If You Are Against Bitcoin, You Are Against Freedom

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This might be speaking to the choir but this is becoming more evident by the day. We see a host of individuals and entities coming out against Bitcoin. Are they for freedom or serfdom?

I think the answer is obvious.


When you have people like Senator Elizabeth Warren coming out against Bitcoin, you know what the answer to the above question is.

"Cryptocurrency has created opportunities to scam investors, assist criminals, and worsen the climate crisis," she said. "The threats posted by crypto show that Congress and federal regulators can't continue to hide out, hoping that crypto will go away. It won't. It's time to confront these issues head-on."


Of course she has to throw the climate crisis in there. That is how they garner a unified front against Bitcoin. After all, if you love your children you cannot support Bitcoin.

As we know, recently El Salvador passed legislation that made Bitcoin legal tender in that country. This, naturally, got a call from the powers that are. First the IMF showed up to, presumably, voice their dissent. Then we saw the United States State Department chiming in that El Salvador better regulate it (no word on the what else was but we can conclude it was there).

Does this sound like freedom to you? Or is this more in line with tyranny?

Private, Cryptographically Secured Money

This is something that should not be overlooked. When talking about freedom, we need to take it to every level. In this discussion, we are obviously referring to money.

When trying to move away from totalitarianism, it is important that people have control over their lives. This is the entire point of Bitcoin.

Those who speak out against it, no matter what their justification, are calling for totalitarianism. There is no other way to look at it. Either you are with us, or against us. There is no middle group.

Calls of this nature are effectively wanting to cede control over every single transaction in one's life, every interaction, and the freedom to buy what one desires over to the State. Certainly this is in line with the thinking of Senator Warren.

Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrency, prevents this. Here we see the ability for people to opt for what they want. The State is not in the middle of every transaction. In contract, this is more in line with Freedom.

CBDCs: Programmable Money For Governments

Almost every nation in the world is looking into Central Bank Digital Currencies. They are going to be sold as a pathway to UBI, which they probably will be. It also is one that brings us on the road to serfdom.

China is not known for having an open government that is concerned about freedom. Instead, it is recognized for the tyrannical way it wields power. Is it any surprise that this was the first one to jump onto the CBDC bandwagon?

The most recent action was to ban miners. Did the Chinese government do this because they were concerned about Bitcoin miners carbon footprint? No way. The CCP could care less about that. Its actions were simply because Bitcoin posed a threat.

After all, a country like that cannot have private, cryptographically secured money filtering throughout the population. That would cause them headaches they do not want. Instead, everyone is going to have to use the digital Yuan, something they fully control.

We can presume that Senator Warren is envious of this. It would seem her hope is to bring that situation about here. After all, the State knows best.

The sad thing is tens of millions of people swallow this stuff. Of course, they, perhaps inadvertently, are against freedom and are opting for tyranny.

Senator Warren, along with others, point to the fact that Bitcoin is used in crimes. Well so are cars. Perhaps we should do away with them also. I know, it sounds stupid.

Let's go a layer worse and talk about air conditioning. People who commit crimes use air conditioning. Also, air conditioning uses an enormous amount of energy as compared to opening a window. Hence, since it is used by criminals and is energy intensive, perhaps we need to careful look at doing away with it.

After all, why should the comfort of people matter? It is the moral interpretation set down by the State that is important. If something is energy intensive, it is bad for the environment.

The list could also be amended to include clothes dryers, refrigerators, airplanes, manufacturing facilities, and roads. Do you think Senator Warren uses anything of those (or items from them)?

No matter how absurd this seems, I can assure you it is well within the realm of what is taking place here. Discussions like these rarely operate at the level they frame them. The matter with Bitcoin has little to do with energy and all about control.

The likes of Senator Warren, Elon Musk, and Mitch McConnell if he knew what a computer was, are not on the side of freedom. Their ilk is all about controlling the masses, delivering their edicts upon what people can do.

With Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, their power diminishes. Their goal is to be able to control every transaction, every interaction, and know everything about what people are doing. That is their main intention.

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It's true and yet, I've personally struggled with the DOGE, Cumrocket phase. I'm for free markets, but sheesh.

It was a good wake up call to realize although I acknowledge everyone's right to buy what they want, it sure feels annoying. lol

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Doge is a joke 🐕

CBDCs: Programmable Money For Governments

Couldn't name these better.

It's obvious the governments and oligarch elites are against Bitcoin, although some are probably secretly stacking, because it's against their totalitarian plans.

Bitcoin hasn't been designed to serve them thus no love for Bitcoin. The road is not gonna be easy but at this point, crypto is one of the few tools left for humanity to take its freedom back.

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They are going to keep trying to stamp out Bitcoin and all else in the crypto industry. This is going to lead to us having to take a more aggressive approach ourselves in all we do. It is a battle.

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I still want that sweet UBI money to pad my crypto portfolio. 😁

I think that's part of the beauty of it all. Just like the 1% are supporting BTC in pursuit of controlling it, so will go the state. Their own greed and pursuit of power is the very means of their undoing.

The harder they struggle the harder the fall.

UBI is going to cause horrid issues. I actually think we’d be able to buy less in this case.it will cause massive issues that aren’t worth it anyway. I’d rather buy with my own cash and keep price lower instead of full on UBI insanity and the hell that will bring faster. At least if it takes longer we can save and build over longer period. full on real UBI will just speed it up so much the other issues aren’t worth the pain. I think many are underestimating what the USA loosing reserve status will be like. It will be hell here for a few years. I hope we end up with more time before full on UBI. But we are half way there so 🤷🏼‍♂️ we’ll see.

I don’t think the issues will arise from UBI so much as the method by which it’s implemented, but I do agree we’re headed for serious change in some form.

Automation used to mean unskilled labor had to find another unskilled job, but now those jobs are disappearing so I don’t think it’s a bad idea to have some kind of social system in place to handle the transition from worker to entrepreneur (whatever form that takes going forward), but the way UBI will most likely come to be will also open the door for government to seize more control.

Generally, though, everything comes with an up side and a down side so hopefully people will get a clue and see what’s coming..., but I doubt it. People are lazy and happy to hand over control if it means they get to stay on the couch for the 15th rerun of Friends.

“ but the way UBI will most likely come to be will also open the door for government to seize more control.“

I agree 100 💯

UBI is going to get a lot of discussion if technological unemployment really starts to happen. We are going to see the state try to remain relevant.

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Anyone who tells you bitcoin is bad, is either ignorant or evil.

Let's go a layer worse and talk about air conditioning...

Seriously, they will not focus on the goods but only the bad. Fiat is already used for money laundering and several other illegal activities so we must stop using it according to their logic.

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It is all about control and expanding their power. That is what it boils down to.

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Those speaking up against bitcoin / crypto in general in this manner, clearly have their own agenda (or are blind sheeple, make your pick). That's how I see it.

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Those in power yes 💯 but I think we should be carful to assume any critical is doing so for a agenda. Smart and moral peii you ope can disagree. But I think ur right on the state actors and politicians for sure

Well the sheeple follow. So it is obvious that those with the agenda keep pushing it out and the sheeple swallow it all.

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Senator Warren obviously has her own agenda and its not the same one we want in the crypto community. To them, its more about the money and its why the people who agree with her want BTC transactions to be reversible. I obviously think its a dumb idea and they are just trying their best to hold power.

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Senator Warren certainly has interests that are different from what we are after. There is no doubt her views are different than what will lead to freedom.

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Mitch McConnell if he knew what a computer was


Thank you for so clearly stating the case for freedom! I long for an America where it is Independence Day every day. !BBH

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