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The day before yesterday @steem.leo announced new changes in, and today I discovered a new tab Analytics


Maybe this function was a night before? and I just didn’t notice her? In any case, I like the development of and am their regular reader.
Wish you all the best!


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We snuck that feature into production today after we finished some testing. We’ll announce it officially tomorrow 🦁

What are your initial impressions of the new tab?

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Hello - everything is very intuitive (there is a lot of free space for even more information)) everything works very quickly.
Would love a night mode!

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Glad to hear it! We’ve got a lot more features planned on the roadmap. Night mode is on the list for the near future as well 🚀

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I am very glad to hear that - thanks for the prompt and high-quality work! I am pleased to delegate to @leo.voter and start the day by reading on leofinance!

Posted Using LeoFinance is badass as hell after the new updates @khaleelkazi. Congrats.

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