July LeoAd Report: All-Time High for LeoFinance Users and Ad Revenue

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We had a big month in July - reaching an all-time for unique visitors to leofinance.io in a single day and also having our single largest day for ad revenue occur on the exact same day. Coincidence.. I think not!

Note: on 8/4 we ended up smashing through that all-time high for both ad revenue and unique visitors again. That'll give us something to talk about in next month's report.

The marketing efforts both on an official level and on a community-operated level have been extremely effective. There are far too many users to name in this post, but they know who they are. They're out there on Twitter, Reddit, Publish0x, etc. sharing links and bringing non-hive users back to the leofinance website to read articles. It's great for our long-term backlinks and it's also great for our short-term ad revenue and traffic numbers.

This report is a few days delayed (it was supposed to go out on the first of August) and so is the initial release of the new leofinance.io interface.

We're working hard on the projects in our roadmap to get things rolled out, but delays are inevitable and unpredictable. Barring any more unforeseen challenges, we'll stir up a lot of excitement next week as we see LeoDex V5 and LeoFinance V1 dropping publicly.

Ad Revenue Per Day (9/24/19 - 7/31/20)

Month to Month

Totals for the Month of July

After the initial release of both https://hivestats.io and https://leopedia.io, we showed a 2.15x increase in month-to-month ad revenue in the last report:

The average daily ad revenue for last month (April 24 - May 24): $3.02 per day.

The average daily ad revenue for this month (May 24 - June 24): $6.51 per day.

This month, our average daily ad revenue was slightly lower than May-June at $6.04 (as compared to $6.51/day) - probably due to a stabilization in the CPM, which determines how much ad revenue is paid out per thousand impressions.

(Last Month) Total Ad Impressions Per Day for June

(This Month) Total Ad Impressions Per Day for July

LeoApps and Their Share of Ad Revenue

The LeoFinance community currently operates 4 primary websites:

  1. https://leofinance.io
  2. https://hivestats.io
  3. https://dex.leofinance.io
  4. https://leopedia.io

LeoFinance has 3 other applications in the works, which will be rolled out sequentially throughout 2020 (more info on these apps was released in our official roadmap for 2020).

Single Highest Day for Ad Revenue & Unique Visitors to LeoFinance.io

Since we added analytics to LeoFinance and our other websites, it's been a valuable tool for identifying the best sources of traffic and doing our best to increase efforts on those platforms. Twitter is by far the best performer, followed by Google traffic and Reddit backlinks.

You can check-in on the real-time traffic stats at any time for any of our websites:

LEO Token Burns

With the beauty of blockchain transparency, you can check the @leoads account at any time to see how much HIVE is in there from past ad revenue payouts and you can also see how much LEO is being bought and burned (sent to @null).

In the past month, we bought and burned 1817 LEO from the LeoAds account. There is a remainder of 553 HIVE leftover in the account for ongoing ad buys/burns.

The Leoads program earned an additional 850.79 HIVE for the month of July. Bringing the current available HIVE to use for buybacks to 1403.79. We purchase LEO randomly throughout each month with this pool of HIVE and then send the LEO to null once a month.

note: the Bittrex HIVE wallet is currently under maintenance which is holding up the 850 HIVE for the past month's payout. If it doesn't come back online this week, we'll reroute the HIVE through Binance and send it to @leoads from there.

Bringing Sustainability to Hive

I've had a few conversations on Hive, Discord and Twitter about the LeoAds program lately. As we continue to push out these reports and make tangible progress on our ad program, more and more people are growing curious about the economics of this setup.

Many have realized that if more communities on Hive (and perhaps hive.blog itself) started displaying ads and using that ad revenue to buy HIVE on exchanges like Bittrex in order to send that Hive to a burn account like @leoads to then buy and burn their native token, HIVE itself becomes more valuable.

The model we're following - if scaled - could bring the sustainability that the Hive blockchain needs. Splinterlands has followed their own model of generating revenue through pack sales in other currencies like BTC which ultimately brings revenue into the entire Hive ecosystem.

steemleo black token divider.png

Our Community:

LeoFinance is an online community for crypto & finance. We run several projects that are powered by Hive and the LEO token economy:

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Many have realized that if more communities on Hive (and perhaps hive.blog itself) started displaying ads and using that ad revenue to buy HIVE on exchanges like Bittrex in order to send that Hive to a burn account like @leoads to then buy and burn their native token, HIVE itself becomes more valuable.

Hopefully people are stating to realize the potential that we are wasting as a community at the moment. I've tried to push this with blocktrades and some of the other witnesses that we are missing out on a huge source of value to the HIVE token through discreet and simple ads.

Buy and burn adds instant value to the eco-system and liquidity to the markets. We have content and consumers which a lot of other sites would die for but are letting it go to waste.

If leofinance can generate 187 in a month surely hive.blog can do 10x this without much effort. It might seem small but if you start advertising a burn every month for 5k HIVE, then 10K hive it will generate interest as investors and potential users can see where the value is coming from. At the moments all the value is flowing out instead of in to the token.

I'm glad to see that others are looking at your successes and thinking about following in the same footsteps.

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I've tried to push this with blocktrades and some of the other witnesses that we are missing out on a huge source of value to the HIVE token through discreet and simple ads.

I've tried to do the same, even mentioned it to some of the witnesses... believe it or not, many actually laughed at me because "ads are bad"... the amount of money that we are leaving on the table that could be pumping the whole community in a cicle of ad revenue, token pump, more community members, more ad revenue, more token pump,etc...is enormous! Steemit inc had ads on steemit and they were actually getting all the ad revenue from our content and keeping 100% of it, while also dumping the tokens on us!

I've said this once and I'll say as many times as I need to say!

"Just because we are getting a token for writing doesn't mean that token has value! For the token to have value we need to generate value and store that value in it, the community creates lots of content, monetize that content the best way content is monetized on the internet AKA put ads on the frontends to generate value in the form of ad revenue and use the ad revenue to buy the freaking token and either burn it or stake it! Now the token has value!"

One of the few witnesses who I actually think knows a little about finance and how to generate value is @aggroed, the dude put ads on the tribes frontends(or at least I think it was him), thank god for that! Maybe now people will finally wake the fuck up and start seeing that without ads we are basically writing free content and getting a bunch of air-filled tokens that will just go down in value because there is no demand coming from monetization and inflation will keep increasing the supply.

Had to write this because I've been angry at this "no ads because ads are bad" mindset for literally 2 years, I can never make my friends write on Hive because they ask me "Where does the money come from" and I have to answer truthfully, which means, "The money comes from other people and not from the content being monetized", as soon as I say this(the truth) they don't want to come, and I understand them... it's the exact same reason that I haven't invested much on Hive... and just like me, there are many other people that don't invest in HIVE because of this!

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If I had the ability to build it I would be making a front end for hive with a steady but discreet showing of ads on it. Like Leo.

I would use that ad revenue, half to buy hive from the market and build up a curation account for the front end to incentivise people to use it. Half to back a token to represent whatever that front end is for and allow people to earn freely from day 1.

That token can then be used to trade on the market. Buy perks for the site such as badges, status, promotion, merchandise. It would add value to both your own group of users and the eco-system itself. Then all you need are a hundred different tribes building their own user base with a revenue stream and suddenly there is a huge buy pressure on hive. The guys doing the building are great on technical work but there has always been a missing link from a business perspective.

We have a great product here with thousands of people adding valuable content on a daily basis. We should be monetizing that content to add value to the community as right now we have a token with it's sole value being speculation that it will have value in the future.

It probably will but not without getting the price high enough to attract more users and developers. We are wasting a brilliant revenue stream that other sites would love to have.

Dude... are you me from another earth?! Not kidding, this is what I've been saying for nearly 1 year now! Exactly the same things, word for word, the same thing about buying HIVE to stake to incentivize the people to come to that frontend, I have the same exact opinion about Tribes, even talked with some of the tribes in here to get a frontend with ads up (mainly the BATTLE tribe, which I think I may have gotten through to them). Said the same thing about the "guys doing the building", they are smart but seem to have zero knowledge about improving the value of the token, WTF...

The number of times I've tried to have this convo and make people realize that we need ads and ended up making no progress on this debate actually made me doubt my intelligence, maybe people were seeing something that I wasn't seeing.
The first person who made me realize I was thinking correctly was @khaleelkazi when he did LeoFinance and put ads up that burned the token and the price sustained itself really well! Now you say the exact same thing! Faith in my intelligence restored!

If we can get this ad business right, Hive can be top 20 by the end of this next bull market and sustain the price there even through the bear market... damn, I don't think we will even have a bear market on Hive, ad revenue has no bear market!

I do wonder if LeoFinance starts having lots of cashflow through ad revenue if @khaleelkazi is thinking about buying some HIVE to stake on leo.voter... it would help with user incentivization, it would help with HIVE token price thus helping the witnesses with the costs of running the nodes and bringing more users to HIVE, it would help if users required resources in busy times to post, etc...

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Don't worry, your the smart one. I work in business and look at that side of the coin more than the people that work in tech. Each to their own.

I'm going to keep trying to push the conversation and think that every tribe should be showing ads for revenue. I would love to see 50/50 hive/native token buy but as long as there is external money flowing into the system it's a start.

@leofinance will lay out the groundwork for other tribes to follow so that new people coming to the system will pretty much be able to copy and paste a community front end with monetization. I'm fairly sure that @aggroed mentioned that as being the end goal for tribes at one stage.

I would love to do the same with my community in the future. What better incentive to create and maintain a strong community than being able to monetize that content.

Posted this from my thoughts today and try to get more conversation started with a couple of the witnesses.


now imagine you could reduce inflation to 1 or 2% and instead give LEOM/M holders part of the ad revenues as dividends... while still using 80% to burn LEO. could tremendously change the token game forever

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How does that add growth?

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Strong fundamentals attract growth. And gives holders more incentives to share and onboard

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When lambo?

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I think you should experiment with custom.ad banners/articles etx too. Like one single conversion from the crypto.com credit card can generate 50 USD. If you need tips.you know how to contact me.

In the meantime I cant wait for the new interface
that will allow choosing communities to post in, and in am glad it's your No1 priority. I know at least 3 people not using leofinance just for this reason :)

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  1. Build great product
  2. Generate revenue
  3. Introduce buybacks and burns

This seems like one of the obvious way to do tokenomics .... not the only one though .... games seems to be following fight for the reward pool model .... hive will probably be making the most enabaling second layer projects, where the demand should come from.... just rambaling here :)

The path many zombie corporations follow.

Keep the revenue flowing and do stock buybacks.

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Lol not totally a bad thing if you can keep the flow of capital moving fast enough that it also results in user growth and improvements to the product itself

I am very new to blockchain and tokens. In these three months, i have seen one good thing from leofinance compared to other tribes. That is not fancy development or anything. It is clear communication even for a layman like me. I think that is key to success. Transparent communication in simple language matters for layman like me and to many others as well. Congratulations and good luck.

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The organic google traffic is the most exciting. Building long term, evergreen content that ranks 👌🏻.

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Great month, it was. Many achievements and feats recorded. Kudos to us!

...and so is the initial release of the new leofinance.io interface.

Still anticipating the release of the new interface. I know it will bring us a more satisfactory experience

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It's going to be interesting to see what would happen to LEO if HIVe is removed as a social reward and becomes the base trading pair with SMTs as well as HE and SE tokens, that's going to really put pressure on second layer reward tokens and with leos aggressive removal of tokens we could pop like crazy

That's an excellent gain in just one month!

Over time Google should become more important, especially if people are paying attention to SEO in writing their posts.

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Hello, I have delegated some hive and would like to know, where I can see my rewards and uppower them?

Nice I really want to earn more crypto

Quick question: I just delegated 1000 Hive to @leo.voter. I have just received some LEO (not as much as I thought) so it's all working well. I was just wondering if the LEO that I receive could be auto-staked? I received it in liquid form and it would be a nice touch if it could be auto-staked in the future as opposed to me having to stake it manually. Thanks

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