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Hello lovely friends!
Since joining Hive or before when I was still named Steem, I feel hives give me fun. It's not just because Hive provides extra income. Everything on the hive gives me the opportunity to explore and express everything freely. We are increasingly given the understanding that many things can be done and enjoyed at HiVE.
However, we still have to see all of that as a reality. At least there are some things that we can then realize as a form of reality in HIVE.

Hives don't make us billionaires

As a Hiver, we realize that what we post on Hive never makes us millionaires just by writing. We can see the income from today's posts as loose change that we will collect. The low Steem value makes Hive users slower at work. This situation will be different when the Hive value skyrocket. Everyone is competing to produce, post and earn rewards.
The small reward received will certainly take a person longer to collect money on the hive. So, we must realize that the hive is not a place for writers to turn themselves into millionaires.
At least we can see that the income earned will always be used for power ups. That means a lot of hivers are not taking their income. Even if they take it, of course we can guess the reason. Economic needs force someone to power down or sell the Hive or HBD that has been collected. In this condition we can all know that there are things that require them to do it. this means they are not millionaires.
However, we still have to be optimistic. We must have a vision that is far ahead. A hope for a bright future at Hive. The value of the Hive will go back up and strengthen so that at that time we can feel better. if this situation really materialized then even though we are not millionaires, we will be able to enjoy the struggle more at Hive. A satisfaction that we can reap, like the adage go on a raft first, swim to the shore, which means being sick first having fun later.

More value on Hive

As I explained in front of us, we can't become billionaires just by writing. As we do at Hive, writing isn't just about making money. There is another satisfaction when we are accepted into the community and benefit others. As a medium, of course, Hive has advantages over other media.
At least there are several advantages that we can feel when posting on Hive such as:

1. Freedom

Hivers are free to express ideas, thoughts and opinions according to their wishes. We are not overshadowed by the fear of censorship as is the case with other social media. We don't have to run into threats of being deleted, censored or banned. this is one of the true advantages of blockchain. hive is not a business institution controlled by the CEO, or a single power. hive is a community-based institution that will bring its members as owners. Only the account owner has the right to delete one content. Even then, it cannot be completely deleted. we can still see the original content.

2. Award for hard work.

At Hive I feel like every post is an asset. we will fight for every asset we have. there are many things we can pass on to other hivers. We can create articles, videos, memes, photos and other works.
When we post activities on centarlistic social media, we will only get likes, while on hive we receive crypto awards. I believe that even though it will still be at a low price level, we will continue to work. these are all forms of our optimism and our belief in Hive. we believe that the wheel will continue to rotate and there will be no constant state of affairs. we believe the Hive which is currently in the low price level will continue to move and can reach the highest point.
Right now we will feel an uphill struggle, but one day we will smile while reminiscing about our hard struggle.
Thus all my writing this time may useful for all of us.
Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.


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