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RE: LeoFinance Weekly Stats 11/02/2020 to 11/08/2020

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That's a great uptrend in users and good to see the comments keeping up - although if I'm in fourth there's plenty of room for growth going forwards, I don't feel as if I do that much commenting!

I used to be quite active on Hive in that regard, I think about 70% of that activity is now on LEO.

Still a VERY small active user base, so much potential for growth.

And that's a really nice uptrend in the price too.

Bullet proof LEO!

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Yeah imagine double the number of users on Leofinance with the same percentage commenting.

You are right, until the numbers come in it is hard to know how many comments we leave. I would have never guessed 450 for the week.

It all adds up.

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When I said small I was thinking it could easily 10 times or more rather than just double!

450 comments a week is good going, like a full time job!

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Yes a 10x is not outrageous. I still have the 40K level as the first major target, just under 100x.

But we have to start somewhere. I would like to see Leofinance to the point where the growth rate starts doubling, month over month. Something this small, it is not a huge leap.

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As I said it, for me it really feels like texting.

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It's still early times the way I see it.

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The credit for success goes to everyone that we commit ourselves to interacting every day and in the end we discovered how pleasant it is.

All this data attracts users not yet active on Leofinance but active on Hive, and beyond, and the community grows more and more users and value.

Community is the success of any project. We must continue to be constant 💪

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