Will you HODL Hive if it pumps?

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There has been a slight upward movement in the Hive price for the past two days. The internal market is awake and there is a lot of sales going on.

So, will you HODL Hive or sell it?

If you were on Steemit in the years 2017 and 2018, you might remember the sudden price hike and the crypto price shooting up. A lot of people bought the coin in spite of the hike. Yours truly also did that.

I did that because I believed in crypto and although the price dumped, I did not give up because I am not here because of the money factor. If I were, I would be selling every coin I get just like I do buy the cards every time I get DEC. Well, that's another story. I think I might have bought more monsters than I bought dresses or other stuff for myself.

Do you think Hive can pull it off?

Do you believe in Hive?

Do you foresee any better prospects and projects that can lift hive?

How do you estimate the progress of Leo and how it is going to help Hive?

Please write answers to the above either as a post or as a comment so that it can help increase awareness.

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Do you foresee any better prospects and projects that can lift hive?

Have you seen the recent @threespeak tokenization model put up by @theycallmedan ? That definitely is going to lift hive. I am not selling anytime before it gets to moon.

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Thanks. Let us hope it moons soon.

To be honest, if hive spike to around 5 dollars, i will sell half of my asset as it is a long awaiting pump that we all have been waiting for and also it doesn't last long. which is a good reason to sell high and buy back low.. it is a common wisdom that needs to be applied..

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Not selling a single Hive before 2025

Nice. That is what a real hodl is like.

I think the Hive ecosystem is great and has a lot of potential. This is just the beginning, so, while it keeps growing and innovating I will be holding. This means, at least for the next 5-7 years.

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Investing in Hive for at least 5 years, I will think to sell some hive 😀🙏

I didn't buy at the ATH of around $8, but I think I did buy some at the $4 mark which looking back now feels kind of stupid. I should have held that money and waited to just buy Hive. I would have gotten much more in many ways. I think Hive is going to go up eventually. We just need to find the right circumstances.

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I do see prospect in Hive and I will sell for as long as I am able to earn it. Don't shoot :))

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