Here Comes Another Opportunity To Acquire More Cub For The BNB Rewards Sake

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Few weeks ago, we saw the price of cub token approach $0.89 because the new kingdom vaults where being launched that moment. When it got to that price I have some few friends that regretted not buying when it was $0.6 and I was trying to encourage them it wasn’t too late. Some of them bought, some of them didn’t buy. I was wishing the price had gone lower so I can acquire more cub tokens and with the BNB rewards I knew I was going to earn a lot and be rich 🤑.

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I have been busy the past weeks on Hive, learning a lot during the market price crash so as to distract me from always checking my wallet balance. I decided to use the opportunity to explore hive and cryptocurrency. I have learnt a lot as you can see from most of my post since I share some of them in my blog. But today I decided to check how my Cub babies were doing and I was impressed by their quantities and to see your babies grow in number, it gives me so much joy.

But then I realized the values were not high, I decided to check the price of the cub token and saw the price had gone like 30% lower the last time I check. Okay now here is the secret and why you have to grab this opportunity.

A day ago the official Leofinance Twitter account shared a sneak peak of the BNB dividend for staking cub in the picture below:


The last time people expected the BNB reward, they bought a lot of cub to stake and earn but it wasn’t released then, the price of cub currently is $0.59.


This is quite an opportunity to acquire more bags before the release of the BNB dividend. This is because after it gets released a lot of people will buy the cub token to earn BNB dividends and this action will drive the price of the cub token up, you might still buy then but it’s better to buy now to get more now so you don’t get lesser bag in future.

While writing this, I just checked and the BNB reward is available so if you are reading this, go and acquire more bag before you regret it


Opportunity comes but once but cubdefi has given you too much chances

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Is this just for the CUB/BUSD kingdom?

My CUB kingdom is still showing zero.


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I think so. Do you mean zero as regards to your cub rewards or zero as regards to your BNB reward?

zero as regards to your BNB reward

Actually it doesn't show the cub rewards either. I just assume they are being added. 😁

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Yeah it is auto compounded



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