Where to Invest Next? - Three Tokens I currently Support

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Over the past few months my decisions around investment around the HIVE ecosystem halve changed a little. I have been trying to diversify away from HIVE a little more, as any smart investor should do, whilst still supporting and building the HIVE ecosystem. The following are the coins and tribes on HIVE that I have been investing both time and money into:


#LeoFinance has continued to build and build over the past while which has seen it's token strength maintain a good level. At the current price of around 0.8 HIVE I'd say LEO is a great bargain. Any LEO rewards earns through my blogging efforts will always be powered up and I am aiming at a 5000 LEO account(almost halfway there). Now that LeoBridge is constructed and operating, I am keen to see how the team continues to build the LEO token. Will there be a dedicated LEO blockchain? If so, there will need to be a token name change (LEO is already taken).

I am buoyed by the transparency and openness of the team driving LEO. There are always regular posts and round-table discussions occurring which gives investors the opportunity to feedback and interact. I see a long-term future for LEO and it will be one H-E token and tribe that should stand the test of time and be able to weather another crypto-winter (should there be one!)


The proof-of-brain #proofofbrainio tribe I am actively invested in as well. I think this newer tribe has some real potential and I continue to support new users and great content on this token. My biggest concern for this tribe is the lack of transparency of the owner. Hive-Engine tribes are essentially centralised and controlled significantly by the owners, particularly if the owner has a significant stake in the token (which most do).

Communication and drive from the owner account of POB is sporadic at best and this concerns me as investors want to see the controlling body lead from the front and give faith that the tribe is heading in the right direction. There are many members of the community that are trying to put forward great ideas and growth, but without the support and input of the major stakeholder, this is very difficult.

I'll continue to support and grow my account, but I don't currently have as much faith that the POB tribe could weather a crypto-winter like the LEO tribe would.


Hive will always be the main blockchain to support, though I am still on the fence as to how much I invest. Although the chain isn't as decentralised as a H-E tribe token, there are still some large stakeholders on HIVE whose actions put me off investing in a monetary sense. For example, a recent post of mine was visited by a HOVE whale and I received a large upvote, something that hasn't occurred since HIVE forked from STEEM for me. Another whale decided in their wisdom that my post, which was original and I spent some time creating, wasn't worth the reward payout it was currently showing, so downvoted the post to a reward level they felt was more appropriate. Now I always say, your stake your vote and that definitely applies here, however, those are the types of actions that are disheartening for bloggers, particularly those that supported the chain through the crypto-winter and are still here.

That is all part of DPoS as well which is why I feel HIVE won't achieve the significant heights and user base it can. The token price reflects this as well..... I will continue to invest through blogging and writing but I am not sure whether to take that a step further.

So where to invest next? These are just three of the tokens and how I am working in these spaces.

Thanks for reading.

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My biggest concern for this tribe is the lack of transparency of the owner.

Same here, It is one of reason that I am still undecided on it , though it get nice volume and price.

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I am in on all of these too. I hope POB grows in the direction I see it going in... where decentralized governance takes over centralized autocracy. Too soon to tell, but it looks positive.

I wrote a post about CUB and why I think it is a good time to get in on it. It might be worth a read if you are looking for the next one.

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So for 5 years steemit and then hive have been screwed over by downvoting. You got a downvote yourself and don't sound too pleased. A proposal on pob is to stop doing downvote abuse. You do a post against it and get big support from a bunch of whales.

Meanwhile investors are holding off putting any money into pob, unless downvoting is controlled.

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For me ya it is best investment so far
remember a month ago where #Hive was about 0.6 or 0.5 and I thought it is good opportunity to buy it but now it is the best ever.
Also for #Leo which reached 1$ few months ago now we have a sale
And 50% of for #POB From 2 hive to 1 hive is not bad

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