dCity - From Zero to Hero (Episode XII)

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Hi everyone,

My dCity experiment is running for twenty-four weeks, continuously growing my $10 initial investment.

The result of the last two weeks is not so great, as the value of my city was growing only by 454 SIM. The main reason is a more general drop in market price for most of the cards that I own (except for the Hotel cards), but this also gives opportunities in getting new properties at a discounted price.


Looking on the changes from my last episode, my city has now a Weed Dispensary, and one additional Gym in an attempt to reduce criminality, and few more citizens (unfortunate, one more guy decided to break the law and turned in to a Criminal):



First priority for the two weeks is to fix this 20% criminality problem. I'm getting sick of loosing income due to this, and hopefully I can sell some of these Immigrants and Homeless cards that are piling up.

See you next time, hopefully with better results!

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24weeks is a really long time though. Would keep checking your blog to see if I can learn a thing or two

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You need some police station! and the technology related to it. I would also get some job centers to train those immigrants/homeless

Sell the criminal as this is for the moment not needed and it makes your city bad or if you want to keep you homeless/immigrants/criminal put them on the market for a very high an unreasonable price. Like this is not showing in your statistics and you still own it and if they get sold, you win also.

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are criminals redeemable?

Very true! I have the criminals on the market, but nobody is interested in them at 500 SIM. Nevertheless, this way they are not affecting the city. The homeless/immigrants I need at the moment, but most probably I will have to park them, and replace with few houses to improve the 20% crime risk. Thanks for stopping by!