Hive Engine Token Reviews: A Closer Look at CTP

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Hello @spinvest readers,

This week I has the pleasure of reviewing CTP token.

CTP Token Review by Metzli on Spinvest.jpg

CTP is a Hive-Engine Tribe with their own blogging interface who pays its users in CTP Token. They also sell miners, which from my understanding, help your CTP tokens grow at a faster rate. CTP is geared towards affiliate marketers.

As a micro-business owner who has dabbled in Affiliate Marketing I gravitated towards them when they first launched. I thought they would be able to help me do something with my pinterest account and its 350,000+ monthly viewers.

Screenshot 2020-08-25 at 2.21.03 AM.png

But I got lost in the "what is CTP" so intensely, that I failed see who CTP was

I started by looking at the CTP Blueprint and saw a lot of explaining about what CTP can help you do. They also do a lot of telling of how they can help you do it, videos and posts, etc. But, they never told me what the "it" was. I figured that not having a tangible product did not work for me, and I went on to other ventures.

I was trying so badly to get a tangible product from CTP, that I failed to see that the tribe is a great community full of people who want to see each other succeed.

Some awesome things I saw while researching the coin for review:

An active discord server

Friendly people

A user friendly blogging interface

Active Promotions (current give away is worth about $250 USD - and you can enter by "surfing" online)

A dolphin building program which helps tribe members reach dolphin status

Motivational Speakers like @pixiepost, who made me laugh about wondering how her dolphinhood was going to affect her pixie wings.

I also noticed that CTP users tend to invest in the blockchain

You see CTP users, on other tribes, and collecting HIVE, which to me means that they are invested in the HIVE ecosystem as a whole and not just in their own little world.

While I still don't understand what Click Track Profit is, I can appreciate what the CTP tribe does.

As far as token uses, or sinks, I didn't see any.

But I did see that many of their tokens are staked, meaning not a whole lot of "usable" tokens, which can sometimes drive the price up.

Screenshot 2020-08-25 at 3.15.03 AM.png

I also saw buy and sell activity.

Screenshot 2020-08-25 at 2.55.34 AM.png

And 334 worth of HIVE in buy orders.

Screenshot 2020-08-25 at 2.55.52 AM.png

If you are interested in investing in a micro community, who onboards people to HIVE, and is generally interested in the well being of HIVE, CTP Tribe is a good place

If you are interested in seeing a percentage of growth, sinks, and uses, you may want to look elsewhere. CTP can and might be able to bring those things to you, but I did not see any evidence of them actively seeking and creating a plan for those goals.

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Thanks for the review :)

The use case is..


The whole idea of the CTP Token is to help onboard affiliate marketers to a blockchain that allows them to grow their business by using the tools and features of Hive / CTPtalk.

All while building amazing relationships with their fellow tribe members!

By growing their stake, they accumulate a token that is integrated in about 50 different websites where the user can spend their CTP Token for products and services.

In a nutshell, they just need to plug into the community, engage and create and can get their marketing budgets paid for by CTP Token!

Hope this clears things up :)

What he said so perfectly.
And staked CTP token is the best as it gives more CTP out when upvoting/curating posts.
CTP Miners do exactly that mine more CTP tokens so a passive income of more for doing nothing more than investing some Hive.

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I hope more eyeballs will read your comment. It is a niche, but one with an active community and a network of 'sinks'.

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So every CTP token that I earn is money I can use for marketing.

Thank you for clearing this up. Glad your comment is at the top.

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Absolutely, with a host of websites that accept CTP Token as payment :)

Interesting summary of CTP tokenomics. Will read again.

Thanks for highlighting CTP token and this awesome community! I don't know if @jongolson mentioned it, but CTP token was one of the first tokens listed on the Hive-Engine...

It is true that it wasn't backed up with big whales support, but the community was building the whole thing all the way... As you have noticed, it is rated among the best tribes out there...

Being from the beginning with this awesome tribe, I have been lucky to be situated as one of the Top3 CTP token holders...

Thanks again for the review! See you at!

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The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem and the CTPtalk tribe by rewarding it".


I do remember it being one of the first tokens to come out.

The amount of comments on this post makes it plainly clear that it is a community that cares about their product.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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Thank you so much for highlighting Click Track Profit and CTPTalk!
And even happier for talking about CTP Blueprint, which is my program!
Though that page is not your affiliate link makes me wonder if you ever went inside the website! Guess my homepage isn't clear enough for those who are outside Affiliate Marketing! But it is a 3-month-old program anyway so I'll do my best to keep improving it, inside and outside!
CTP Blueprint was designed for everyone who wants to start any business online and needs some guidance, either new or experienced, so I created a Guide, a walkthrough (a blueprint ;) ) how to get started through the training that Click Track Profit provides!
And the first step inside my program is Self Branding through HIVE and CTPTalk!
And also show the awesome job of @jongolson and @blainjones for creating a token that has a use case for us, Affiliate Marketers, to buy advertising and so much more through Fire-Pay!
Just to show that those are two different programs, but one helps another I think :)
And the best thing about the CTP Swarm is..the community!
So please come visit us anytime, you and everyone are always welcome!
Thanks again for the highlight!

I've been hanging around the CTP tribe since it's inception. Although I'm not really an affiliate marketer like so many of it's users, the real hook has been their ability to truly create a sense of community. The topics and interests within the CTP tribe vary from entrepreneurship, sports, religion, and sometimes, just good old fashioned fun. With a focus on making the crypto space functional, friendly, and usable...if you've not experienced the CTP Tribe, then step inside their world for a little while and enjoy this community. I'm proud to invest in their token.

CTP Tokens have a real user case for all internet marketers and online business. CTP tokens can be used to buy adverting for your business at numerous sites, you can upgrade at sites, buy spotlight ads and even trade CTP Tokens for HIVE if you want to.
The value of CTP Tokens is massive in its ability to increase your business budget.

Say you need $10 to buy 2000 - 3000 even 4000 views to your business promotion

You can easily earn this in a week at CTP Talk, approx 1000 CTP Tokens will get you that $10 worth of Advertising.
If you wanted to upgrade at sites, most are less than that for a one month upgrade, so in essence write 10 blog posts and you have an upgrade for a month.

Now the community is the most supportive community that I have encountered and theeir are a number of members that just love to give you tokens, many competitions, challenges etc that will reward you just for engaging.

The CTP Talk (Swarm) community is all about increasing your engagement as a way of increasing your visibility and increased visibility means more success for your business.

If you are looking for a supportive, friendly helpful and knowledgeable community then you need not look any further than CTP swarm

I see that you have got a lot of great answers already, and the most important is about Firepay, which is implemented on a lot of affiliate marketing websites to pay for affiliate products and services directly between buyer and seller using Hive Keychain and paying with the CTP token, if I am correctly informed over 80 websites currently uses Firepay, this is the really big use case and sink of the CTP token and why it is valued this high, you can literally just start making blogs and videos on CTPtalk and pay for all startup costs of your affiliate marketing business with them without taking any money out of pocket, the training inside ClickTrackProfit goes through all this in detail, and it's free to join, CTPtalk and ClickTrackProfit is 2 parts of a unity, you can't see the whole picture only looking at one of them, I hope this helsp clear up things.

Have you ever paid for FB ads or promoted pins on Pinterest? I have paid for FB ads and that doesn't even guarantee your content or ads get seen. I sunk hundreds of dollars into paid advertising.

As soon as CTP relaunched I logged into my account again. And then I learned about the CTPtalk blogging platform. I started posting and getting comments and I of course began engaging with other people in the community on their posts by upvoting, commenting and sharing or reblogging. I started literally from zero here and over the last year I have built my stake to over 35000 CTPtokens. I have bought upgrades without having to use my credit card. And I met this awesome community of fellow entrepreneurs from whom I am learning so much and being inspired by everyday.

So to sum it up, I am creating content that is getting not only seen but upvoted and curated by other members of the community, I am earning from my activity here and able to use some of that to advertise and stake the rest to help others by giving them better upvotes and last but not least I have a great group of friends to hang out with even though it is online.

Interesting review there. The CTP community is an awesome one and very dedicated when it comes to engagement. CTP is one of the tokens in my digital asset portfolio.

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I did get a glimpse of how dedicated the community is. Thank you for sharing that you are an investor there. Are you a part of Click Track Profit, or are you only on the Hive side of the tribe.

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The Hive side of CTP. Is there more I need to know?

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CTP is connected to something called Click Track Profit, which is an affiliate marketing program. I am not really sure how it works. Hopefully one of the CTP visitors will enlighten us.

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It's a gamified training platform...Takes people from A to Z in basic to advanced marketing techniques.

Huge emphasis on crypto training as well, to onboard people to Hive.

Looks like you have yourself an investment in a marketing budget for when you are ready to sell a product.

Thank you so much for the highlight on our community & the mention! ha ha You made me laugh too..I have no idea about my wing situation. Might have to trade them in for steel wins.....but water might rust them...hmmm...need to think more on that ;)

Yes, we have a great token here but it is also all about community. We are a family here & uplift one another with our content creation, our ups & downs & our goals. It's a pretty rare environment these days & so blessed to be a part of it.

I appreciate you greatly & thanks again!! :) 💚

Your wings are magical. They will thrive in the ocean <3

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Your balance is below 0.3 HIVE. Your account is running low and should be replenished. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

Ctp token has many uses threw fire pay as you can pay for memberships in other programs using ctp tokens. Many of them are advertising programs and mailers to advertise your business, which in the long run will drive the price of the ctp tokens and miners up in price.

As for click track profit it is a training site for marketers training on how to do things right. you can have a look at it with the link below it is free to join and learn. Hope that answers your question a little bit

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I like the idea of being able to purchase physical mailers with my crypto tokens. Sounds great. Thank you for the extra nugget of information.

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I wasn’t sure what the CTP token was about and I’m still not but they do have a great community going! They seemed to have come out of nowhere which was cool.

If you ever thought about starting an affiliate business on the side, but don’t want to risk some fiat money. Then do engage with the ctp swarm and through the program you will get set up with a funnel that you can sell to other people, from which you will start to earn your first affiliate crypto.

That is the start of your affiliate journey. You earn by inviting others who like to become affiliate marketers themselves.

Because of Web 3.0 (hive/ctp) this can all be done for free and everybody grows together, which is super awesome!

Thanks for the info my friend! I know you e been very involved with the CTP community but I haven’t had an opportunity to have the right frame of mind to delve into it. I have been investing in the tokens a bit here and there though so I’m glad for that!

The more we can do these things as a community to support each other in the Web 3.0 environment the better!

To be honest, it does feel like I’ve really only dipped my toes in the water of affiliate marketing.

I’m mostly just posting on hive and add my affiliate link in the footer.

So far it has resulted in a handful of referrals for faucets, of which only one is still active.

I just take this year to grow my ctp stake and after that I might invest in some programs to really start doing some affiliate marketing.

It does need time to set up properly and I don’t think I can make that commitment just yet.

Hey I completely forgot to contact you in discord about that gaming idea you have.

My tag is elbrava#3190

Haha no worries I’ll add you!

I was trying so badly to get a tangible product from CTP,

I am also not an affiliate marketer so may I am wrong but I always looked CTP as network building tool , build your network to "sell" something you have instead of getting something from CTP to sell.

I reviewed CTP 2-3 month's back an I will put one of my line from that review.

" I know that token is created as a payment option in Affiliate market network. Actually if token is a payment option does it really matter for which niche it is created? Al tough the target market base of token is Affiliate marketing."

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I think you've had some great comments on here explaining what we're about. I just wanted to say thank you for highlighting our awesome community! #CTPtalk

You are very welcome. It was a pleasure.

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Hey, cool post.

When CPT 1st launched, i was the same as you and i thought this is great as i know a little bit of affiliate marketing myself but i had the same problem as you and could not find out exactly what CTP was. I too gave up after a few hours of researching and talking to a few on thier discord server.

I see the comment below and the picture flow is very nice to look at but i dont see any sort of marketing there. Maybe it's over my head.

I like this tribe but i would have thought would have included ways to pay for marketing are earn from marketing for others.

I'll continue to watch this tribe until they have a product/service to offer. Maybe it's over my head i dont understand it,

Anyways, great read with my morning coffee

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If you sign up to and then start the training on clicktrackprofit through that, you will automatically get set up with the funnel startearning today with your own affiliate links in it, that you can then start to sell to others.

If you want to try the affiliate business thing, then start there and once you sign up to clicktrackprofit and start doing the training all becomes very clear.

If you read all the comments you would see the use case using fire Pay you can use ctp tokens to pay for advertising, monthly memberships and more

The product and service is

With it's free funnel

Which teaches members to get their feet wet and learn about the blockchain specifically with Hive and through content creation via

Our goal with this tribe, is to bring people that have never even considered crypto for their online business, to start integrating Fire-Pay into it and also get them earning from plugging into the community.

Hope this helps.

Wow that's pretty impressive having 350k views on Pinterest, i've been using it for 2 months now and I am up to 220k views, but only like 300 visits to my site, hoping to score my first viral pin soon

I have a viral pin which brings 500 eyes per month to a steemit post I wrote two years ago.

I am working that post up now to lead to my e-book.

Follow me and I'll follow you back. In the past few days alone I have been getting 2-3 followers per day.

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Interesting post that I will have to read once again later. Thanks for bringing this up to my attention.

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You are very welcome. I blog about Hive Engine Tokens once per week.

You've brilliantly put your thoughts about CTP tribe! You just got a new follower :)