Actifit With IWatch Integration

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This was something that was a long time coming.

Over the past year, the @actifit team was working to get more integration with some of the bigger wearable platforms.

They announced yesterday how they are now going to beta with integration with the Apple Watch along with the Health App.

This is big news due to the sheer number of devices out there. It is estimated that there were over 100 million Apple Watches sold, with more than 30 million in 2019.

The company also saw 30%-35% growth over the last couple years.


The beta testing is going on right now and, if all goes well, should be completed by the end of the month.

This means that not only will the Actifit application be available for download on the Apple Store but fully integrated into the watches. With over 100 million devices already on the market, this could be a wonderful access point.

Truthfully, the exercise and fitness market is more accustomed to applications of this nature on wearables as opposed to phones. While many have their phones with them, it is a lot easier to exercise with something on one's wrist as opposed to carrying around a phone.

As we can see from the screenshot, it is an easy sync from the phone to one's wearable.

Here is the full announcement:

Once again, we see the potential reach of Hive expanding. This is simply another situation where an application upgraded its offering so as to appeal to more people.

Is this going to bring in hundreds of thousands of users?

Not likely. However, do a couple thousand take advantage of it over time. As Actifit starts reaching out, the promotion can show how Apple Watch and Health App integration is available. This could eventually offer a major boost.

Apple is targeting the healthcare industry. They are one of the major players looking to digitize that industry. Being on their platform provides the potential to ride their success as they leverage their offerings within that realm.

In the United States, at least, it is become evident that the "Sickcare" industry we have is not working. The one things the coronavirus did was expose how faulty the system is. How will it change? This is to be determined. That said, it does appear that many are looking at the idea of preventative care as opposed to "break/fix".

The chaotic nature of decentralization leads to exponential expansion. Over time, we see different teams going about their business, upgrading their applications. Eventually, this ends up providing a exponential impact as some of those projects start to achieve greater success.

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" is a lot easier to exercise with something on one's wrist as opposed to carrying around a phone."
And the microchip is even more comfy, you Robot.
I want Actifit out of the witnesses.
Actifit is support of technological human enslavement and wifi radiations are more than questionable....
5G goes up to 90.000 Hz and is fatal to human cells.
"Health App" is a bad joke.

5G is not fatal to human cells. There is NO solid evidence that 5G can have a harmful effect on human health.

Please stop spreading misinformation.

And you are from Slovenia..!?
Your own government stopped 5G, to have a closer look at it ;)
Checkmate , Robot ;)

They did not stopped the 5G, they just paused it.

Minister ob tem poudarja, da gre za nujno potrebno tehnologijo prihodnosti

The minister stresses that this is an indispensable technology of the future.

There are already working 5G stations in Ljubljana (from A1 ISP)

Screenshot from 2020-04-22 11-40-20.png

In any case, this is positive news for all of us.
Except that it will kill us all))

Just do Sports without smart devices.
Try Olympic Rings ;)

I do have a model 3 watch and this is an incentive to stay fit and put that watch to more use.
Better counting!
A community is bound to grow when each member moves their step forward.
Good stuff #actifit, #hive.

Just wanted to link this.

It is great news