with people, get to know folks, see what they can do for you, and what you can do for them in return. Create a project from @threesteps -- offer the hive public a piece of the pie!

An example would be: Make an introduction post that you're part of the ctp community, and that you support newbies to the chain. Offer your own native token (newbie coin, I dunno lol), power up sales and vote noobs for that rush of adrenaline! You'd obviously have to think of a benefit for investors though, alas, I quite like the idea of supporting something that benefits noobs!

There's a vibrous community out there! What are you waiting for? :)

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I am really awed by the fact that you are so a humble and down-to-earth person in spite of your achievements. I am sure you will bring many people to the hive train. Could you give some tips on that. I have almost given up trying to convince people and make them understand crypto.

How to be humble? Haha. I'm not too sure I understand this question but I'll answer it as best as I can:

I'm humble because I try to see everyone as equal but from a different standpoint. Like for example if I had been dealt different cards then maybe I would be a different person. In my eyes all babies are born with similar opportunity, it's just the circumstances they are born into that makes the difference.

As for trying to convince people? I've given up too. They will come here in their own time. Change is not something people widely embrace. I've just accepted that my friends will come in their own due time!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer, Ray.

Hello BeautyFull Ray! What is your favorite color? and what is your favorite time of year? Much Love Bro!

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Purple. I love that colour. Did you know that Royals wore purple because it was so expensive to make?

And summer. Has to be summer. It's when everyone comes out, is happy, and is sociable. I like that :)

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Okay, you asked for it. Do you read much? What is your favorite Sci/Fi/Fantasy book/series? Did you check out the Magicians. It was pretty phenomenal. I loved the Sword of Truth series too.

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Hi Bozz!

No, I don't read much. Sadly after I fell ill I realised I couldn't read much at all, which sucks. I have to concentrate so much harder. I used to read. On my days off it was all I would do!

Favourite sci-fi book series has to have been the Star Trek Voyager series. Damn that was good. I also recommend Pathways - which was probably the best sci fi book I've ever read. But then again my pool isn't too big because I stopped at 22.

I also used to love Gothic Horror. Anything by Shaun Hutson or James Herbert. I've also read the exorcist.

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Very interesting! I am not much of a reader either. I read a Star Trek series that was pretty good. I can't remember which one it was though. Have you been watching Discovery? I feel like it just keeps getting better and better.

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You have a big reach into multiple tribes right now. I am fully convinced that they can be a vehicle to bring in huge numbers of people with the right approach.

I think that we need them to be cheaper to start. Simpler to use. Nicer to look at.

We need to get to the stage where anybody here can launch a niche tribe for 100 bucks and market it themselves to bring in a few thousand users.

Could the bro team play a part in this. Would you see it as possible or have a better solution than this.

Hive is great but not really suitable for just being a blogging site. Tribes imo are a much better place for users to join but need a major upgrades for better ease of use.

How do you see it working?

Also congrats on the work done to date as it has been a great success with lots more to come hopefully.

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 last month (edited)

Thanks @niallon11, I appreciate the feedback :)

The first thing that's got to go is the front end. That is a cancer on this place. Leo's front end is far nicer and usable but ours is going to be a lot different. We are looking to not reinvent the wheel and use what works - so we will be an information portal & entertainment site first, a blogging platform as an afterthought. This is the way we need to go imo.

Tribes are massively expensive atm. CineTV cost me nearly $5000 bux to create at the time, and that's not something people have lying around. I had to power brofund down for a bit to pay for it. I can't comment on the cost though, I mean I have no idea the effort that those over at Palnet take to create a tribe. Stuff costs money.

We'll see though! Maybe competition might get fierce and it will bring costs way down.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta have made a great business model for setting up stand alone travel blogs linked to hive.

You can get started with very little effort and customize your blog on their site. It's free to start with a small fee after that.

It where i would like to see tribes evolve to. I know that there is a large cost involved with setting up tribes as i looked into it before. That is one problem which would stop a lot of users from making their own but for the main problem lies in needing to hire developers to do anything with it after that. It would have to cost money to have built all of the infrastructure needed to create tribes, but for me it is all about lowering cost by selling more. It probably doesn't cost a huge amount more to create 100 tribes than it does to create 10 with the existing infrastructure.

I would love to set one up and build a strong irish community, (if i had the time, maybe next year.) but wouldn't have the technical knowledge to be able to run it. I'm hoping to see that change in time with a much better tribe to start with and a lot less cost to get started.

I like your vision for cineTV and will look forward to seeing where you go with it. Haven't had the time to dive properly into the content there but will do so at some stage along the way.

Would look forward to seeing you.

One thing that would be most awesome is a drag and drop tribe builder. But I'm not sure if that can even be done. If it could though, that would make a lot of money

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What is your most favorite sci-fi film?

Oh man, damn. There have been a few. Passengers is up there with my most favourite right now. That one was done very, very well. The Martian was another great.

My favourite series is by far, Battlestar Gallactica (the new one), but films. Hmmm. Maze Runner, Prometheus, Edge of Tomorrow, Ready Player One. So much to choose from :)

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What do you like to speak about?

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The main thing I like to talk about at the moment is mental health.

I started this username way back in 2016 because I was initially a mental health blogger. Or more so a blogger working through his own trauma. Buut, the scope changed and everyone in mainstream decided to start talking about mental health from their own perspective and lines got blurried, and it went from me doing something unique to everyone and their uncle doing it. So I had to look for something else.

That's why I moved into crypto. If you watch the Man Cave, everything I try to do is unique. I don't try to re-invent the wheel of course, but it will have enough squeak to it to appear brand new.

But if you see me on Discord I'm always talking about mental health, people, and society. I think I'm autistic so instead of watching the numbers I've grifted to watching people - which I love haha.

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Cool! I've been watching a lot of interviews of "Dr K" lately, a monk who continued studying psychology to help gamers with addictions, it's some really interesting stuff:

Would you believe that I watch him too? Haha. My favourite one he did was with Sweet Anita, who is a bit of a crush of mine! I think she has such a magnetic personality. Anyway:

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Do you do Email Marketing or have some kind of newsletter with your "speaks"?

Reblogging so everyone on my side can see :)

I don't actually! I used to. I used to have an email letter go out from my old site monthly. Had collected up a fair bit of readers but I never really knew how to promote my wares like a pro back then. I would now. I'm hoping to build a newsletter for the cinetv front end. We'll see!

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You are always welcome to do the training with us to get back to it ;)
But looking forward to seeing that too!
Thank you for answering!


I actually plan to go through that at some point :)

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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

From the CTP side of things....

If you had to start all over again, what would you tell yourself 7 years ago to put you on the right path for entrepreneurial success?

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Ah, Jon. I've always had the drive to never give up. The reason I'm in this position is because I without fail, kept getting up each day and showing up. That being said I'd stop viewing everyone as having massive knowledge and me nothing.

When I went into the game my first thought was to suck up knowledge, and I went around thinking everyone knew everything and I knew nothing. So this time around I'd walk in the game knowing I had just as much to offer everyone else as they did me.

Secondly I'd jump right out of my comfort zone and make sure I do at least one thing per day that makes me shit my pants. Brofund at the beginning? Shitting it! Doing thing? Shitting it haha. It's doing the outside of your comfort zone that gets you places.

Thirdly I'd stay away from those shiny downloadable products that offer you the world but deliver you your nan with her pants down. Product speculation 1000%, once delivered: 1%

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What was your most recent lie?

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probably that he had an average penis on his blog ;)

That's a hard one. I try not to lie, and if I'm caught out in one it's because I've forgotten that I was doing [what I said I would do]. I found out about 15 years ago that if you tell the truth all the time then you don't tend to be covering your back 100% of the time, or trying to remember everything you said.

From a psychological perspective I've also realised that if I'm not talking bullshit then I'm more confident about what I say and do.

That being said, I did knowingly lie to my wife a couple of days ago about having sorted the fence out in the back garden. I did it the next day though. I just couldn't be bothered about the, "You need to get this done else..." speech.

Generally though, I try to tell the truth 100%

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Any particular cannabis strains you liked?

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Northern Lights. That shit fuuuucked me up. On more than one occasion lol.

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What role do you see gaming playing in the growth of web 3.0?

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Honestly? I'm with Taskmaster4450 on this one. I think immersion gaming will be a thing eventually. We'll plug ourselves in to the internet, and in true Matrix style Neo, we can be anything we want to be :)

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Fuck marry kill?
Themarkymark. Bearbear and Chrono.

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If you have a formal job in the real world... Have you ever thought about quitting to dedicate yourself exclusively to Hive and the world of cryptocurrencies?

How do you feel watching Hive getting murdered slowly by few leechers who are exploiting the loopholes of this system? Taking all the value (money) out of the system!
Do you have any plans to stop these leechers?


Upvotes are still getting sold on this platform! Valuable contents are still under voted!

Don't You think it's a perfect time to form a "League" to help Hive and its Future?

I am really curious and eagerly waiting for your answers