3Speak: Tyler Winklevoss Wants To Finance A Web 3.0 Video Application

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Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are two of the biggest names in cryptocurrency. The venture capitalists started many projects that are now mainstays in this industry.

Of late, YouTube has been on a tear, deleting accounts of those who, in its view, violate their terms of service. Many feel this is outright censorship.


This has not gone unnoticed by Tyler Winklevoss. In the last week, he tweeted about this.


Those of us on Hive are already aware that this is operational. 3Speak is already functional, offering video creators a place to post their works without fear of having it taken down.

Not to be outdone, Cameron added his take on the situation.


I guess they are not familiar with the efforts of the team behind 3speak.

Fortunately, those who write for Decrypt are:

Some platforms, such as Mastodon and 3speak, have already attempted to clone platforms like Twitter and Youtube. The “free speech network” Gab, which exemplifies Winklevoss’ point on forks to new platforms after disagreements, has also gained some traction with over 1 million registered users as of last year.

Wouldn't it be a hoot to see an announcement detailing how the Winklevoss Twins invested in 3Speak. At this point, I am not sure that team is looking for funding or would want to get in bed with a VC group, but the publicity for be fabulous.

Nevertheless, the point is being driven home. YouTube's actions, as well as Facebook, is starting to get on the radar of many people. While content creators are slow to migrate, recent events might just force them to.

It is always interesting, from a strategic and marketing perspective, to look at one's "pond". Do you want to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a large one? Things get really interesting when one is a big fish in a pond that is getting bigger.

As the centralized platforms work to silence dissent, they are apt to turn people against them. People in the cryptocurrency community found this out more than a year ago. Even to this day, the culling still is taking place.

A platform like 3Speak is vital to our ability to resist the propaganda that is being espoused by the mainstream. Facebook and YouTube are now every much a part of the agenda as ABC and CNN. They are not going to question what is taking place in the march towards ultimate control of humanity.

What attracted me to the road map of 3Speak is the fact that the ultimate goal is to have it operating as a DAO. The project team is looking to recoup the money invested, with a small profit, and then operate the system in an autonomous fashion. Having its own token while also providing users with the ability to tokenize their channel further spreads out the ability to control what is happening. Essentially, content creators and their followers become their own decentralized video platform.

Winklevoss was apt to point this out.

“The pandemic has reminded us just how little control we have over our data, and how much power and influence we've entrusted to a very few,” Tyler Winklevoss said. “These centralized platforms make up their own guidelines with respect to 'misinformation' and dissent, many of which are arbitrary and at odds with the principles that our country was founded on.” Instead of cloning the incumbents, maybe it's time to create entirely new social media platforms with free speech and decentralization principles in mind.


I guess we need to getting word to Tyler that it is already being created and he should take a look at 3Speak.

As we can see, the market is there.

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Great idea. Advertising is never much.

Slamming their twitter accounts with replies touting 3Speak is not much either.

Many ways to garner some attention.

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who would want to partner with the inept hive structure? talk about pipe dreams

We shall see.

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I need to start doing some of my chart analysis on 3Speak.

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That would be helpful. @dalz keeps putting together some information about it in monthly reports.

Hopefully the numbers keep growing.

I am anxiously awaiting some word or update from the team....they have been quiet for a long time. I know they are working on stuff so it will probably be pretty good when announced.

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Upon all all thw Twitter noise we've made about @threespeak, does it mean that these duo have never stumbled upon? True that 3speak may nit be looking for funding but having these duo could be a great surge for give block chain.

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If have the Bees on here can take to Twitter to draw the attention of the attention of the Winklevoss we might just attract them to 3Speak

It could. The twitter brigade on here is rather strong.

As I said in the article, I am not sure that the 3Speak team would even want to involve themselves with venture capitalists, but it would be great publicity.

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A project of that scale competing with the likes of YouTube can only be achieved by big whales like the Winklevoss twins! And they have the belief in crypto and the drive to do it as well!

Wouldn't 2020 be a bullish year if the Winklevoss twins had bought up Steemit instead of JS? I don't think there would have been a Hive chain fork and Steem would be trading at well over a dollar.

I tend to agree with you @leprechaun. If they bought out Steemit Inc, things play out much differently.

Of course, Steemit It is honestly small potatoes to them.

But we are on Hive now and all is going well.

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Those guys are always late it seems. Dtube,3speak, and how about LBRY? Another great platform.
Of course, let's create more of them, even better.

I didn't understand 100% because of my lack of English proficiency. However, I read a good article well.

oh awesome this is good news :)

What ever it will turn out - seems interesting to me

I wont if they should integrate and help build some of the projects already doing this

I think we should introduce them to @3speek and @dtube

Hey @taskmaster4450! yes, lets keep talking to them. We have reached out and are fairly sure that they are aware of us. But, please keep the word up about us, especially on twitter. the more credible people like you we have vouching for what we are trying to achieve (which you nailed above pretty well), the better press we will generate for Hive and how it returns ownership of digital assets,account and communities to the creator themselves, (A critical part of web 3.0 going forwards) in a scalable way. Many of the web 3.0 issues that are being worked on have long been solved on hive, we (as well as the community) just have to get the word to the right people about the applications built on it and the potential applications that could be or are being worked on!

I saw these tweets as well. Will be promoting Hive / Threespeak to them when I see more. Would love to see them bring in some money / promotion / quality content creators.

Wow. I guess this is good for 3Speak. I wonder if they will put profit first? As VCs they should be looking at making a profit. What if decentralization goes against profit, will they still support it?