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Yesterday, the co-founders of @threespeak, @starkerz and @theycallmedan, appeared on a show called "Why Libertarian". On it, they discussed the censorship in social media and decentralized video storage.

They appeared with a guy named Maj Toure, a black gun rights advocate. It was an interesting conversation to say the least.


To quickly recap the main points of the video, the discussion centered around censorship and the inability for certain points of view to get expressed. Dan mentioned how he was banned from Twitter a while back with no explanation from the company. This was an important point because the topic of success came up. It appears that as Dan's account neared the 10K follower mark, it became a threat. Many others found similar circumstances on Twitter.

This turned the conversation to money. It is here where we see how social media and finance are merging. While Twitter might not have had the monetary payouts that a YouTube does, it does exemplify how these corporations game their system in favor of just a few posters (these days advertisers who pay them). Many are familiar with the "shadow banning" that takes place on YouTube.

An interesting correlation was drawn by Maj after hearing the details as explained by Matt about how the platform operates. He drew the parallel to the Hip Hop community and the influence it wields. However, it was not always a genre that was embraced by the music industry.

For those who are unfamiliar with how this works, the music industry is run by the record companies. They really determine the success of an artist because they have extreme influence with the radio stations. That is where the first wave of promotion comes in. Records that get a lot of airtime will do better as fans become familiar with the material.


Maj noted how the time before Hip Hop became big saw many artists such as 50 Cents ostracized by the industry. When this happened, many took matters into their own hands and spun up their own records. They burned CDs and sold them directly. This is why many of the older Hip Hop artists are also music producers; they had to be.

By taking this approach, the CDs were sold direct in the local community. Over time, word spread and the sales hit other markets. This was all done outside the centralized record industry. The establishment was usurped without their permission.

Technology allowed these individuals to succeed whereas decades earlier failure might have ensued. By being able to stamp out discs rather inexpensively, they were able to get their music in the hands of people who were enjoying it. This took the Hip Hop revolution to another level.

3Speak along with the rest of the industry is now charting a similar path. There is no permission being asked and we are looking to go around the established system. Whether it is social media or financial, we are now seeing tools provided which will allow for people to do something similar as 50 Cent.

Anyone can come to Hive and create content through an account they own. Nobody can take that account away or close it down. At the same time, the data is always on the blockchain. We are in the process of seeing video and images being protected through 3Speak's new decentralized video (and image) storage client. This prevents the content from being wiped out by some social media giant.

To us, this seems rather normal but to someone who is hearing about this technology, like Maj, for the first time, it is revolutionary. It was something that instantly clicked with him.


The idea of tokenizing a community, taking monetization out of the hands of both centralized companies and bankers, was an immediate hit. He saw how important this was to not only his movement but all members of the black community.

One of the biggest problems within black communities (physical/geographic) is rent seekers. Money that comes into the community does not remain. The rent seekers are able to position themselves where the money is rapidly scooped up and removed. Within the community, the velocity of money is almost nil before it departs. It makes one generation and then it is gone.

Tokenizing communities, whether local or digital, is the answer to this. We see how the money, if the community is in control, is outside the scope of the rent seekers. It cannot be touched by them. This leads to the empowerment of those individuals as the community gets larger and network effects take hold.

It is interesting to see the joining of real world problems with cryptocurrency. What is being developed within the cryptocurrency industry is truly revolutionary. For the most part, those projects that are flying under the radar, are outside the scope of the establishment. It is all being done without their permission or corporate/VC entities.

Hopefully Dan and Matt will get Maj set up with an account and show him some of the ins and outs of what Hive is offering. Also, it would be beneficial if the host of the show followed suit.

Hive offers a platform where anyone can come and post their content. There is no permission required. At the same time, the freedom exists for anyone to create a moderated community which cannot be deleted (ala WallStreetBets and Reddit). We presently provide the freedom for text yet it is quickly moving into video and images.


We are seeing the epitome of a grass roots movement taking place here. The revolutionary ideas that we are espousing here are slow to spread. However, they do strike a chord with people who find themselves ostracized by the present system. Having a couple people of influence on somewhat bigger stages is all that is required to help spread things. We saw this with the Hip Hop industry and we can certainly see it here.

The promotion of the idea of "come to Hive and make lots of money" obviously failed. It drew in people who were only interested in money. This is not a topic that leads to long-term powerful movements.

However, the idea of having one's voice heard and not being silenced has proven to be a subject that does have staying power. After all, Hip Hop is the experience of those who are producing the content, providing a voice to their lives which was previously overlooked.

The future of a blockchain like Hive is very clear. It is a path of getting one influencer at a time. As word spreads throughout certain communities, the growth will come from those seeking freedom. There are billions who do not have a voice under the present system, a situation that is more than just political. It extents to all areas of life.

Hive solves this problem. Presently, anyone can blog about their views and experiences in a decentralized manner. Soon they will also be able to do the same with video and image content. Once we reach that point, the ability to usurp the present system will be strongly in place.

The people are what take a revolutionary idea and put it into action. Conversations like the one linked from yesterday help to enlist those who can understand what is taking place.

In short, Hive is for anyone who is dissatisfied with any part of how society presently operates. Since those people tend to be shutdown by the establishment, they can find a home on Hive.

Hang on gang, this is about to get fun.

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The selective banning of people is definitely a problem. Some of the youtube channels I follow have been demonetized and they are not allowed super chats or revenue from ads. People are craving for alternatives but it will probably take time for things to work out. I think 3Speak has a chance of being this alternative but the problem I see is that the marketing for 3Speak isn't that great right now. I don't see many 3Speak links outside of the HIVE blockchain.

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Visibility of links on other platforms is a major issue. Twitter. Fascistbook, and REDDIT ban links from other domains. But of course nothing can be done about this.

What about a secret front end that would frequently change domain names to always be "one step ahead of the curve? "

They arent ready for it yet. People are looking for the moon before the foundation is built.

The decentralized video storage isnt even built yet.

Plus the advantage to their system is that it isnt about 3speak. Any content creator can host it through his or her own website.

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Great article. Did you link to the video, I think I missed it.

Been a fan of Maj for a while. I have shilled Hive on some of his tweets before when the subject of censorship came up. It will be nice to see him come onboard. @ericdjuly is another personality I'd like to see on hive. He actually has an account, but I don't know if he hasn't used it since 2018.
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No worries. Thanks.

When you see twitter banning Dan, you got to stop and think, why? If I were a giant juggernaut and I see a fly with so much potential that it could out perform me over the course of the years, I woul prolly kill it instantly. That's why I'm every single day more convinced that we have a winner in @threespeak

The world will be so decentralized that great unfound artist will have their own space to promote themselves properly in an unbiased system where people are the ones that really speak and choose what they like. Not what they impose us.

That is true. People will be able to break through the barriers that corporations set and ascend to new heights with their creativity.

We are opening up a new dawn for people. This era will obliterate what took place before it.

The internet was big, this will be much bigger.

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Very interesting. Sounds like it was a very good show for them. I thought part of the reason Dan got banned was because he made some pretty off color comments about our buddy JS. I could be wrong though. If other people have been banned as they reach that 10k mark, then there is definitely some validity there.

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The truth is nobody knows. Just a trend that some are noticing how newer people gaining in popularity are being censored. It could be another way to maintain control.

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a lot of established content creators are complaining about youtube shadowbans and all sorts of censorship methods. To me it's obvious 3speak has a bright future if it doesn't do dtube or dlive on us.

3speak wont that that. Both Dan and Matt are very committed to Hive. That is why the SIP is using Hive as the liquid token for the pool.

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I don't know what the SIP is

It is the pool that 3Speak is putting together for liquidity of the tokens they are putting out there.

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Dan and Stakerz are definitely representing, it's sad to see twitter banning Dan it was the highlight of it all, but irrespective of what the case was, it pretty shows how untrustworthy it is to build with the medias that censors without questioning. It was amazing to see them talk about 3speak and all the possibilities.

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The banning of Dan helped to mobilize the community. He served as an archeotype for what is wrong.

It brought people on here together and they are now starting to understand the message first hand.

We will have to leverage this to greater heights.

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Exactly, taking advantage of that opportunity to leverage the essence of decentralisation and s project like hive. Just like we talked hive taking advantage of the Justin Sun's fiasco

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Makes perfect sense as that is how they keep control with a select set of influencers who actually pay their way. Crooked is what it is and this is not how any company especially on social media should be operating. 3Speak needs to change how people think and getting another community involved is always good to see. If Maj can be a voice in another community who knows where this could go.

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Yeah not sure his following but any is of help. Plus an individual like that tends to get a lot of attention. If he is talking about safety in the sense of one's message, and how he found a platform that provides that to him, then he will tell a lot of other people about it.

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That is what I meant as he has influence and sending a message about what he has learnt is still a positive.

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Wow. What an educational post for people. I get more excited everyday.

100 percent upvote reblogged and tweeted and noise.cash.


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Thank you.

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With Hiveblog, one is rest assured of a strong security platform devoid of censorship, creating room for the freedom of interaction we all deserve. The centralized media giants can no longer hold us hostage. As time goes on, the hive blockchain will definitely become the central foccus of a decentralized social media for the masses knowing that their activities are incentifised as well.

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That is the goal. We just need to keep developing more offerings for people on here.

We will see the growth starting to take off, in my opinion, with Leofinance's microblogging app. That will allow people to operate on a decentralized twitter while, ironically, still engaging on twitter.

It is a perfect storm I think.

We will see how quickly things can grow.

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yeah Definitely 😊

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Now I understand why many music producers became directors as well, it makes sense you have to have the entire chain to distribute the entire product if it were not true, well that is what will happen with these centralized networks that is why I still do not take the time to create users over there.
Yes, today the idea is not come and earn money as you say the rhetoric is changing come and get your freedom without censorship and this is what should be promoted and then when they find out that there is money involved this will also help but if what go in that order first freedom then money.
Yes, let's hope that the black community in this case is also benefiting Africa has been a forgotten continent for developments, with the highest rates of corruption and racism in the world, let's hope that the blockchain helps in equality.

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Necessity drove it.

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I'm glad they are spreading the word as only that way we're able to attract the masses.

3Speak is known but I think they are not supporting any kinds of videos, right?

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3Speak is known but I think they are not supporting any kinds of videos, right?

What do you mean?

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I keep seeing videos but mostly people speaking. I was wondering if I can upload travel videos. I guess not.

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Yes you can upload travel videos or any kind of videos on 3Speak. They are having some issues right now since they are doing some software upgrades.

The encoding was having issues.

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That's great! I may be heading over and upload some videos I put together last year.

It's going to help me with my cooking account for sure.

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There should be instant registration of 3speaks and phone apps for the platform. Why most people have youtube app? Being on youtube just need to sign in with email. Registering decentralized platform should be easier.

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3Speak allows you to sign up with email.

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Anyone can come to Hive and create content through an account they own. Nobody can take that account away or close it down. At the same time, the data is always on the blockchain. We are in the process of seeing video and images being protected through 3Speak's new decentralized video (and image) storage client. This prevents the content from being wiped out by some social media giant.


HIVE is sleeping GAINT

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Turning a 2 to a 4 & a 4 to an 8.
So many gems to learn from this post.
Buy some time & learn how to earn some ca$h.
This post makes me love blockchain even more.

Thanks for the info. I missed it, was there any plans of onboarding a community or anything of that sort in the near future?

Not that they mentioned although Matt did say he would help Maj get set up with an account and show him how to create a community.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 42 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!


Can anyone tell me why I signups are disabled???

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Who bothers makes noise and I think that's what 3Speak is doing (in a good way, of course).

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The promotion of the idea of "come to Hive and make lots of money" obviously failed.

It depends on the audience you are selling to. I came here in 2017 for money and here I am. Many in my community are too, in fact most. In Venezuela, a country with 1 million percent hyperinflation, it does matter to monetize by writing and no one is looking out for censorship when it comes to finding food for their household.

I think there are different markets. Hive has 3 fundamental characteristics, which are: Censorship resistant; Monetize content and ownership of your account. All three are very important and none should be set aside when selling to HIVE, you just have to know how to distinguish which audience to sell to in one way or another.

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People are definitely more aware of censorship nowadays than just months ago. At least conservatives anyways. I think it's a dangerous evolution of the cancel culture generation. We need to protect political speech even if we disagree with it completely.

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Nice content ☺️☺️☺️

3speak is the best