Earn Free DCity Cards & Learning About Social Support Cost - Episode 01

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Hi Citizens,
Due to the higher taxes & unexpected drop in the SIM price, we decided to encourage small & new players to join with DCity. And also, we wish to share our experiences to build your city efficiently as well. We hope to share a series of Learning Curves that might help you to build your city, earn free DCity gaming cards & strategies that could reduce unnecessary costs & improve your city efficiency.
Today we cover you, What are the Social Support Costs & Strategies to Manage the Social Support Costs.

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What Are Social Support Costs
Do your City(s) got Unemployment? Do you see your city got (-)SIM value due to Unemployment. That we called as "The Social Support Costs".

This is how DCity game described the Social Support Costs.

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As mentioned here, Social Support Costs cause to decrease in your SIM income of the city. Therefore, as a beginner or as an expert DCity player, you should control your City's unemployment rate that can cause Social Support Costs for the city.

There are few strategies to reduce the Social Support Costs. (We hope to discuss those strategies in our upcoming articles).
01. Using High Workers Buildings
  • Factory
  • Airport
  • Stadium
  • Cinema
  • Shopping Mall
  • Zoo
  • Circus

02. Using Negative Popularity Effect Buildings

  • Wind Turbine
  • Public Restrooms
  • Nuclear Plant
  • Military Industrial Complex
  • Garbage Dump (If you have less than 25 unique cards)

03. Removing Population / Popularity Effective Buildings

  • Hospital
  • Other Population Effective Buildings

04. Using Social Aid Office Building

05. Removing Technologies In Your City

  • AI Technology
  • Advanced Robotics
  • Cold Fusion
  • By Removing One Tech From A Branch That Contains All 5 Technologies
05. Using Criminal Cards

Free Give Away
You can earn below list of Free Cards by engaging with this article as follows:
    Free Cards:
  • Factory - 1 Card
  • Zoo - 1 Card
  • Public Restroom - 3 Cards
  • Criminal - 2 Cards
    How To Engage?
  • Comment your city name that 0 (Zero) Social Support Cost
*** We randomly select few winners.***

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zero support cost :) https://dcity.io/city?c=pimpstudio-cash hope to get Factory

zero support cost.png .
@steemshiro1 you city -1 support cost

@pimpstudio-cash Appreciate ur participation.
@steemshiro1 is one of my alter account which I use to discover techs.
If u want to check my main account, here it is steemshiro

i am a town compare with your metropole :)

Nice guide!

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@steemshiro1 were go the DCity Cards ?

i Earn Free SHIT !!!


0 Social cost

city - steemstreems

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Removing Technologies and use criminal like this idea.we will see change in future popularity

0 Social cost
city : artistparthoroy

Nice. My city has zero social costs atm. Fun times

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