Spinvest-Leo weekly update - 3 June

in hive-167922 •  2 months ago 

It's been a teriffic week for @spinvest-leo. Here are the highlights:

Increased Income:

  • Higher post income with 2 post payouts.
  • Higher curation income.
  • Very nice increase in the LEO token value.

Increased Assets:

  • Transfer of 500 HIVE from @spinvest main account.
  • Transfer of 600 CTP also.
  • Started delegating to @leo.voter - increase future LEO income.

The numbers:


25.802 HIVE added to the dividend this week!

Short and to the point this week, next week should be much better again. Mr SSUK is posting the daily SPI token value (asset backing) from this account now and that should give a big boost to our weekly income. Thanks to everyone for supporting these posts, and the @spinvest-leo account.


JK. @jk6276

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