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RE: Are Your Summoners Prepared For Chaos Legion?

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I've just gotten involved with Splinterlands. I have the rating to be in silver league but not the right amount of power. What is a good strategy for building up power? Should I dump $25 on packs? Or should I be buying in the market?

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I would advise against buying packs honestly. It's better to get individual cards that will help you to battle.
If you are only looking for collection power you should focus on getting cheap gold foil cards as they offer a lot more power. You can also rent them cheap from Peakmonsters. Many go as low as 0.001$ per day.

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I did not know that they were so cheap to rent, I think I'll give that strategy a try. I want to progress a bit but I guess now I'll just wait until the season refresh to start renting. Thanks for the tip!

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