Buying gold Vs buying crypto

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Which would you prefer? and why?

I am not a huge fan of wearing gold ornaments and being paraded like a _____ brand. I do wear some as part of our culture and also think gold is an asset no one should ignore but that being said, I am of the opinion that gold can be used to withdraw funds and invest in crypto if you feel it is worth the risk.

You might think - Why is she talking like this? As if she has done it? Yeah, I have done it. I am one of those who bought steem at a high price and then it decided to dump so low I had no hopes of getting my investment back. I did what I could do best. I powered it up and started blogging daily so as to make use of it. I also started interacting more and made many friends.

Fast forward, I am a lot wiser now and try to invest the hive I earn into hive engine tokens such as Leo, Neoxag, sim, dec, dhedge, and so on. I do not hold amounts like a whale but whatever I earn by playing and writing, I invest here instead of withdrawing as fiat and buying gold.

That being said, maybe the price of crypto that I hold will eventually give me enough returns to buy gold too.

We do not have government support for senior citizens in our country and so we will have to fend for ourselves. So, investing is a good choice to avoid unfavorable situations in life.

If you are not aware of what crypto is all about, please hasten and try to learn before you miss the train.

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Crypto is more powerfull

I'm actually more biased to crypto now too, though owning gold alongside crypto would be great as well. ☺️

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That is really a great thing to do, after all Crypto is the future. 😁🙏

Gold is the money of kings. There will probably be no such thing as kings in the future tho.