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RE: Money Goes Where Treated Best!?

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Dear @roleerob, I was surprised by your versatile talent. By the way, Korean society has a strong feudalism, so it is difficult for Koreans to understand your outstanding ideas.
The Korean ruling class monopolizes Korea's stock and investment markets.
Because Korea is a feudal society, most Koreans only speculate on real estate.
Korea's stock, speculation and foreign exchange markets are all monopolized by the ruling class.
I can't understand your writing because I'm not good at English, but I'll read it hard in the future.

Thank you!


Yes well @silvergrifin007 ...

"... I was surprised by your versatile talent."

... working in 5 different industries, a person does experience a thing or two. And I enjoy writing on whatever inspires me, at any given point in time.

The nice thing about these digital assets ("cryptos"), my Korean friend, is they are accessible to anyone and everyone. Big or small. Just start ...

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