HIVE Listed At #59 On Coingecko

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Hive was unleashed 10 days ago. The token, since that time, was picked up by a number of exchanges and started trading. This set a price for the token yet it was not easily showing up on Coingecko. That was resolved as the outstanding tokens were added.

The HIVE token is among the top 60, coming in at #59. The total market cap is $68 million.


Coinmarketcap still has not caught up, listing it in the 2100s.

In contrast, STEEM is listed at #74 with a market cap of over $49 million.


We will see how things unfold for the tokens of both blockchains. Thus far, both are correlated a bit to what is taking place in the larger market. Bitcoin is down over the last few days which also showed up in both HIVE and STEEM. In Friday, HIVE was over 30 cents.

It is likely that there are going to be a lot of STEEM tokens swapped out for HIVE as some big accounts are looking to transition over completely. That said, some on Steem might use it to increase their stake.


Overall, it was a good beginning for HIVE. The buzz around it certainly helped. Now, it is up to the community to keep it going.

There was also an article by the @hiveio account. This account appears to be similar to Steemitblog where official news and insights will be posted.

This article gave a basic summary of what is taking place on the back end of things. Much of the work has to do with the nodes and getting them to operate more efficiently. While the RPC nodes were the focus, the attention is now turned to the storing of images. This was done by, thus requires a new system.

At the same time, preparations are being made for another fork. This is to reissue the token since some accounts were missed in the original airdrop due to a glitch in the algorithm. These tokens are locked away in the DHF and cannot be accessed by anyone. It requires a fork based upon the voting of the community.

For the full write up:

Now we are in the middle of our second week. The services are expanding with each passing day. At the same time, many the applications appear to have their conversion complete, thus able to focus upon the expansion of their projects.

As noted in the Hiveio post, it is up to each of us to get involved where we can. The simplest way is with our activity. Our baseline activities are posting, commenting, and upvoting. That is something that all of us can do at a bare minimum.

Hive is rather unique in the sense there is no company or foundation put together by the founder(s) to run the blockchain. This is now all in the hands of community members.

It is a grand experiment that I am intent on doing my part to be successful. I know there are many more who feel the same.

As they say, onward and upward.

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I would suspect HIVE will be climbing a lot higher than #2184......

This is great news! Just waiting for coinmarketcap to catch up and update there stats aswell. We all have a responsiblility to help this chain to succed

This is how steem evolved, it become Hive.

It's a great start (better than I expected to be honest). We do need to keep up the enthusiasm. On Twitter I am concentrating on tweeting positive Hive posts.

Awesome! been waiting to see where we are on the rankings!

Well it's nice to see hive doing so well and I hope we can keep the momentum going.

up up we go :D

Moon soon

Let's keep Hiving 👌

It's always nice to see you doing your thing @taskmaster4450. Continually consistently putting the pertinent messages out there. Thanks for your shiney sturdy presence!! ☀️


Uploading image #1...

One point out, the trading volume is not there yet...

In comparing steem and hive, it looks like they have the same number of circulating tokens. This makes sense since the ninja-mined stake was moved to the dao.

Question: If we burn this stake as some people suggest, are we shooting ourselves in the foot? I assume, market cap is token price times circulating supply. We would be reducing our supply and since this is not available on the market anyway, it would have no impact on price/demand so our market cap would basically drop by 25%. Am I thinking about that correctly?

There is roughly 83 million Hive in the dao. Burning it would reduce our market cap by $16.6 million to $52.4 million, which would put us in line with steem. Something to think about. Actually, we should stop burning coins in the null account and start moving them to an account without transfer rights that no one can access. Every time we burn tokens our market cap decreases. In theory this should be offset by an increase in price but we might get the best of both worlds if we do it this other way.

Has it even been a month? Lol damn hive is moving! I can’t wait to see where it sits once all the power downs from steem are complete and the dapps are moved over! I still think it has plenty of upside before it settles