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RE: Opening up a WLEO option for smaller investors.

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I'm thinking of going in with around 4K LEO, dyou think the GAS fees will be too high for me to bother with alone?

Sounds like this is a good opportunity.

Are you taking any cut personally or just putting the 25% back into Spinvest? I have a few SPI shares, so if that's the case it's a win-win!

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Hey, the fees all go to spinvest, 0 for me. Reduced it to 20% today also. 4000 is marginal, but doable. Problem is if lots of people go in with leo, but no eth, they could crash the leo price trying to get involved. Swapping WLEO to ETH in the early days will push the price down.

Hope to see you get involved, but its also a great learning experience to do it solo.

I think I might give it a go solo, I might do that and throw in 500 to the Spinvest Pool too.

I can't imagine too many people swapping WLEO for a bargain ETH price!?

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