My Splinterlands Giveaway [CLOSED]

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Hi everyone!

I received a great dCity AI Technology card from a giveaway organized by @trumpman, and this way I realized (once again) that we all get stronger by giving out and making new friends here on the chain. Again, thank you @trumpman for this revelation!

In return, it is now my turn to organize something similar.

In my version, I'm giving away the rewards from my today's Splinterlands quest.

You don't need to do anything special to qualify for this, just to let down a comment so that I know who is interested to get something.

I have no clue what this something would be, as all depends on the Splinterlands random machine.

I'm currently in the Gold I league, but will do everything possible to qualify into the Diamond III league, so that more people will have a chance to get either a Reward Card, some DEC, or even an Untamed Pack (if I can be very lucky today).


Let's rock!


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Later Edit: I have finished the quest in the Diamond III league, and this is the reward:


Therefore, I want to announce that we will have four winner:

  • first place: the Pyromancer (valued at $0.233),
  • second place: all the 71 DEC (valued at $0.060),
  • third place: the Sand Worm (valued at $0.055),
  • forth place: the Ettin Spearman (valued at $0.015).

The winners will be selected randomly, for the comments bellow (bots excluded).


Dark Energy Crystals are always useful!

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Yes true! The second place will get all the 71 DEC!

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That would be nice. My Splinterlands collection is anyway lacklustering and could use a tiny boost :)

You are in the race for a beautiful Pyromancer. Stay tuned! I will definitely organize similar giveaways in the future.

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I'm not sure if I know what do with the cards as I just got an account on splinters land and don't really know what to do around there.

I'm open to any useful tip on where to start.

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Always nice to see new people that are starting fresh. Try to complete all your daily quests, so that you get one reward every day. Choose one color which you like most (myself I prefer the Death cards) and try first to level up the Summoner. You might do this by selling duplicate cards from all the other colors, and buying cards from the market. And once in a while, you might be very lucky and get a very powerful Reward card, which you can sell (for example, once I got a golden Phantom Soldier for a daily quest, and this cards sells now for $24, and another time I got a golden Kraken which value's today is $110)

Alright thanks for the tip

I'll focus on the daily reward for now and keep learning more as time goes on.

That's a nice rewards on the long term
I hope to get my hands on some soon

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I'll be happy with either hey. I'm currently stuck in silver league and Busy building my collection so a new card or some Dec to buy a new card will. Be great! Hey I will even take a booster pack off your hands 😛

Lets hope you don't get stuck with a whole bunch of positions, because I have HD season like that and it sucks.

I am happy with anything. Doing slightly fine in bronze and novice tournaments but silver still knocks me out.

Awesome! Count me in! Gotta get my hands on that Pyromancer!

that would be interesting. I haven't even bought the starter pack as i think it will be too late now for it, so to gain some cards maybe will be a boost for me

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Would help me get started! Please let me know! Good luck to all!!

Well I want to enter but I don't play it anymore so :( If I win I will give it away to someone else maybe.

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