Hive Is Under The Radar And That Is A Good Thing

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Everyone wants HIVE to moon. That is only natural. We also want to go everywhere and scream about Hive so all are aware.

At this moment in time, it is a positive that Hive is not being noticed. This is where its power resides.


Make no mistake, there is a major battle about to take place. Web 2.0 applications are about to get hit and they are not going to like it. We can see with in the United States, Big Tech is going to do all they can to squash whomever poses a threat. They have the media and politicians going along with them.

@theycallmedan posted an article trying to "rally the troops". This is a good thing and the message is clear: remain strong and united.

It is the only way to overcome a force that has a lot more money while also being larger in number.

The truth of the matter to win, we must be prepared. It is why time is so crucial. One does not want to enter the ring against a more powerful opponent without complete and total preparation. This means eliminating weak points.

As we saw with Parlor, centralization is a weakness. Here is where it feeds right into the hands of mega tech. AWS just stopped hosting it. At the same time, Google and Apple took them off their download stores, basically cutting off users ability to join the platform.

This is how the centralized layers will support each other.

For this reason, Hive has to spread out as much as possible. @cryptographic wrote an article discussing how some witnesses need to run their nodes on personal computers as opposed to going through cloud services. Certainly, many are in areas with Internet connections that will not suffice, but we need to get a handful operating in this manner.

There are some big things coming that will get Hive a lot of attention. The question is are we prepared for the backlash. What I mean by that is if we are doing things such as having/utilizing the .crypto or .zil version of the website. Getting away from DNS is a big step in protecting our sites.

For those who are using centralized servers, are all on Cloudfare? This is another way where we are vulnerable if the blowback start to hit.

Some might think this is all being a bit dramatic. It really is not. There are billions of dollars on the line for these companies and many powerful people are intent on keeping humanity in the dark with what is taking place. It is obvious that open discussion and thorough debate is not in the cards. Instead, the goal is to silence differing points of view by terming it all fake news or hate speech. This makes it eligible for removal.

For now, it is essential to build up our defenses. Decentralization is so powerful because it allows for the reduction of points of vulnerability. When the attack vectors are eliminated, the ability to take things down is drastically lessened.


This is a wrestling match for control. Like everything else in the world today, the powerful only want to amass more of it. Cryptocurrency, in general, is a threat to them. By giving anyone the ability to create money, we see the opportunity to diminish their power. This is not going to sit well.

Guerilla tactics are often the best approach when dealing with someone who is much bigger and stronger. Instead of shouting "here we come", targeted attacks on the outskirts are more effective. Over time, just keep taking more and more. This is actually what the system has done to all of society. It is the frog in boiling water situation. Slowly, the heat was turned up.

With infrastructure that is protected, then we will see the explosion take place. There are a lot of upset people out there who are not fond of what centralized technology companies are doing. This extents to not only displaced content creators but also Tim Sweeney, CEO of Fortnight, who is engaged in a legal battle with Apple.

In other words, the cause will likely be supported. The numbers are out there for exponential growth over a year or two. However, we have to ensure that things are in place to achieve that end.

Hive is only 10 months old. This is something that is vitally important. Since the fork, the ecosystem has gotten stronger. The base layer was updated to increase the ability of the chain to operate. @blocktrades stated in a comment that the chain can handle 10x the volume that it would previously max out at. Notice that is not 10x from where we were running but what the max is. That is a large upgrade.

Since the great Tech purge, people are stepping up and not only talking about this topic but taking action. Here is another key. The more people involved in spreading things out, the harder it is to take down. Each step is one more feather in our cap.

The challenge is there is still a long way to go. Fortunately, even if the initial stages of success occur, we will still be under the radar. As more developers sign on, they too will likely see the necessity of what we are discussing.


Overall, we simply cannot depend upon Big Tech to keep playing nice with us. Many apps are on Google or Apple; that might not always be the case. For this reason, we need places where people can download the .apk files if Google does delist the apps. In fact, it is best to have the downloads available in many different places and have people sharing the links.

In a way, we are returning to the original system the Internet employed. During those early times, there were not centralized repositories with thousands of pieces of software. Instead, the software was hosted all over the place, with direct links used to get people there.

Obviously, we use the centralized platforms for as long as possible. However, having backup is crucial.

Hive is under the radar for now but, I can guarantee, that will not always be the case.

Some big things coming up that will put it on the map. Unfortunately, it is going to be a mixed blessing for a while.

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I think there's a case for spreading witness rewards a bit more widely, to say the top 30, so there's some kind of reward for waiting in the wings.

At least some form of performance measures need to be included. It shouldn't just be a popularity contest.

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Well fair point! Although I wasn't thinking very much for the next 10, just enough to cover server costs TBH.

Yeah I think there is a whole lot that can be done on that end. We need to see a change in some of how the witnesses are handled.

I think the 30 votes for 20 spots doesnt make a lot of sense either.

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Many good points. I will admit that my biggest concern as a HIVE holder is that we, as a chain and community, will be unprepared to deal with a major influx of traffic and new users. I expect price action to pick up this year.

Will we be able to capitalize on a major pump that brings new interest to convert that into active users if it is still too cryptic/complicated/inconvenient to learn how to use HIVE and understand mana, resource credits, private keys, etc.?

I could probably run a witness on my home computer, it's plenty powerful enough and I have quite a nice upload speed.

Just not sure about my Pc being on 24/7 for that, uses over £1 a day of electric when it's on 24/7

Yeah and I am not sure that with the price of Hive it would be cost effective.

Lots to unfold concerning decentralization options.

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Switching domains is easy, and are open-source.
Ecency even has an application, which can be downloaded on any desktop, and does not require app store approval if push comes to shove.

Any files can be downloaded on PCs, it just takes a bit of technical know how. If hive gets attacked, the info will spread quickly and people who believe it's worth it will be able to get access to the blockchain.

The biggest issue is obviously nodes, as people running them are not anonymous and might decide to stop running them under pressure. As hive gets bigger hopefully the number of full nodes will increase. But even then, it is a fundamental tradeoff of DPOS to have a small amount of nodes.

The reason I remain bullish is because I know there will always be countries defending freedom of speech, and there is no reason nodes can't be hosted there, legally.

Too many of our consensus witnesses and RPC node operators live in Western Europe or North America. Ideally, those people should be distributed all over the globe.

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I agree, adoption takes time. Although, if extreme measures start to be taken against hive, I am sure a lot more people will come in and help. We saw this when Justin Sun tried to centralize the chains, Blocktrades was not actively working on Steem before that, and most witnesses were just doing nothing.

Since the fork activity probably did a 1000X on the witness side. If push comes to shove, I am sure we'll find the way to have nodes running in safe places.


True and a very good point, if anything big happens distribution of nodes could be essential for this blockchain.

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That is true. We need to get more into Asia and even South America.

We need spreading out on many levels, not only digitally.

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And Africa

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Is it possible to run nodes on a decentralised cloud or platforms like storj?

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Storj is for storage. All the nodes run the same software and process the same data in parallel already. It's a matter of distributing them geographically across many different jurisdiction.

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The nodes are a challenge and having things spread throughout the world, especially in those countries where crypto is being openly adopted means that we can always have a basis. The challenge is getting to that point. As was pointed out below, most of the nodes are geographically located in the US or W. Europe.

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Please see my comment above.

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Hmm I thought that node runners can be anonymous?
Why not?
They can track IP adress or get info from the internet provider or?

In the worst case scenario?

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They can be but right now they're not really. If in the future anonymous people start running nodes, they still need to be voted in the top20 witness spots. Hard to campaign anonymously.

To be quite honest 7 out of 20 consensus witnesses are anon. Given how transparent and opened the system is, I don't need to know your identity to give you a vote. The only thing that matters is how much you actually contribute.

Building a new world. Slowly but steady!

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It is happening one post, line of code, and app at a time.

That is why it just takes a lot of consistent action that keeps growing the entire spectrum.

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Yep, @bagofincome completely agrees!

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@cryptographic's article is very well put!

For this reason, Hive has to spread out as much as possible. @cryptographic wrote an article discussing how some witnesses need to run their nodes on personal computers as opposed to going through cloud services.

I've been closing in on ONE solution...

Starlink looks very cool but thinking long term who controls the satellites and what traffic they are allowed to relay?

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Seems like that would be a great system to which run a node on.

Perhaps it might be best to put together a post about your thoughts on it/plans going forward.

This will really help to solidify the network if people can operate nodes that are reliable in this manner.

It seems like weather does not affect the signal?

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I used to use Steem but stopped, just found out today that Hive forked and it looks much better than Steemit!

But can someone tell me if there are some voting exchange sites like there were with steemit?

You mean vote selling? We don't do that here. If you don't have time to vote, you can follow a curation trail or delegate HP to some good projects and earn handsome returns.

For delegation consider delegating @leo.voter @ctpsb or whatever you like. :)

Okay, thank you for the info!
Yes i meant that, but i think it's better that there is no vote selling here! :)

Welcome back.

You will find the energy on Hive is much different than it was on Steem. A lot going on here.

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So you would say it improved?
Cause i stopped using Steem as it didn't make much fun back then anymore... for curation trail follow up.

I'm not looking for a HIVE moon as those generally involve crashes, but I'd love to see a nice steady price increase year after year. A $1 HIVE by EOY and a $4 LEO would make me just happy as a clam as I do what I can to build my stash this year.

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With Web3 I have the feeling that we, the users and the community, have much more power than the users of Tweeter, Facebook or any other.

Also, we participate in a collaborative growing economy. Now, you don’t make a big tech rich, instead every user using the system create wealth for itself and everybody else.

If this is the way to go, the future will be amazing.

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It becomes a cooperative instead of us just feeding the wolves of Wall Street.

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Ive been thinking about building a mobile device that is dedicated to having the capability to running a node, such that can run a hive node as long as its on and connected to the internet,....perhaps its only a farfetched dream, but it'll be so cool. Unfortunately I'm not a coder

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Could be a great raspberry pi project - flash the image to an sd card, plug it in and you have an instant node!

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Yes! That sorta thing!

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I would say that it takes some coding capabilities. I am not sure the possibility of what you propose but it would be a great alternative.

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If HIVE succeeds (no reason why it can't) with the smart contracts, universal NFTs, Leofi and Leofinance microblogging then it will definitely get more popular. However decentralization is key to ensure that there are no problems in the future. It is optimistic that anyone can spin up a node so assuming there are enough nodes running, it will make it extremely hard to stop the HIVE blockchain from running.

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There is no doubt in my mind that all of that will feed into making Hive a much more popular place. The next 6 months will really add on that end.

However, the infrastructure is vital. We much keep pushing forward in an effort to keep spreading things out.

This includes token distributions across the entire layer 2.

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I am convinced that Hive is a container that fills up day after day, until it fills up and explodes. I am happy to be present both from the beginning to see all its evolution 😊

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I hope "explodes" is meant in a positive manner. LOL

I agree, there is so much taking place that we are bound to see exponential growth at some point. The longer we are under the radar, the more powerful the breakout.

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Two things that still make Hive vulnerable. One is the centralized hosting for images and videos. There needs to be a P2P solution for hosting. Next, there needs to be dispute resolution provision, otherwise someone with deep pockets can come in and shut down dissenting speech. Stopping bad actors from abusing the downvote is paramount.

One is the centralized hosting for images and videos.

3Speak's solution handles this. Hopefully we will get word when it will be released soon.

Next, there needs to be dispute resolution provision, otherwise someone with deep pockets can come in and shut down dissenting speech. Stopping bad actors from abusing the downvote is paramount.

Well the speech is not shut down as the posts are both on the blockchain and on other front ends. For example, a down vote on Leofinance might affect the Leo but not the Hive if the downvoter doesnt have much Hive. Thus the post is still on peakd or Hiveblog as always.

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It’ll be important to have nodes running in countries that are less prone to censorship and control as well. I think we see a shift in this area as governments start to look into platforms that they perceive as a threat. For example, if you are in the USA then you will probably not be able to run a node in the cloud or at home if this is a breach of the law. If you can be traced as running a node deemed illegal then this might pose a real problem for some users. Interesting thoughts and we will see what the future brings!

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I fully agree with this. It's best to cover all bases before going up against the enemy. Cloudfare is one often overlooked entity. Another issue is DNS.

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I'd say these bastards are having unlimited funds to keep people in the dark and under control and that's when blockchains such as HIVE and what it has to offer show their true meaning beyond financial incentives.

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It is vital to keep pushing to ensure that censorship resistant platforms exist. You are right, the money at their disposal is huge. We have to keep chipping away at it. The entire crypto market cap is less than half that of Apple.

That is how big these entities are.

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The ace in the back pocket of crypto is exponential growth, something these entities no longer hold.

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Is it possible to access a Hive site over TOR? I've not played with that, so not sure how it would work, but I take it that would make it harder to shut down. The main sites have to blacklist some accounts due to local laws. Robustness could be a big selling point.

I am more interested in the mainstream side of Hive anyway as there needs to be low technical barrier to entry. The average user has not even heard of TOR or other such systems. It does look like more people are looking at the sites, but engagement is not increasing so much. We need to break out to many more users fairly soon or something else will get them.

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It does look like more people are looking at the sites, but engagement is not increasing so much.

I expect that will end when the new microblogging app Leofinance is putting together is released. It will offer something that we have not seen on here yet.

That should immediately shoot the engagement up a great deal. The number pertaining to activity will skyrocket if my guess is right.

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There have been a few attempts at microblogging on Hive/Steem, including dbuzz and it has not taken off so far. I think we should cater for all sorts of content and it's up to people on how it gets rewarded.

Very interesting stuff. You make some really good points. I think lot of us are seeing the benefit of moving stuff away from AWS, but the point about Cloudflare was really great too. I'd be more than happy to use direct IP access to the sites and front ends that make up Hive. It won't be as easy to remember, but taking that layer out could be a good thing in the end. This is all really similar to a comment I made a couple of weeks ago about the fact that lots of eyes on us might not be what we really want. At least right now. Not until we are ready.

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It is a lot more difficult than what people are use to, I agree. However, if there is a large threat, difficult is the price paid for preservation.

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It always has two sides, although what you point out shows elements of safety and is difficult to attack by third parties. But on the other hand, it is from everyone's side, anyone who wants money The amount of money is increasing every day, most others are happy because the money is always increasing steadily with other digital currencies, but myself remains in the same place.

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And what does that money look like if most of the apps that become popular are shut down?

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It is becoming increasingly clear that Justin's hostile takeover was a plan tied to what we are experiencing. It backfired and now we are stronger and more alert.

Leofinance will soon be seen by many as it continues to rise in the Alexa rankings and will no longer be off the radar.

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It backfired and now we are stronger and more alert.

I'm not sure he sees that way as his plan (in my opinion) was to get a platform with users, and he got it. A great part (us) left, but that didn't bother him as he doesn't need those who can't be controlled.

Anyway, that's the part and we're going forward.

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Current Steemit users contribute nothing. They have no sense of belonging, they don't love their platform. They are just there to make a few cents. That's very different from a community in HIVE with ideals and values that transform society; united and determined to fight any war to defend our home.

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Justin Sun really is a bit player in all of this.

When it comes to the decentralization/centralization issue, it is much bigger than anyone in crypto.

Thus, we need to traverse as much of the spectrum as we can. Sun is no different than the establishment, wanting control and centralizing things to a great degree.

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Right. It is too big an apparatus, built through deceit, fraudulent education and property theft. Something we can't even imagine and sometimes I prefer not to even think about it and be happy.

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The biggest problem is we're all dependent on our internet provider as without that, we can't function.

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I totally agree! When do we get decentralized internet service

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Due to the fact that hive hasn't seen the massive price actions people will continue see it as stagnant and under develop, nevertheless we can't see because we haven't seen these massive numbers in price ignore or deny the fact that hive has grown and has kept developing. It's still a base core for the massive innovations that will happen to blockchain in the future. Hopefully people see a need to grow and not a need to take.

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I think most of us are ready for Hive to be a big blip on the radar :)

The problem with that is that we might be squashed if not ready.

Do not think the likes of Amazon and Facebook arent going to pull out the heavy artillery if need be.

People simply look at price and hope it moons so they fill their bags. This is about much more at this point.

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when people are interested prices go up, engagement goes up and development increases. Don't see any drawback. In a couple of months hive will have it's 5th birthday I think we should be ready for the limelight

And then when prices go down, those same people leave. That is the wrong type of user to bring in.

Also, what good is what you proposed if Cloudfare decides to zap 80% of the nodes that are out there? What happens if a bunch of sites like is taken down?

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ok, so we keep training zealots and developing the blockchain :) for how long though?

As long as it takes

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A lot more than just blockchain. There has to be decentralization of other things such as nodes, DNS, storage, and mobile applications.

Parlor showed what happens when something falls out of favor with mega tech.

You want people here, what happens if most of the applications are shut down by the likes of Apple, AWS, and Google.

By the way, how would you like Hive to have no capability for images? The reason is because that is hosted on AWS and could be eradicated in a second.

The same goes for Ethereum DeFi, most of those apps are AWS too.

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All those events would drive innovations and solutions, especially with all the capital Hive could raise .People like the underdog story just look at Tesla

. In a way, we are returning to the original system the Internet employed. During those early times, there were not centralized repositories with thousands of pieces of software. Instead, the software was hosted all over the place, with direct links used to get people there.

I guess it's time people start getting ready to fight the war against centralization. Going back to those days that you can just download any apk you want, as long as you got the link.

Now Google has become a market place for those apks and some apps are being removed from Google daily or monthly due to one or two reasons unknown to me.

I'll be glad when we start having a decentralized play store and everyone is free to develop whatever he or she wishes, without being deleted later.

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Everyone wants HIVE to moon

we want Leo On MOON ;)

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Excellent article. Thank you @taskmaster4450

Another, if not the most important matter to also address is the governance of HIVE (and other Blockchains).

Hive is still at risk of centralisation. Versus Chain has a way more secure governance system I think, but better yet I think would be The Matrix-8 "governance system". If Hive (or Leo Finance perhaps) were to create the DApp required to make The Matrix-8 Solution useable for large scale (around 5 billion users), then Hive would lead the way for all Blockchains once the system is proven.

Of course it would need to be trialled in a smaller community of users initially (probably the New Age DApps community) using a patchwork system of The Matrix-8 Solution without a DApp (max 64 users to start), then when DApp has been pre alpha tested then alpha testing could expand to a max of 64 X 64 ie. 4096 users. Perhaps when ready fo beta testing @leofinance community could adopt a Matrix-8 Solution sub platform at this stage.

I am in tentative preliminary talks with a team of developers in India to see if they have the capabilies for developing the DApp. I have told them my intention is to offer payment for development by way of a stipend (very cheap to live in India) so it should be affordable by me and and few others making donations to cover this for a few months at least for a few full time Devs. On top of the stipend the Devs would be awarded (using the consensus mechanism to quantify how many) in KLU tokens).

Ideally a Hive proposal would be made to help funding and therefore being able to pay the Devs more than a stipend, but still with a part in tokens.

I have invited the (potential) Devs to join Hive and will forward this comment to them.. More later.

Peace and Love

Please join the
New Age DApps community
to help bring The Matrix-8 Solution into being.

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Lol. I received a comment explaining the 10 x upgrade from Blocktrades as it didn't sound great when I first read it as I took it with the user base we had now and not the potential x 10.

Hive under the radar I also believe is good as suddenly everyone is going to realise how big and important it actually is having something decentralized and not being told what to do. Stake and stake as much as we can as the time is going to come and it wont be that long.

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I have been on the interwebs since Windows 95 was a big thing. I've seen the raise and fall of many websites, apps, and platforms. What I have learned is that the faster something grows the faster it buckles under its own weight. Platforms that grow slowly are the ones that stick around in the long run.

Terrific point. They do tend to buckle under their own weight.

Slow and steady allows for development and adjustment.

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You are absolutely right, time has come that these dominant players of the centralized world should be pushed back and in order to compete with them decentralized world should avoid centralized option as largely as possible if we really are determined to give them hard time and make them realized the dictatorship in their actions. Over the years these giants have prepared the grounds for the decentralized world themselves with their actions to come and occupy the space, now it is up to decentralized world how it acts and support the masses.

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Great points for reflection on Hive.
Nodes that are independent of any centralized power are the key to defending against possible future attacks.
I believe a lot in Hive and for this reason I try to be very active and above all I try to promote it in every occasion but it's not easy, many people, unfortunately, prefer the simplicity of centralization instead of the freedom of decentralization.
But the potential is there and it will be difficult to counter the attacks but it will also be nice to face them :)

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So much to think about! Glad there are people who understand how to do this.

centralization is a weakness

Well said dear. I hope so as well. Whatever it is, ultimately Decentralization will be the peak.

You are bringi9ng some seriously good points. I love Hive, LEO and many other coins being out of radar for masses because it's more time for me to get more stake. I sold all my liquid Hive and powered up over 11 LEO in preparation for ________ & LEO governance airdrops. Those daily bits of staking matters IMHO.

Recently I reccomended a friend Hive as a purchase. It was January 6th. I told there will be some cool price action in 2-3 weeks and I was dead right! 11 cents to 16 cents is a great ride.

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This is some 3d thinking right here and pretty on spot. Sometimes what looks and feels “good” like mooning and getting a ton of attention, might actually be a bad thing. Let the other guys take the punches if need be.

To some extent I think bitcoin ethereum and xrp have taken most of the punches for us already, but there are still a few big punches left to be thrown.

At the same time, I don’t think we should fear growth because there are powers in number. The worst we could have though is a high price with a small, unloyal user base. I think building this core was totally essential.

It’s possible that big tech collapses under its own weight or forces govt into a position where it’s best interest is to actually represent the people and align with protocols like hive. I think the threat of google or Facebook kicking government to the curb is starting to scare a lot of normies and people in govt and that could be a good thing for us because we offer a kind of alternative. We will need to make that case over and over again though.

There will certainly be some battles between big tech and governments around the world. How that will flush out should be interesting. If nothing else, perhaps it occupies both sides while we keep building.

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That is exactly what I’m hoping for 😀

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Yeah, you are right my dude, stay blessed!

Very wise. Do you think if the Lords of Silicon Valley wanted to destroy Hive right now they could? I hope not.

Hey @taskmaster4450, here is a little bit of BEER from @libertycrypto27 for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

It's really good read about this.

HIVE has so much power to be unleashed. People need to believe more in it.

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Slow and steady growth is better than pump and dump. I am impressed that 78.39% of LEO is staked, whereas Hive's vesting shares are only 37.2% of supply.

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