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RE: Pay2Win - Blockchain Gamings Downfall?

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It is crap for sure - If I see someone with more than 2M power i just surrender, there's no point playing.

I know other people do the same with me when they've got half the amount of power i have.


I dreaded that kind of behavior... only to do it myself by now.
If I get matched with someone from the top of the top and can't play my top splinters I just surrender. It's a waste of everyone's time to even pick cards. Sad but true...

Yes - if you come up across someone who knows what they are doing with even a few hundred thousand more power than you and there's an obvious winner summoner that you don't have - there is no point!

I seem to have had a reasonable season of being matched up OK this time around. Balancing out last season which was just awful.

Pretty much the same for me, although I've yet to push to Champion I which is going to be pretty annoying again I guess...

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These days I just aim to get to C2, C1 is a bonus!

Understandable... I'm grinding again. I have 3/6 strong splinters, 2 okay and 1 I just surrender with.
Sure I could up those as well but we'd talk about another few hundred bucks to do so.

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You're doing well as far as I can see - well into C1.

Did you not notice the fog of war rule in the last battle?!? Time for a break maybe!

Haha, no I didn't, sent you a DM in Discord afterwards. That was... awkward :D