Spinvest-leo's weekly update - 17 June - Cracked 100!!!!

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Hello and welcome to the weekly report from @spinvest-leo.

As the heading suggests, this week we cracked 100 HIVE in income. The continued strength of LEO has helped, along with higher post payouts from the daily post created by @silverstackeruk updating the SPI value.

Straight to the numbers:

June 17.JPG

Key highlights for the week:

  • Sold 51 CTPM tokens at 1.95 HIVE each - added all proceeds to Hive Power.

  • Added just over 50 HIVE to this weekends SPI dividend payout.

  • Received HUSTLER token airdrop. Sold some, still holding 30K. (not noted in the above report)

  • The HIVE value of all our tracked assets now exceeds 3,500.

  • This account holds around 1 - 2 % of Spinvest's assets but is contributing 20 - 30 % of the weekly dividend.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the posts from this account. If anyone would like to produce some interesting content to be posted here, let me know.

Until next week,


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That's looking very good, great how you are building the account.
I see I got some Hustler tokens, too :)

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Each week the news just keeps getting better. This is the great thing about this platform, consistent effort over time yields ongoing positive results. Accounts grow. It is really that simple.

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It is that simple

Let's see how far we can push it :)

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GOD DAMN!!!!!!!

We might do almost the same as last week. I expect SPinvest's earning to go down a little cause of the price of LEO but GOD DAMN!!!!! You've gone over and beyond what's expected.

250 next week? baa-ahaha

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