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RE: Top Hive Earners By Category | Authors, Curators, Witnesses, DAO | July 2020

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It is interesting that in comparison to other sectors, the top earners (me being one) don't compare to other sectors. This isn't necessarily a bad thing of course, just interesting that this is the focus of complaints when there is far more pooling in other sectors. For example, I don't think it is good that one person has two large and highly funded projects approved in the DAO at one time, unless it is a team. It is also interesting that Dapplr for example hasn't got funding while asking for far less and producing their proof of work consistently. It is a bit weird.


Blocktrades is a team. Don't know about the others.

Yes I know that - and don't think the others are - but shouldn't that be quite clear? I think if the proposals are small kinds of things, sure, someone might have a couple, but if they are funded as full-time projects, one should be the max. I am assuming in your work, you get paid for one full-time role? :) (well- these days, you might get paid for that, but work three) :D

I suppose it is clear.

I think the proposal system is not being used as it should be. Nothing wrong with the system but there isn't much accountability and that's a problem.

Accountability seems to be the continual problem and I think at least for funded HDF proposals, a weekly or bi-weekly update (rewards declined) should be standard practice to keep the funding active. What would be nice is if there was a built in mechanism to tie the funded account update to the proposal so they stack up over time under a specific and closed tag - that only the funded can post to.

I agree with that. But I think we are going to have to wait for a few years at least for the stake distribution to even out sufficiently for this republic to be able to have the middle class shut that kind of shit down. I guess that is one reason why certain quarters are talking about wanting to end PoB on Hive.

Yes, author rewards are shared between larger number of accounts, compared to the other pools. They are more concetrated.

Yeah, the concentration might be somewhat of an issue long term, right?

Well ultimatly, apart from giving away hive to improve distributon, it will be great of people buy it for better distribution.

I guess projects will be the top candidates for buying hive long term.

Yep - most of the stake on exchanges was sourced from the initial mine, so I am guessing that the greatest distribution is only going to happen through buying pressure in the marketplace - which means, making this the kind of place that an investor would like to buy into, which means a large community with compelling usecases.

Well said..... exactly that :)

I guess it is less concentrated when it was just Steemit doing all the development and hording the fund?

only a handful of accounts less ;D I prefer it this way of course, but there is still a long way to go in the organization of the HDF to maximize its effectiveness in drawing in developers who add value. We have been at this for 4 years and there should be a lot of new names getting a little bit of encouragement to build - like @dapplr. Small ask on cost, fast and quite good results.

I will take a robust oligarchy over a sole tyrant any day of the week.

for sure.

esp if the tyrant is a mad king lol

Yep it is weird that Dapplr is not funded; when they are producing quick turnaround updates and have progressed quickly on their app.