Ray Brockman another ☠️Toxic Pours☠️

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Afternoon everyone....

Well I decided to get my post done early today. It’s a fairly busy week, so far mainly I’ve been running around picking up supplies for the next two jobs.

Buying in larger quantities gets me a better price. Unfortunately I don’t have the room to store the supplies for the five jobs I currently have signed. So it’s two for now.

I’m trying to get everything I need before the rain comes. It’s been very hot and humid for over two weeks now, and it’s suppose to rain today and have a good chance of thunder showers the rest of the week.

Anyhow enough about work....

Today I am going to share another piece of silver that I received from @raybrockman and his ☠️Toxic Pours☠️

This piece is a Patriotic Skull pour. It’s been blackened to enhance the detail as well. And yes it’s the #1 pour of it’s kind.

Check it out....



A very awesome piece and a chunky one at 3 ounces.

Hope you enjoyed.....


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I am one who loves Skulls, and this poured Patriotic Skull is badass 😍
@raybrockman sure did a awsome job 😉👍
Congrats on such amazing shiny my friend 😘 and Thank you for sharing.
Much love 🌹❤️

Thank you my friend. He did.

Tons of hugs🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🌹❤️

Another awesome piece from Toxic added to your collection of hand-poured silver, bestie! CONGRATULATIONS! Stack on! Take care 🥰🌺🤙

Thanks bestie🥰🤗

A very interesting idea that was artfully made. Congrats to you, the owner, and to @raybrockman, the artist.

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Thanks Ron.

Nice piece

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Right on 👍

Awesome piece bro.


I've got a couple more Toxic on the way too! Ray was able to use that 4.5oz gold plated silver buffalo nickel POS that I had too! The guy is a natural.

Nice. I have some on the way as well.

Very nice @silverd510! Just a strange observation, but ever notice how the nose area of a skull resembles an upside down heart? Maybe I'm just weird that way, lol! Take care and have a good night. Don't work too hard!

It does sort of, guess your heart is really in your nose🤣😂

I really think that blackened makes the details pop!!!! Excellent pour @silverd510 !!🤗

It does, Ray sent me a picture of it when it was first poured. I couldn’t see the stars

Very nice my friend, a quality silver pour!!😊

Need. To. Get. One. ASAP!!!