Spinvest-leo's 8 day week...

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Welcome to this weeks report from @spinvest-leo, the branch of the @spinvest program focused on the LEO and CTP tribes.

I forgot.

Wednesday is normally the reporting day, however I forgot completely to finalise the week. Thursdays will actually be better for me going forward, so I'll continue this way from now on.

This weeks numbers:


  • Post payouts have completely returned to income based on 1 post per week.
  • 50 HIVE income - 25 going to the weekly dividend.
  • Increased the @leo.voter delegation a bit, aiming to add more.
  • HIVE curation rewards steady.
  • Steem powerdown is finished, no more free money.

The upcoming week will be fairly similar to this one, my target is around 50 HIVE per week with 1 post payout. If anyone wants to help out and create some content to be published from this account, let me know.



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I'll get some funds shipped to you so you can up your delegation to loeo.voter and do more curation. Split it how you see best

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