Creating A New Country Digitally

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Creating a new country is not easy. Traditionally it was a very violent process. Wars were waged resulting the in victors able to claim the land to set things up as they see fit. Other times, we saw revolutions take place from within a nation, often with the use of violence.

None of these are appealing yet are a major part of human history. We also saw new countries emerge as the result of economic collapse. While this can occur without violence it is very painful for a nation. Millions end up suffering since things such as starvation can emerge.


The sad reality is that in we fight over physical resources. Since there is limitation, we tend to use this as a means of enriching or control, whichever is more important in the moment.

Of course, governments and populations tend to be on different pages. We know that creating a new country is often the desire of many segments of certain populations, especially as governments get more tyrannical.

Alas, in the present physical situation, it is very different without engaging in one of the aforementioned activities.

Fortunately, we are seeing a new paradigm emerging.

Digital Creation

We are at the beginning stages of being able to approach things from a completely different perspective. Our world started moving decades ago to a realm where things are created in the digital first, then produced in the physical.

The most obvious area is in the fields of manufacturing and construction. There was a time when things were drawn on paper, edited, copied, and then made. This happened whether it was a building, a car, or any other product.

Today, with computers and digitization, we see things designed using specially designed programs. The "drawings" can be saved, easily edited, and transferred electronically in a matter of seconds. Whatever is being created resides exclusively in the digital domain. Only when completed in this phase do things start to move into the physical.

What is we could take that idea to nation building? Could it be possible to create a country before actually doing anything in the physical realm?

The answer is obvious. We are starting to see the foundations put in place that will allow this.

For decades, people had the ability to assemble online and share ideas. This is a part of the process. We can grow in numbers while starting to interact with people who have similar views about things. The ability to rapidly move around in the online world means communities can be easily entered and exited.

The freedom to assemble is in full-tilt in this environment. There are few boundaries which allows for more efficient growth and development.

Naturally, thus far, there are limitations. We see that much of what can be done is the exchange of information and ideas. Little else was possible. The digital did not transition well into the physical world.

Digital Economy Generating A Nation

With the introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrency we see another layer to this pursuit arising. Through the tokenization process, we have the ability to construct digital economies. This can be part of the foundation of what eventually shifts into the physical world.

Blockchain allows for experimentation with different governance models. This is something that the industry is only starting to toy with. Thus far, we remained in a tight range on the things we are trying. That will likely change in the next few years as the concepts of what can be done expands.

As we come upon new governance models, they can be transitioned to a physical realm. It might be that the governance is done digitally for real world situations. Either way, it could provide a foundation for our new nation.

Of course, there is the ultimate need for land. This is where the economy enters the picture. We still need resources to be able to provide the things that are required. A crypto-economy can offer this. Through the tokenized community, commercial activities take place. This will grow the wealth of the "nation-builders", helping them to transition to the physical.

Transitionary Phase

We are in a period where looking out past 10 years is very difficult. Technology is changing things very quickly. However, human nature tends to be a bit slower to transition.

Ultimately, we are going to see a great deal of changes over the next century or so. We are unable to see how far the digital world will expand and what part of our "real" world it will overtake. Thus, any long-term forecasting is near impossible.

That said, we try it anyway. What we can conclude is that our present governance models were established at a time when we operated solely in the physical world. This is what our governments and corporations were built upon.

We also have enough evidence, after 30 years, that it does not transition at all into the digital realm. Governments are trying to apply their old laws and approaches to something that is completely foreign to what they were created for.

Therefore, the idea that these will fade away over the decades as the digitization of things expands is a logical trend. Of course, humans are still biological beings with needs at that level. Until we arrive at a more advanced state, perhaps 2 or 3 iterations of civilization past where we are, the idea of "nations" is still going to be with us.

Hence, the formation of a digital nation that is taking into the physical world could be a transitionary phase that humanity goes through. We have the ability to easily experiment and test things out. There is also the formation of large enough communities from which a percentage might want to assemble in a physical area under their own rules.

Of course, the established system isn't going to opt for this idea. It is a threat to their power structure. Nevertheless, we are seeing major problems arising around the world that stems from this basis and, at some point, people are going to stop taking it. This will likely to occur as abundance starts to be the norm which is going to happen in the next couple decades.

From there, we will probably see a dance for a couple more decades with different governance/power structures. As voids open up, experimentation will take place.

It only makes sense that some of what is developed in the digital world will then be constructed in the physical. How it will integrate with the existing system is unclear since we will have to see what the existing looks like at that point. What we do know is that things will be changing due to the massive expansion of digitization.

The key point is that nothing that is happening today is operating in a vacuum. We are more connected than ever before and that is only going to grow. This is going to lead to more innovation and experimentation, not only with technology but also sociological structures.

When we start the design in the digital world, we can make changes faster and more often. This increases the efficiency. Ultimately, we might see some of these designs pulled into the physical world.

The merging of the digital, physical, and biological is going to change a lot of things. Web3 is emerging and it will provide tools for much larger changes.

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I've had a similar train of thought of a digital country over the past couple years. If the internet were a country, where would it rank in the world economies? In the past people had to physically move where there was the most economic opportunity, now you just have to find the right digital area on the internet, and can actually be anywhere physically in the world. This person, now termed a digital nomad.

With that in mind. Why hasn't there been a digital governance? In America at least, there's only two political parties and the losing side just has to be on the bench basically until the next election. How hard would it be to let the same population rule under different leaders in the same physical space? Tax rates, good delivery / pricing, healthcare, welfare , currency and so much more can coexist. In a way we already see this with employers offering benefits, stores offering members discounts, coupons etc.

The biggest obstacle though is that it would inevitably lead to extreme segregation because of opposing laws, infrastructure and policing that I can't see working together in the same physical space. It's only a half baked idea so far.

With that in mind. Why hasn't there been a digital governance?

The political establishment doesnt want any accountability or change. Both parties are very happy with how things are since they are both insulated. It is a major con on the population. The two party system is really a joke when you think about it.

Digital governance has a chance to alter the system. They do not want that unless it increases their power.

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I heard some years back, that a guy is selling land on the moon, as he found it in line with the regulations of the UN. Wouldn’t it be a nice twist if HIVE as a community would buy a piece of the moon in order to found a country there. Some nations allow a double citizenship and these people could belong to a new nation residing on a defined land area. The term “HIVE to the moon” would have a totally other meaning than 😉

If everyone leaves and heads to the Moon or Mars, maybe we can get the land on the cheap right here on Earth. LOL

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Long live The Free Republic of Hivelandia!

There can only be one Hivelandia.

Long live Hivelandia

yeah long live

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You are a visionary my man. I concur, totally. My perception of Hive is that it is a country in the cryptospace. The more Hive expands itself internationally the more decentralized it'll be. There will be a time where decentralization on Hive will get to a point where every country will self sustain in this system (digitally) I wonder what governments would do if they decided to add Web 3.0 social media and apparatus to their payroll. On my latest podcasts I've been speaking about the importance of taking a step and start taking things more seriously when it comes to building. In the case of HiveVenezuela I'm trying to encourage leveling up in the sense of learning and start establishing our own sources of Hive, compounding projects, coding our own projects, use the DAO properly, have our own gaming squad in order to get common resources that boost the community. Good to see you.

We need a lot more from Venezuela on Hive. This is an ideal place for people to start their journey out of a horrific situation.

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To be fair we are already a nation without a country when you think about, we have an elected Government, we fought a war to do what wanted against some Tyrannical scumbag and we have our own currency.

Not sure where we would stand on a GDP scale against other nations but I guess we would not be bottom, buying islands or building them is not unheard of for example Sealand.

Long live Hivelandia.

yeah it ture we have our own rules and gov

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Since the commerce on Hive is rather low right now, I would believe towards the bottom of the chart.

However, perhaps we see a lot of expansion if HBD remains stable.

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I can confirm what has been written here, people are asking me why I’m anti government, I’m not anti government, I’m pro freedom, unfortunately the systems that have been built for us to harness this freedom are a threat to the power structures of the government and they have chosen to fight tooth and nail to stop it, why is the government so anti freedom, even after all the developments in the world, one would expect some level of ease in their systems but it only gets worse at the detriment of others.

I can’t wait for this change to rapidly take over the world

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I feel that the king has just taken the face of gov because their no freedom for normal people we pay taxes for what when we can even share what we like to do

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Yeah it seems that the present government systems are all anti-freedom, regardless of the structure. Thus they end up pushing tyranny over time.

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Hive blockchain is the right solution for digital economy and rebuilding the system on it.tokenisation on blockchain has already started incuring the Financial and social communication.

I agree with your assessment about Hive.

We will see if the rest of the world catches up to our insight.

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We are definitely building our own little economies online and I expect VR to make this much bigger. If we can do everything digitally outside the normal financial systems, they will lose power. At the same time, I think 3D printing will make things much easier. Once we can 3D printing stuff then there is less need to rely on the normal transportation routes too.

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I think your assessment is really catching onto some of the trends we will see. Watching the different technologies is a great way to figure out where things are going.

3-D Printing is an obvious bridge from the digital to physical world.

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We're already joined by the same mindset, that of crypto, diverse blockchains and of course, we're creating a universe where we can virtually tokenise and create wealth, I think ggjs republic will only grow with time.

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I'm looking forward to being a proud inhabitant of Leo County, in Hiveland! haha

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you have very amazing perspective and it might be possible to do this

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Digital country sounds like unli space to me. The possibilities are endless in this digital era. There are even people buying digital arts for millions of dollars to put in their own digital space. It's interesting to think about an integrated diverse digital nation.

I love it. Governance is key. As you may recall i've been sharing about The Matix-8 Solution for over a year now. I had previously been very interested in Copiosis and have recenctly re-visited that and like what i see, but i think it lacks community governance enabling pure democracy. Also in this last week or two i've been studying Eden (on EOS) - by Dan Larimer, and Ubuntu Contributionism.

I am excited that there are solutions to the apparent problems sprouting.
I will write a summary comparing these four potentially "world saving" systems in the near future, probably!

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Yes i thought about something like that. Is this interesting micronation called sealand that comes to mind. They were once a series of abandoned forts in the sea created during ww2 outside international waters. I think each fort could house about 100 soldiers with big heavily artillery guns on top of them. I believe England tried to destroy all of them with the excpetion of the occupied one to keep this major from making his own nation from them but they fought back and was able to keep going and did alot of other things.

Today they mostly get paid by companies to store servers outside of international waters. They got their own currency i believe backed by silver. However i think they'd have been good candidates for establishing cryptocurrencies that could expand their global buying power worldwide which i think they would make one of the most interesting crypto projects in existence. So found all that interesting

Now to your statement about venezuela. The problem is most venezuelans here are frauds and fakes. i did quite a bit of research on this. in conducting a ubi project in essence it would be alot easier to just go into economic distressed lands give everyone ubi and they'd adopt your crypto. In theory that sounds good the problem is that how we sit around here going venezuela we can' save you just join us.

Well the people who join are the rich venezuelans and they are just seeking arbitrage against their own dollar lol. Do you really believe an economic distressed Venezuelan can sit around here and write posts all day no care in the world and live that way? No man lol.. No no.. what needs to happen for that to really work. The Venezuelans we really after trying to help who need to adopt crypto .. who need bank accounts because they unbanked.. Are the ones who lack the infrastructure to even use crypto properly. thats why the problem of why doesn't every poor downtrodden country just use crypto. that's why they can't use it.

The only fixable solution is get money from the west then go into these places and help them build up the infrastructure mostly with apps that can be used on smart devices because thats all they can mostly use like cheap smart devices so whatever crypto they use first needs to be well integrated into mobile use. It also needs to be distributed free some each month like a ubi. It' cant be like hive that won't work for them. You'll just get what you getting now a few Venezuelans don't even need the help lol.

The problem is the reason we don't know that and don't focus on that is because we too busy not worried about use cases and casinos and speculation that's why lol. When you focused on baloney you can't know important stuff.

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I also wanted to add that i thought was key and important. People in the west don't care about helping places like that. They dont feel they get anything out of it. So what actually needs to occur is that the skills and labor of the people outside the west or these distressed lands economically.. there needs to be a workers task program that swaps their labor for the cryptocurrency. now you get an economic trading and not just a charity or humanitarian use case. You get actual economic establishment for these places which is what you want for them prosperity and a trading partner. Again i can't teach this to you all because you are bent on not knowing or learning this and you will learn it and know it and adopt it. However for some reason we always gotta go through the crap to get where we gotta go anyway.

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A digital world is great to live in for digital beings, but we are not digital. We are flesh and bones. And we need somewhere physical to stay, something physical to eat. These are the basics that mean we still need a physical country and/or governance.

However, I do agree that with digital money we should be free to choose what "currency" we want to recieve for work, payments, etc... People want stability, so the more stable the digital currency, the more I think that people will trust in it. Hyper-inflation is almost as bad as deflation.

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