LONG Term HODL || Market Crash || Recovery

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The term HODL, does seemed very weird for at the very beginning. The very thought of being a fool, was probably my first idea about the word HODL! The thought of taking profits than and there was my only thought, which would come to my mind. But regardless, once you deep dive into the world of crypto, you seem to be gain more patience as well as calm even when your funds go way down your initial investment.

Today, if you have noticed the market was in correction, in fact it still is. But the main point as of now, is how well it is holding up. Even when it dropped, the market cap seemed to be staying above $1,591,060,149,139. Which is definitely a good sign. Just imagine this similar situation happening back in 2017-2018, the market would have crashed heavily breaking all the resistance in almost every crypto possible. Hence the bear market would have began. At current position the way it has recovered/recovering it is worth praising. Which definitely shows the sustainability of the market and how far it can go in the long run. Thanks to the adoption of the big institutes/big shots of deep pockets.


Crash Market Opportunity!

Taking the right decision at right time! While the market was going down, I liquidated my most of the assets yesterday. And for some reason, I was busy to get into any trades. Thus, this was an opportunity to make the best out of the situation. I was able to make some quick trades and get out of them, since I was not able to maintain the time properly today. But so far, so good is happening. And I was able to make some quick bucks on few trades. Such as Reef and on Pancake.

I wanted to increase my portfolio in this correction but little is what I could do now, with the assets at hand. Nevertheless, I was able to accumulative some more DOT coin along this rush. Besides HIVE also went down a little and if it goes little more, I will be adding some more in my portfolio.

The thing is, the market might not fall down as expected! Even if it falls it will not be a crash like it happened in the past. So instead of creating FUD, try to get in on some coins which would be a long term gain for you. Besides, it is not a crash but the coins are on sale ;)

Were you able to collect any of the coins in this downtrend?

Best regards

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Why didn't XRP crash? did the session with the SEC go well?

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I dunno, looks like btc is in full meltdown mode and not gonna stop. Who knows at this rate it might get all the way near 0! It seems broken, it's all built on a house of noob leverage anyway, off with their heads!

Nice post.

Time to buy