The Power Grab And How It Affects All Of Us

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We are seeing a massive power grab. Whether it is orchestrated or not, there is no doubt that freedoms are being quickly eradicated. The coronavirus seems like the ideal crisis for the power hungry to take even more control.

The narrative is being carefully monitored.

Many of us are aware of the censorship that is taking place on YouTube and Facebook. Anything that goes against the agenda is now taking down. Want to promote a protest against the lockdowns on Facebook? Do so and your post will be removed. Decide to put up a video questioning the narrative pertaining to the virus? Then you will be labeled a conspiracy theorist and your videos removed.

This is the point we are at.

Now there is talk of a digital dollar. Wouldn't that just be peachy? Many feel this would be a step in the right direction. Sadly, they are mistaken. The idea of setting up a national bank is very bad. While the banking system is far from ideal, at least that stand between the government and our accounts.

The idea of the government being able to send money into your wallet easily is appealing. Of course, that would mean that the government could go in and also take money. Since it would not be a decentralized system, all your money would be under their control.

Step out of line and it would not just be your videos removed.

This is the reality that the likes of Mr. Bill "Chip Everyone" Gates wants. He and his cohorts are looking to set up a system where everyone is monitored and controlled. Just look at what companies like Apple and Google are doing during their pandemic. They are actively working on monitoring systems which will alert people when they come close to anyone with the virus.

All of this puts Nathaniel Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter to shame.


People are not aware of the major power struggle that is taking place. The technology of today is very powerful. This means the stakes are higher than they ever were before.

Governments and their associated actors can do things the likes of Stalin and Hitler never dreamed about. In a world where digitization is such a vital component of our lives, it is much easier to control. No need to send people to Siberia when you can lock them in the "Facebook Gulag".

Fortunately, the same technology that is available to the elites are also available to the masses. We can develop and build systems to counteract what they are doing. This is a struggle that was taking place for the last 30 years. However, due to the allure of money, which equates to power, many opted for the "here's your check" route.

We now live in a digital world that is siloed. There are a few entities that control most of it. We can break it down to a handful of governments and maybe 15 corporations around the world. That is who is running the show.

I am an advocate of stepping back and looking at what is taking place. Each level back reveals more of the picture. It is easy to get focused upon what is in front of us while missing the larger issues.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are not about Lambos and mansions. It has nothing to do with wealth for wealth itself. Instead, these are crucial pieces in the struggle that is taking place. Freedom is at the core of this.

Want to practice something like natural medicine? Under the world of a digital currency that is controlled by the government, you best do it for free because they will tap into your bank account. If a video can be removed from a centralized platform by the entity that controls it, do not believe the same power does not reside with digital currency. After all, it is nothing more than data. Go against what the paid agenda is and that data will be altered.

I keep referring to an application such as 3Speak as being crucial. We need a lot more projects like that to pop up. Censorship is simply a way of controlling the message. The establishment uses fear to keep people in line. Now, people are afraid to go near each other and are willing to stay in their homes. Of course, government has the answer to that, pass laws punishing anyone who disobeys. The State of Massachusetts now is fining anyone $300 who goes outside without a mask on. Why stop there? Why not just arrest them and give them a year in the prison? I might be getting ahead of myself, that might be next.


Control over one's money is vital. This is at the core of sovereignty. If one cannot spend as he or she sees fit, then what is left? Whenever we buy something, we are exercising our ability to make a choice. This is something that is going to be removed.

Government issued digital money is going to take those choices away. This is especially true when they tie in a universal basic income. Want your money this month? Stop supporting "fill in the blank" political organization. Oh wait, we see you tried to purchase something that is not approved by us; for that, you will have a two month penalty.

What we are involved in each day is vital to the future path that humanity is going to take. The answer to the centralized system is decentralization. This is a drum I keep beating because there is no way around it. When a foe wants to exert power in a vertical system, the solution is to go horizontal. Thus, the power structure is spread out.

For this to happen, we need to attract tens of millions of users and rapidly. No matter what the blockchain, regardless of the token, it is crucial that people start to get involved. Those "conspiracy theorists" formally on YouTube are prime candidates since they are now booted out of the system.

There is a ray of hope. Bitcoin transactions in many countries is reaching all time highs. Over the last few days, the April numbers started to roll in. Countries such as Argentina, Chile, Lebanon, Greece, and Venezuela saw record highs in the amount of money transacted using Bitcoin. These are countries where the system is overtly failing them. People are starting to catch on.

I feel this is only going to spread as things get worse around the world. Make no mistake about it, the global economy is in for a rough year or two. In that time, we are going to see the greatest expansion of power ever. The events after 9-11 were just a primer. This is getting serious now.

It is obvious that if I can figure all this out, so can the highly intelligent people behind what is taking place. They are well aware of the technological capabilities that exist and what the potential is. This became evident in the two year FUD campaign against cryptocurrency. The power that are could not have tens of millions of people enriching themselves in an asset which they have no control over. This was simply not something that was acceptable to them.

Just think, if Justin Sun could basically negate the balances in people's accounts, what do you think those in Washington or Brussels will do?

Centralization is at the root of all of this and it is time for us to stop trusting anything that is centralized.

In the end, it often results in being corrupted.

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I did not live under communism, but it seems to me that communism is a kind of decentralization, which failed in a number of countries because of the greed of people who used the naivety and faith of others.

I hope that decentralization on HIVE will not repeat the same story. So far, everything is going fine.

From what I see about communism, the exact opposite results. It is a system ripe for power grabs since the state is in the middle of everything. And communism depends upon centralized planning.

Of course, the greed factor is happening in non-communist countries also.

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Hierarchy has demonstrated its failure.
The solution was published long ago.
It was suppressed by the 'popular' crowd.

Yeah communism is the opposite of decentralization.
All forms of government are.
They are all centralized.
The only difference is that communism pretends to be decentralized in theory.

Real decentralization happens when wealth is distributed more evenly/fairly.
That's all that matters.

You are right, I had in mind the theoretical foundations of the commune. When everything belongs to everyone and at the same time to nobody. Unfortunately, practice has shown that personal interests are not able to exist within the commune.

Many of us are aware of the censorship that is taking place on YouTube and Facebook. Anything that goes against the agenda is now taking down. Want to promote a protest against the lockdowns on Facebook? Do so and your post will be removed. Decide to put up a video questioning the narrative pertaining to the virus? Then you will be labeled a conspiracy theorist and your videos removed.

Protest against the lockdowns on the Hive blockchain. No one (or only a few people) will actually read it. I do not know which is worse. A platform with censorship, or a platform without censorship, and with full of content creators, but without (or with only a few) content consumers. Most of the Hive blockchain users are focusing on their own posts, but they do not care about other people's posts. Most of the Hive blockchain posts are ignored/overlooked. This leads to many disappointed users, who eventually leave the platform.

Plenty of people are consuming content on Hive, but its userbase is still very small compared to Youtube etc.
I see lots of engagement.

Certainly, content consumers are required and that is a challenge. Without getting the platforms out there, it will remain tough. Trying to change people's behavior is the crux of what we are confronted with.

Trying to get people to look at sites like Peakd, Leofinance, Stemgeeks, or the assortment of other front ends is at the center of the problem. There is no easy answer to this other than sending out articles using the traditional social media, text, and email.

I try to send a couple articles a day out to friends who are not involved in crypto.

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If the search function would work, things would start changing here. Of what use is a website with tons of content if no one can effectively find it?. The search function is an essential thing that’s being overlooked for years, and instead we are funding more and more apps and other stuff that will not have any use without a proper search function.

Very valid point about the search. That is something that is sorely lacking.

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I've been reading The Sovereign Individua recently. Sounds like the kind of book you would LOVE. Heard of it? :)

Hear hear. i have started making crypto videos on my youtube/Hive account daily to push freedom forward. It is hard for me to see any other lights in the future than crypto

A suggestion @mandibil.

Make sure you upload the videos to 3speak in addition to YT.

They tend to go after crypto videos periodically.

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Well said.
The cryptocosm is about basic human freedoms, not lambos.

In Israel it is very easy for the government or even a private party in legal proceedings to freeze someone's bank account.
We once had our account frozen "by mistake" by the tax office at a critical time when we were trying to get a mortgage.

It was fixed within a few days but I've never trusted the banking system again.

You bring up a valid point @apshamilton.

The barrier that banking provides is thin at best. Yet, the bankers always operate in their own best interest, not the governments. That can be hard to see at times. In fact, if there is anyone taking money out of accounts, the banks prefer to do it as opposed to the government.

It is a rough situation all around. Crypto, if worked enough to flourish, will provide a wonderful alternative for humanity. However, it is not going to happen without the efforts of tens of millions.

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great write up! We have to stay vigilant now...

It is a sad reality. Most people just walk voluntarily into it without realizing what they are doing. It is discouraging. I don’t know how it will change.

Only by a hard slap to the face @sepracore.

There are many in the world how are starting to wake up. Sadly, it isnt in the developed countries....they are still asleep.

It in those areas that were already suffering because of tyranny, corruption, and overt criminal activity in governments that put those people in that position. In some other places, they do a bit better job covering their activities, although it seems they dont care anymore and are very obvious about their power grab.

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Quite a powerful write. Our control of our money is really vital and where it is lacking, then we don't own it at all. The below quoted line caught my attention:

The idea of the government being able to send money into your wallet easily is appealing. Of course, that would mean that the government could go in and also take money.

This is out-rightly true. We have several cases here where people's account privacy is intruded and funds taken out without permission. Sad!

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It is a bigger issue than many realize.

This could have serious consequences upon how people interact financially.

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I thought you were talking about Hive for a second. But yeah, this, too.

Thanks for sharing

Its Amazing!

Steem is not Steemit!
Steem is much bigger than Steemit! :D

My how quickly things change around here.

Now there is talk of a digital dollar.

You know I'm not really sure how this is any different than the system we already have.
The "digital dollar" was invented in the 70's (SWIFT).
CBDC only allows them to scrap USD and start a new currency.
At the same time it only gives real crypto more value by admitting that crypto is legitimate.
I don't think a "digital dollar" is anything to worry about. (except for holders of USD)

While I do agree with the general spirit of this post, I'm concerned that also in a decentralized world the power struggles will keep raging on. By that I mean that there always going to be people to direct things towards one situation or another.