dCity - From Zero to Hero (Episode XIII)

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Hi everyone,

I love to write my dCity update every second week, even if this might get a little too boring for some of you. Still I do it with great pleasure, as a showcase for the idea of investing in virtual properties, and with the hope that each of my episodes can be a small tutorial for the newcomers.

I'm now twenty-six away from the start of my experiment, and this time I had to do something regarding my criminality.

Two weeks ago, my city had a Crime Rate of twenty percent, turning from time to time some of my precious citizens into Criminals.

The criminality can be reduced either by adding Police Stations or Gyms, but also by reducing the number of Homeless and Immigrants in the city.

I already had five Gym, and this time I wanted to try something different. Therefore, I decided to move half of my Homeless and Immigrant cards on the market for an unrealistic high cost (only to remove them from the city, but without the intension to sell them), I've sold the three Criminal cards, and I bought seven new Luxury Home to complete all the open jobs.

With these changes in place, my Crime Rate dropped from 20% to 16%. Not enough, but a move in the right direction.

For the next two weeks the plan is to continue the phase out of the cards with a negative popularity, and to replace them with some more Luxury Homes, and perhaps a new Hotel:


Moving now to the numbers, the value of my city was increased by 3950 SIM, which moves my profitability rate to 135%:



The current level of taxation will slow me down a little bit, but I'm looking forward for an amazing future.


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Those luxury homes have brought some good more income. I managed to snag some at under 200 SIM.

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That is a great deal! At 200 SIM they pay from themselves in 100 days... Plus all the extra citizen you get.

Yes, yesterday there have been again some for 200 SIM on the market.

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