Hive Token Update 26

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My weekly update to the different Hive-Engine tokens and their movement over the last week.


$LEO has had another low against HIVE. A slight upward movement has been observed but it is still very cheap at these prices. High volume shows this coin is still very much a player in the HE space. I wonder how much longer might HE be a constrictor for the LEO team?

Current Token Price: 0.76986986 HIVE / $0.339
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.66692986 HIVE / $0.301

Screen Shot 20210605 at 1.12.08 pm.png


The Proof of Brain token is going from strength to strength and continues to fetch great prices. There was a large buy due to low liquidity and that scored some people some large sell orders. I am not sure how long it will maintain these prices but it is attracting many from across the HIVE ecosystem. Interesting to watch the token growth.

Current Token Price: 1.6791962 HIVE / $0.721
Token Price @ Last Update: 1.575 HIVE / $0.712

Screen Shot 20210605 at 1.14.05 pm.png


The Click, Track, Profit token continues to grow as a community and seems to have found a steady price at this point. Not sure what is going on with this token as price continues to slide slowly. Community is promising but more growth is needed.

Current Token Price: 0.0351 HIVE / $0.01502
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.045 HIVE / $0.02033

Screen Shot 20210605 at 1.22.58 pm.png


The VIBE token has held steady over the week and the community is strong and developing well. Looking forward to seeing what is next to stimulate interest and growth.

Current Token Price: 0.2631 HIVE / $0.112
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.252 HIVE / $0.114

Screen Shot 20210605 at 1.24.11 pm.png


The token of the WeedCash community token has seen a small crash against HIVE. Volume is very small though. Currently Hive-Engine withdrawals to EOS have been suspended, reducing the tokens exposure to other markets. I am concerned a little by this and hope to see these other markets opened again soon.

Current Token Price: 0.02001001 HIVE / $0.00854
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.00473101 HIVE / $0.00214

Screen Shot 20210605 at 1.31.31 pm.png


DEC has had a jump as HIVE has dropped, sitting near its peg. With the announcement of SPS, DEC has found another value point. Once airdrops come I can see DEC maintaining its peg value.

Current Token Price: 0.00240045 HIVE / $0.00103
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.00200003 HIVE / $0.00090

Screen Shot 20210605 at 1.32.37 pm.png


The Splintertalk token has seen some big action over the past few days due to the SPS announcement from the Splinterlands team. SPT will allow you to get some SPS from the airdrop when this occurs. AS you can see from the big candle this coincided with the SPS announcement.

Current Token Price: 0.000591 HIVE / $0.00025
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.000531 HIVE / $0.00024

Screen Shot 20210605 at 1.35.42 pm.png

Thanks for reading.

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Can you also try to include the price charts of broadhive or #bht tokens in your analysis. This is a new token which has good curation ratio and have shown some interesting movements in coin prices.

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What an amazing bunch of tokens on the Hive blockchain. LEO is looking very cheap for such an extended period lately. It may be a good time to accumulate more.

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Leo will be back :)

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