Hive: Guaranteed Life Changing Money For Your Efforts

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This is a bold statement yet one I see playing out on a regular basis over time. In this article I am going to delve into many of the opportunities with Hive and how it is presently just what is stated to people.

We must start with the statement that "live changing money" is a subjective term, hence is different for everyone. It is going to be dictated by factors such as lifestyle and geographic location. Obviously, some areas require more money to qualify while others less so.

At the same time, the key here is efforts must be consistent and long-term. None of this is get rich quick although, in cryptocurrency, things can move quickly. Nevertheless we are going to focus upon the idea of building things over time.

Need Money To Make Money

This is a given in life to many. For the most part, it is how the existing system operates. In fact, it is also the reality for most of cryptocurrency. To partake, either in token appreciation or yield farming, one has to bring some money to the table. Thus, he or she needs existing currency to have a chance of making some money.

While that makes things a bit easier, it is not necessary on Hive. Here we see people getting the resources to participate via their consistent efforts. Since there are so many ways to be rewarded, individuals are finding they can start with zero yet build a "business" via their activity. This provides the resources to invest.

In addition to the HIVE token being paid out for one's blogging activities, there are a number of tokenized communities that enable one to compound the rewards.

The tokenized communities means there are a lot more whales than just those who have a lot of Hive Power. This helps to spread the total wealth out. Also, since there are more people, the chances of getting noticed, especially if consistent effort is given to a community, is greatly increased.

Here we see it is a numbers game and the more people with large stakes, the better the numbers work for newer people.

Loyalty And Dedication

There might be some producing tremendous works in the different communities. However, literary greatness or talent is not required for success. This is still social media meaning interaction and engagement is equally as important.

What most often captures people's attention, especially the larger accounts, is loyalty and dedication. If a whale has a significant stake and is putting forth a great deal into a community, then anyone who shows the same desire will be on the radar.

This is a key distinction which opens the door to most anyone. We all have things we like and can commit to. Those who do that to Hive and some of the communities will find themselves well received.

How is this shown? Simply by showing up each day and engaging. This is what exhibits dedication and loyalty. By doing so, others will start to get involved, helping to grow the entire ecosystem.

Also, it is important to keep growing stake. This is another way that one can exemplify dedication to a particular group. While many need the resources they get rewarded, leaving some to stake will not only help grow wealth but also show that one is willing to do what he or she can to be a long-term part of the community. Token support is always helpful regardless of the amount.


It is easy to make the guarantee in the title when we factor in time. This is not a get rich quick scheme. We know how those end up so it is a good thing.

Hive is like anything else: it takes time and effort to grow. One needs to focus upon building to arrive at success. There really are no shortcuts just like most areas of life.

One way to look at this is to think of one's account as a business. Perhaps call it your "online crypto business". The idea is to implement sound business practices the same as if one opened up a physical establishment. While some might start such an entity and expect riches overnight, most realize that it takes time to build things.

Hive is the epitome of this. If you want to achieve life changing money, in addition to commitment and dedication, you are going to need a long-term focus. Do not worry about where your account is today. Instead, focus upon what the total holdings will look like in 5 years.

How long will it take? Nobody can answer that. It might take 5 years; it might take 10. Either way, the path is before anyone and the quicker one gets started, the faster the destination is arrived at.

Entering The Copy Machine

The Internet is the world's biggest copy machine. What ends up online can be duplicated, shared, and reproduced. Cryptocurrency is no different. The amount of data (money) that is generated each day just keeps expanding.

It is something that people who take the measures to start building will find happens to them. Waking up one day to find an announcement of an airdrop based upon the holdings of a particular token is a common occurrence.

One of the keys for wealth building is to utilize the compounding nature of things. To truly apply this, one needs to implement the factor of time (another reason for long-term focus). As this occurs, we see the number of tokens we are holding grows. Essentially, we are benefiting from the "copy nature" of the Internet.

Over the past few years, we saw a host of projects pop up on Hive. We not only see communities but there are a number of games that are becoming popular. This is all adding to the holdings that people have. Not only are assets reproducing in number but the value, in say USD terms, is also appreciating.


The final piece of the puzzle that will be covered here is cashflow. Businesses that establish many avenues will be very successful. In addition to selling cars, automobile manufacturers sell parts for older models. Professional sports teams auction the broadcast rights as well as getting ticket revenue. Movies leverage the popularity of a franchise by allowing use of the copyright for merchandise, providing many revenue streams.

On Hive, we can do the same thing. We not only can be rewarded for our efforts, there are a number of other projects that exist to generate a system of cashflow. People who are holding those tokens are rewarded in some manner.

This can be something direct like a DeFi project where farming is taking place. It also can be a project that was established with the intention of delivering a return to anyone who got involved.

While these are often not large amounts, unless one is going in with huge capital to start, it can add up. Here again is the long-term focus. A little bit consistently over a long enough period of time because a lot of bits.

Over the years many promoted the idea of passive income. If you bought their training program, they were going to show you all the benefits to that. Well, we can save the $50 because the benefits are pretty clear. What they do not often tell is how to do that.

With Hive we see an obvious path to it. Getting involved with some of these tokens will provide the cashflow. This will likely start off slowly but it can grow over time. Not only can one acquire more through purchase but projects expand, often generating a better return. This helps to show up in the wallet on a weekly or monthly basis.


So there it is. Success on Hive is not mysterious or glamorous. Instead, it is a process that requires dedication, effort, and time. That said, the results will be guaranteed in the long run. Anyone who participates with this approach will find their following grow, which will help the rewards, ultimately providing the resources to get involved in other project.

With crypto, "filling the bags" is extremely important. As individuals hold more, they find their benefits are multiplied when the "mooning" of one of the holdings does occur.

Anyone who is not on Hive is truly missing one of the pillars in crypto of generating life changing money.

It is here for those who are willing to reach out and grab it.

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Rule #1... Show up everyday

That sums it up perfectly.

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I am mostly earning cents with my posts. What should I do to increase it?

Leave meaningful comments on at least 10 posts of different people that you enjoy every day. And make your posts about something that your community would want to read.

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Sometimes I write even more comments per day, and I often give !PIZZA token for interactions, but no matter what I do, what I post, what I write about, almost no one cares about my posts.
Maybe I am not a good blogger. I am trying on the Steem blockchain since 2017.05.17.

Don't be disheartened . It happens , just keep pushing and be consistent . I have had similar phase initially on Hive and Leo but now I seem to be doing better than my early days .

Don't give up hope , keep pushing and putting effort .

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But this is not my early days here. I am trying since 2017.05.17. Tomorrow will be literally 4 years!

Because I live in financial discrimination, nowadays I am more and more thinking about cancelling my mobile internet subscription.

I hoped and believed that the Steem blockchain and the Hive blockchain will really be "life changing", as many people said, but no. A few cents here and there will not be life changing.

I cannot even earn back the monthly price of my internet subscription.

Sometimes you just need to attract the attention of the right person.

Keep going :)

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Thank you so much for your support and motivation.
I give you some !PIZZA in return.

Have a nice day and have a nice weekend.
All the best.



@empoderat! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @xplosive.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at



@organduo! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @xplosive.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at

Best suggestion one can give for the above questions .

This is the beauty of LeoFinance actually , the rewards for engaging is astonishing ( not so much on Hive but we will see if it changes after HF25 )

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I forgot to add that one needs to invest some capital too because capital attracts capital.

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Go into @leomarkettalk and ctpchat. Those are great places to get engagement with others. From there, that will help your posting. Also, be mindful of what you post and where. Depending upon what your interest/expertise, perhaps cater your posting to that community. So posting STEM stuff is not going to do well with the LEO community for the most part. Find the ones that suit you.

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I agree with taskmaster, go to @LeoMarketTalk every day and start engaging there. I, for one, try to give each unique visitor a vote every day. It doesn't always happen because my real life is so busy right now but I'm in there every day making comments here and there. Task and a few others are there every day as well. If you put in the effort to engage with people, you will be rewarded for it.

Once your name is out there and people recognize you, you will find that more people will eventually find your posts as well. It's a community. We're all in this together. Keep showing effort and your account will eventually reflect that effort.

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You can always post in #deepdives or #informationwar or other community tags. If you write good political or news stuff you will get upvotes totalling up to 20 usd at time from our curation trail. I think I've seen you post a few short posts before about politics stuff

You can always post in #deepdives or #informationwar or other community tags. If you write good political or news stuff you will get upvotes totalling up to 20 usd at time from our curation trail.

Thank you. I did not know that. Even the half of it would be a big help. And also the half of that half.

I think I've seen you post a few short posts before about politics stuff

Yes, I do. Even in my latest post, which I posted a few minutes ago:
30 Days Blogging Challenge - 01 Edition - Day 4 - Your dream job (2021.05.16).

I talk about the financial discrimination I live in in Hungary.

I hope that you do not mind this link. Thank you for any help.

You have to engage more like others here suggested .

That way not only will you gain knowledge but also build network and get recognized . Feel free to hop on to @leomarkettalk and chat with others daily .

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I am engaging with others regularly, but I cannot do this all day every day. I already spend hours almost every day.
I used to be on a relatively good place in the engagement league, if that matters.

It does matter + where we engage also matters .

As others already suggested , try out @leomarkettalk :)

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For more than three years within this blockchain universe, I can guarantee how inspiring the content of your post is, @taskmaster4450.

Thank you @wiseagent.

I would say that sharing out experiences and encouraging others is what this is all about. There is a niche for everyone and a way for many to succeed. It takes effort, consistency, and work but it will lead to an outcome.

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You're totally right.

I surely relate with this topic. Started from scratch, had no one to boost anything on me, kept my faith in this project, worked towards making myself a community and after three years I'm able to make a living out of my passion. Hive's my passion. It wasn't easy though,but definitely worth it. My only frustration is that Hive doesn't get the recognition it deserves. Great post, by the way.

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after three years I'm able to make a living out of my passion.

Yep. It didnt happen with your first post, or even your tenth. But sticking to it and making sure you were consistent now is yielding the fruits of your effort. Next step is to move from making a living to whatever that level is beyond that.

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Showing up every day — even if just in a small way — and being consistent and perseverant is definitely the key to crypto-social success. Hive has lots of opportunities, to be sure... and one of the other keys to success — at least as I see it — is that you have to approach this as you would either a business or a serious hobby. "Dabbling" isn't likely to get you very far; nor is "whale fishing."

Above all, though, playing the long term game is essential. And I think that's where a lot of people lose out. Some of that we can perhaps blame the overall cryptosphere for, with its eternal "wen moon?" focus and the eternal stories of people making 10x in a month. Looking at that as your baseline or yardstick is pretty much like planning your grocery budget on your lottery winnings...


Great comment. Totally agree. Hive is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. In fact, it's not even a "get rich" scheme. It is a platform where you can build and grow your wealth by being part of a community. Along the way, you meet people, learn a lot about whatever you're interested in, grow your communication and writing skills, and give back to the people who helped you and the new people just getting started. I'm not saying you can't get rich here. I'm just saying that if THAT is your focus, you're missing out on most of what this place is really about. If you consistently show up and engage with others, you WILL grow your account and it could eventually make you wealthy. But, in my opinion, the focus needs to be on being consistent and engaging others. Helping them helps everyone and you benefit as well. Over the span of a few years, the wealth will come as an added bonus to everything else you gain from participating in the various platforms.

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I can already see the difference in my own accout. By continuing to put one foot in front of the other day after day, we can see things begin to happen. That's really what it takes, while also powing up in order to help with curation. Each feeds the other in a virtous cycle.

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It is wonderful when someone sees this for him or herself and can start to relate that story to others. That is what it is going to take. With each person who comes to that conclusion, such as yourself, it is another testament to the power of what is being developed here.

Hive has a lot to offer to people if they would simply take the time to learn about it and put forth the effort.

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Consistency, showing up every day has kept me going here and for some reason it has become not only a lifestyle but a hobby.
And doing what I enjoy socially to put money in my pocket is not something I have managed to figure out in the real world, I keep running the rat race.

About 80% of my stake on Hive generally have been earned as rewards, I wish within the last 2-3 years have been better financially fiat-wise, I would waste no time in investing money into Hive as I see the benefit of it in the long term and Hive's ecosystem of opportunities just inclines well with me.

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We all can look back at the past but nothing we can do to change it. However, what you have now is going to really help you going forward the next 2-3 years. You can build upon what you created already.

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I started hive with 0 investments and it's been slow but it feels like magic. The opportunities here are countless, from gaming to blogging. It's amazing.

Starting from zero makes the situation a bit more difficult but the process can be implemented rapidly. With all the comments you are posting, I would presume you are already starting to see some tokens showing up in your wallet. Keep staking and putting them to use and you will end up seeing things coming into your wallet at a faster pace.

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Yeah, the tokens are coming in. Thanks.

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Success on Hive is not mysterious or glamorous. Instead, it is a process that requires dedication, effort, and time.


Hey @taskmaster4450, here is a little bit of BEER from @pouchon for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

While we don't need money to interact on hive, I think going forward we would need money to actually own the wealth that's being created from the tokens. Hive is changing lives but my biggest advice to people will be to build especially with their reward if they're not investing, it's a win win situation for them and hive itself

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Finding a community you like and growing with it has its own rewards beyond financial, as well. 😊

Well one would also require a strategy too in other to make this work.

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I would be happy with a "rent paying amount of money" each month instead of "life changing money" all at once, if I'm putting in a consistent effort I expect the rewards to become consistent at some point, by that I mean 200-300 bucks a month 100% passively.

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It is a process and rent money preceded life changing money. The growth process will lead to the first and then you can start to move beyond that. Effort is what is required to do that. Keep filling the bags and then put them into opportunities that produce a nice return and you will get there.

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Well it's working for me, and a few others, the problem is it's not working for most people on here in financial terms.

I think the best thing that could happen to Hive as a blogging platform is to get rid of the rewards on display, no one likes to be reminded they're earning less than most other people all the time, and that's most Hive users' experience!

People would probably be a lot happier earning a few dollars extra a month if that rather small sum of money wasn't pasted all over their profile.

It's a great place to be if you're a high earner, for sure. Not so convinced it's that's great for most people purely in earnings terms.

Of course it's about more than the money though, I see Powering Up Hive as being less about the money, it's a decentralised security commitment protecting free speech from the next JS style attack.

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The last several years i had been saying dpos systems should not show post earnings. So i certainly agree with that. Studies and observations have been made in relation to the psychological effect of these type things.

In France, social security benefits were raised to 60 years old. meanwhile in America it was around 67. Two groups of people one group feeling it was unfair to raise the retirement benefits age although it was still 7 years less than america. They almost burned down Paris

You see the issue isn't about the aggregate amount of money. There exist the concept of absolute poverty and relative poverty. One person has less than the other and that person even less and so on and so forth. The problem is when you create systems like this. You also create complex exercises in economics and psychology. If you're not proficient in those areas it's going to be easier to have pitfalls.

So it really comes down to how you value your community. Unfortunately the monetary structure of these systems confuses people into equating them to actual value of a person. This is the psychological effect. Inequality also plays out in their mind so then they will raise to a thought process of this is not fair. Despite a false sense of fairness this seemingly happens time and time again.

At this point it doesn't matter why it happens. We just know that it does. It can have harmful effects on systems. I wouldn't be surprised if its not already having a very negative impact. Addressing this problem may be the difference between being a 300 place coin or a top 10 one.

I think that one can view the world through rose colored spectacles when the conditions are favorable to them. I could write a book about this but let me cut it short. Of course the idea of social capital and value from the communities you're in have a value onto themselves. However it's alot harder to duplicate that type social value if you're not on mainstream social media for many obvious reasons. So often times that take us back to the type of money you can count.

I'll say in conclusion. A few easier ways would be your suggestion just keep it mystery what everyone has and what influence they have. The other thing i would have done differently had it been my system. Most whales delegate their stake and charge people for it. Some figures say they earn around 10% a year or more give or take. I think it would have just made more sense for the whales to be directly given and bonded a similar return that way they would be fairly valued in the community. However it would be absolutely no reason i see that they should walk around with influence and confuse the value system bringing outside money in.. I think that just creates more complexities than solutoins. I can see why earlier dpos systems would use that as a funding mechanism. Makes sense in the beginning. Now it doesn't work so well.

Finally a few issues loom in setting up that way. The first issue is i notice whales get alot of attention. Now here's the problem. I don't think they necessarily get alot of attention because of the quality of their material. That's not to take away anything from anyone. Some whales write very good content. Some write mediocre and some are in teh middle some place. That influence i believe is driving alot of that attention. So it's less merit in those type settings and its no competitive pricing on the posts.. So its something else often times and that's fine.. However you don't wanna tell people its the quality of the post and its not just that. There are advantages to dpos as well. However just keep in mind dpos is not the only solution or the only good algo. There are many competing and interesting algos that solve many problems that could be looked into. I thikn Dpos was good for a time and maybe there should be consideration for exploration of other ideas.

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I pretty much agree with everything you say, there's no reason why we can't keep the system the same and just make the rewards on display invisible, just keep the vote number.

People chase stake, the more you power up, the more you get voted. It makes the platform look like a joke!

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nice, we agree! and we love it too....

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it's really amazing! this is life-changing. sometimes I wish I had known this platform very early, but am not let at all. I think consistent hardworking is the key to success in these communities, it doesn't matter how small tokens I earn but are encourage me to keep pushing every day.

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Well I am here to show up. I guess I need to spend some time to catch up since I was fairly busy in the morning.

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People just need to understand the concept of how to grow on here. Everything takes time and in that we are talking a good few years and not months. I think the misconception by many is that you just pitch up and earn some easy tokens and then it moons. This is why people come and go instead of putting down roots and blossoming into something tangible. just look what can be accomplished in 3 or 4 years so imagine giving this place 10 years what it could do and that is where the life changing wealth is.

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Read how this all have started with Toruk

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Besides well written this was a fantastic read and just what all new Hive people should read. It would be great to show to people you are trying to on-board also.

Reblogged and tweeted and tipping.


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¿Hay algo más esperanzador y reconfortante que alguien te recuerde que el trabajo duro y constante te dará resultados a largo plazo?

It is here for those who are willing to reach out and grab it.

Well said. Anyone with an internet connection and the time to put effort in on this platform will find themselves coming out better than they came in and hopefully reaching that life changing potential you discuss.

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It's definitely a process. This place is about community where everyone can prosper together. By being consistent and putting in the effort, you WILL get noticed and your account will grow. Depending on where you are starting from, that can happen slowly or extremely fast. But most importantly, it WILL happen. There are many people on here who have started from nothing and built themselves into dolphins, orcas, and even whales. Do you think they started out writing polished posts that got 143.90 Leo (what this post is at while I'm writing this) each time? No. Most of them started out just like everyone else. They were raw with their writing, their posts generated next to zero rewards, and they didn't know hardly anyone. But what they had was a desire to learn and a belief that consistent effort would eventually lead them to better days.

And that is STILL the promise of Hive. Only now there are dozens of other communities you can be a part of as well. Pick a community you can be passionate about and start engaging. Get to know the daily users there by reading and commenting on their posts. Learn what's important to that community and start adding your unique perspective on a regular basis and you will soon find yourself engaging with many different people. And they'll engage with you.

One thing people seem to forget is that I get half of my votes paid back to me! I want to vote. Right now I need to vote since I have very little time for posting. That holds true for everyone. If you want votes, take the time to make thoughtful comments on various posters and give them your vote, regardless of how big it is. You may not get rewarded every time, but then again, you might. And the more you do it, the more likely it will become.

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After a year of getting started on Hive, I'm just coming back around to get more acquainted with the site and how it all works. Hopefully, this will become an eventual home for me and my blogging. Thank you for helping encourage people like me who are well versed in crypto, but still getting used to the feel and dynamics of blockchain-based communities!

Patience and consistency. Once upon a time, I was not consistent when it comes to sharing of contents, now I do my best and I will say, I'm way better than before. Now what I am working on is to always find time daily to read enough posts and share my thought about the posts with the author of the post. Well, still struggling with that task I gave myself but I can still say, I am doing it. If anyone come to Hive with the mind of making an over night money, then he or she have a wrong idea of the platform. For the period I have been here on hive (even though I am still growing my audience), I will say I have learn more here than I have earn. To some, that would be a waste of time, but to me, every knowledge gain is wealth to me, and I am grateful for the eye opener. I have meet people with empathy and kindness in heart here, and honestly, those are my kind of people. So, what am I saying, while growing your earns here on hive, take time to learn more from people on the platform, I am grateful for this article, because I have gain more knowledge once again. Thank you for sharing.

I am starting to wake up to this reality... very early on in the process (even though I have been here since 2017), but I can see it as clear as day now. Growing stake now happens in 2, 3, 4, even 5 different tokens (and still growing) with each upvote (on either end of it)! I appreciate the perspective that you provide to so many of us.

One of the really cool things about Hive is that many people that start with nothing on here learn about blockchain and grow into the greater space but will always have roots here. The more that Hive can empower from the ground up adds legitimacy to the project as more people in the crypto space will have "come up" through the Hive blockchain and its alternatives.

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I find this productive use of my spare time if I retire, be on vacation, an extra long weekends but even as I am only part time I find myself with very little spare time so I often have to sacrifice a lot of sleep time. Not good for the long term but I got my foot in the door. I just build slower than most Hivers.

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Find hive has a great place to grow. It just require showing up daily and keeping up the engagement.

Since my resumption back in January, I achieved some good stride I never thought possible under such timeframe.

It's a slow and steady journey. It Keeps getting better each day. No better place to be

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Hard paid off all the time.
Hive is reality online. Harder
to master it quicker you reap.
Nothing online like it.


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Cannot agree more :)

I am so glad I decided to be active here on LeoFinance ( and on Hive ) . It is definitely paying off and I am gaining more and more knowledge everyday :)

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Thanks,do inspire us with such like post. Though I am newbie I started believing here that you need not to invest any money....just spread your hearty feelings,try to care other member's emotions.
Am I right ?

It is getting close to my 4th birthday on HIVE (joined STEEM on July 14, 2017) I have realized that I am making a good $5 passive income at current prices by getting involved in various investments, staking etc. Even if I don't use HIVE for an year and price stays the same, I would have made at least a decent $1800 in an year.

That may not sound huge to many of you here. That is why I'm adding these statistics here:

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Commitment and dedication are fundamental bases to find success in this platform, in turn having the patience and doing topics that you like will not get frustrated along the way. Everything at the beginning is not easy, as they say in my town you should eat the green and then eat the ripe ones, but that is due to the hard work you give to things.

Today my portfolio grows thanks to the dedication I have had, one of the platform and curators that motivated me the most on this path is the Leofinance platform, here you will find many people who want to help. Very good post.

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Really liked your motivational post! "Great things take time" ;)

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"Anyone who is not on Hive is truly missing one of the pillars in crypto of generating life changing money."

Your last paragraph encapsulates my feelings about Hive.
I have resolved within myself that I might hit a one-off bulk stash on crypto via airdrops but I am certainly gonna build my crypto wealth on Hive using Hive.

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How is this shown? Simply by showing up each day and engaging. This is what exhibits dedication and loyalty. By doing so, others will start to get involved, helping to grow the entire ecosystem.

So there it is. Success on Hive is not mysterious or glamorous. Instead, it is a process that requires dedication, effort, and time. That said, the results will be guaranteed in the long run. Anyone who participates with this approach will find their following grow, which will help the rewards, ultimately providing the resources to get involved in other project.

I really liked all the reading, but especially these 2 paragraphs, because they explain things as they are, if someone comes here to make money, he will not achieve it thinking in traditional social networks, where it does not matter if you do or not interaction, but here in Hive everything is different and here you illustrate it very well.

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Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort...

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This is a really helpful read! I am a newcomer to hive... less than 2 weeks since I wrote my first post. There is so much to learn and engage with that it feels almost overwhelming. So far I have posted mostly through Peakd to a couple of different communities. From your article though it sounds like I would be better off engaging on different front ends? I am really trying to figure out what my best options are.

Today is the first day I have used LeoFinance as a frontend so I am exploring the posts and some of the apps right now. I plan to powerup most of my HBD and hive to generate the additional APR that way... maybe I should move some tokens from other wallets into Hive as well to make better use of leo?

So much to consider and learn, so little time!!!

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I agree consistent long term effort can generate rewards, whether its life changing or not is hard to say, but its definitely rewarding in more ways than one. I am only at the start of my journey and enjoying it.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 57 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

 4 months ago (edited)Reveal Comment

If this is such a bad place, why are you even here?

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 4 months ago Reveal Comment

No, not at all. I didn't mean I want you to leave. And I didn't disagree with you. I was genuinely curious what is keeping you here, even though this place sucks. Probably something more than money?

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I think most people don't realize that right now Hive is first investment platform and only then social network. In other words, one cannot really grow here unless one invests. Yes, one will grow somewhat through effort, consistency and time but it will never lead to serious money unless one brings in their capital with them here.

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Are you into cubdefi yet? So far it has been quite profitable.

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Right. Now you get my point which I just repeated in my previous comment. Now since I know why you are here, I can tell you why I'm here too haha.

I'm here because I was sick of the Steem drama a year ago. What's keeping me here is my weekly comic and organ playing contests. More recently I feel compelled to engage more on Leofinance community because I feel attracted to the topics that involve Hive, Leofinance, and Cubdefi's future.

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I wish we could multiple you tenfold as well.

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Certainly Hive needs growth of user base. There is no network effect without it, just like there isnt one on Facebook, Twitter or any other application.

As for the social aspect, there is certainly that element required. Is the platform there yet? No it is not. Other than some of the gaming, this is still primarily a place for blogging/vlogging. There is no place akin to Facebook or even Twitter. That piece is missing and has to be developed. Fortunately, there are some working on the solution.

Of course your view tryin to separate the two means you really do not understand where things are going.

You look at things either/or where as others see both.

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