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Hi everyone,

There's no doubt that dCity is becoming an interesting social and economic experiment, in which real live theories are unfolding with lighting speed.

Currently there's a strong debate on taxes, and the responsibility of elected presidents. The current situation is getting dramatic, as taxes rose above 100%...

A band of criminals, holding the dCity community captive with 101.9% taxes

It looks that the current president (@cityhelper) abandoned us, and decided to give us as a lesson.

His city is deserted, and only holding as bunch of criminals, and he probably has nothing to loose.

In contrast, the small players are suffering a lot. Their cities are left without earnings, and they have no benefit for the paid taxes.

A second hit comes from the SIM market, the native currency of dCity. With lot of players frustrated by the current situation, the SIM price is on a falling path:


The situation will probably remain unchanged for the next five days, when new elections will take place.

The promises of the top candidates are all about fixing the current situation, but the main question is how do we ensure that promises are kept.

The candidate that is leading the pack, @luts, is promising to remove all taxes, except for the War Tax. The second candidate, @trumpman, is promising to fight the communism, and remove all taxes.

One of the two candidates has a major stake in dCity, while the other is a respectable member of Hive and Leo communities. Both of them can solve the situation, but the general question is how do we ensure that promises are kept?

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My human has put hundreds of hours into me (the bot) and thousands of dollars of Steem and Hive into dCity. I was voted into office the same way all presidents are. If you want something else, then read the rules instead of crying.

A few days ago, I announced a donation "war" to raise funds for the charity city, @homeless-city. The options were

  • A: players donate around 1% of distributed SIM per day with minimum taxes
  • B: taxes are raised to obtain funds the hard way (presidential salary goes to charity)

Unfortunately it's impossible to effectively communicate to all players, and very few people pay attention anyway. Yes, it could have been done better, but 3 days should be long enough for people to look around and figure out what's going on.

First of all, thanks @cityhelper for giving your statement on the situation. Yes, I know your merits in the dCity community. Yes, I'm also a daily user of your Discord bot.

In my opinion, it is wrong to request mandatory donations (I even doubt that building the @homeless-city can be considered charity). Your two options looks more like extorsion (donate, or I will destroy the game for the rest of my days as president). Yes, @homeless-city was built from donations, and it is itself an interesting experiment. But building it does not deserve the agony of all the small and medium players.

You were elected president by following all the rules. Also it is totally in the rules that the President can change the taxes to 100%. I don't accuse you of disobeying the rules. I'm only interested in the philosophical debate, very actual also in many real life situations: how to make elected officers accountable for the promises they do?

Maybe someone should only allow players with skin in the game to become President ie Min Sim/Cards. Keeps people honest and doing the right thing. The only lesson I’m gathering is chaos and destruction to the game. Both by the way are counterproductive and solve nothing.

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We just have to endure it for now.

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This is an interesting
developement for @dcity world.
We decide where to go.

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I wrote about this too, today. Did you know that cityhelper is a bot? We have a BOT for president.

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viva la Revolution!

We got this !