Losing my DeFI Virginity to Cub Finance!

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To pet the cubs or not to pet, that is NOT even the question anymore!

You're on HIVE, you have to pet the cubs. Period!


I have been meaning to dive deep into the world of defi for quite some time now. Tested the water with some projects, but never had the courage to go in deep. And today I finally pulled the rug trigger and made my biggest investment in terms of staking, ever!

First up, what a beautiful layout and it has night mode too! No night mode is a big turn off for me usually, so it was nice to be turned on while losing my defi virginity eh! My only regret? I didn't do it yesterday!

Oh what an elegant touch with the background glow on the cub pool!


I didn't stake in the cub pool, I'm waiting for the airdrop and then it's all going straight into the pool...no selling these baby cubs! The price can be $20 for all I care, all cubs go into the pool. Period!

Sakib was asking me to go for the staking with a small amount of BUSD since last night but the 4% fee was a slight pullback and the amount of liquid I had didn't make it seem worth the effort. It wasn't until this morning while I was sipping into a cup of my morning latte and watching Dada spread FOMO of the largest scale on discord I remembered I had a bit of ETH that was just sitting there like a lazy bum! I was accumulating them since the $600 days and never considered that as part of my trading balance. That explains why it didn't pop into my mind last night.

Then began the big hustle as my ETH was on bittrex, would have been much easier if it was on binance. So the process for me was kinda tedious, but worth it hopefully!

Sell ETH on bittrex - buy HIVE on Bittrex - Withdraw Hive from bittrex - uh-oh! Those fuckers turned off hive withdrawal again - sell whatever hive I have on binance to buy back ETH - Not enough hive on binance - dip into my eggs nest and send an extra 1500 hive to binance - sell hive on binance - buy back ETH and some extra ETH with the extra liquidity - withdraw! PHEeeeeeEW!

Unlike most users, I didn't use metamask. I used Trust wallet as I find it a few hundred times simpler!

So once I received my ETH in my wallet, all I had to do was go to the DAPPS section on trust wallet and go to cubdefi.com! I have it bookmarked so I don't have to enter the url everytime!


Make sure to have spare BNB on whichever wallet you choose to use. Roughly $5 of BNB will last you a long long time! I already had my wallet connected to cubdefi last night. It pretty simple....you just click "connect" on the top right and select "Trust Wallet." Voila!

The remaining steps couldn't be simpler! You click on the menu icon at the top left corner and go to "Dens" if you want to stake single currencies and "farms" if you wanna provide liquidity. I was going to stake only ETH so I went to Dens


There's one last step you need to do before you stake...you gotta "approve contract" of the currency you're staking.


I already did for ETH so don't have the SS of the pool. Once that is done (will cost you a small BNB fee) you will see the option to stake. Then you stake your desired amount (which will again cost you a small BNB fee + 4% fee for staking).

As of now, I already have more than one baby cub!


Let's see where this goes once the airdrop goes live!

Final Tip : There was a bit of confusion among a few of my friends regarding the wallets. As long as you have the seed phrase of your ETH wallet, you can import your account to wherever you want regardless of what app/extension you used to create your wallet.

If you created you wallet on metamask but wanna do it on phone, just download trust wallet and import your wallet on your phone using the seed phrase and vice versa.

Final Tip 2 : (I'm adding these as I keep seeing more questions and confusion on our discord)

If you are using trust wallet, copy your ETH address to send everything...you wanna send ETH from binance to your wallet - ETH addres. You wanna send BUSD -ETH address. You wanna send BNB - ETH address. Period. Just to avoud unnecessary mistakes. I know there are other options too...but it doesn't get easier than just to copy the ETH address.

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Loved your post ;)

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Cheers! :)

I agree with some of the previous commenting folks - fun read, i think I understood 90% of it. The main trigger to read was the Trust wallet mention by you earlier - to me this CUB thing is still a thing I am not sure if I follow. Have some CUB in my H-E wallet though, if I do not use them until March 21 they are gone so let us see if I can move my ass to overcome any ETH related dislike.

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Oh absolutely you should, and you Should do it ASAP. No point in letting these go to waste.

If you're doing from Trust wallet, choose the "Multi Wallet" option if prompted when creating a wallet. And use your eth address from there to send cub from H-e.

Mistakes are what we do, Doc! Last night I was trying to send 0 ETH to god knows where!! :)

Jokes aside! Well Done!

It is important to take a leap of faith.

Ha dada! If we don't go some place new, we'll be at exactly where we are all the time. And that can get boring :D

You made this such a fun read, now to go through it thoroughly and take a deep dive into cub!

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Oh absolutely you should! A lot of strong hands in the LEO community for it to not thrive!

Some will stand the test of time, members supporting are normally a good indicator.