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Hello, how are you?
I published a video on 3Speak. Unfortunately, it does not show up on Hive blog. So I'm sharing the video here. You can watch the video on 3Speak.

As you know, I have been making content about martial arts and self-defense for a long time. If you are passionate about martial arts or practice martial arts, you will find martial arts related posts useful. In the post, I share my experience and what I learn from martial arts.

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I have also started making content about fitness again. I used to make content about that before.

SPORTS token price is increasing and we see consistent growth. You can get involved in SportsTalkSocial as a content creator, content curator, investor, trader, or any way you like best.

When this tribe will be more popular, you can still get involved, but what opportunity you have right, you might not have it at that time. You can grow faster in the early stage. Let's watch this video.

Thank you so much for watching the video. Please feel free to leave your comments. See you around!

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Hi, I am Rezoanul Vibes. I'm a content creator and passionate learner. I write about lifestyle, martial arts, finance, and digital marketing. I make videos without me on the video. Well, you cannot see me, but you can hear my voice. You can visit my website I'm glad to meet amazing people all over the world.

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I have been keeping up with your martial arts posts. Keep them coming.

I agree that people need to consider the content of their post before deciding where to publish them. It doesn't do you any good to post where your content is not wanted. You might even get downvoted if your content does not apply to the particular tribe you are posting to.

Some popular tribes like CTPTalk, LeoFinance, and SportsTalkSocial focus on a specific niche. When you make content that fits into the tribe, that will always do better. Thank you @theroad2freedom for sharing your thoughts about this.