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RE: Introducing LeoInfra V1: MetaMask Onboarding for Hive Blockchain Accounts

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All good stuff and an important step forward.

The important thing to note is this is just the first step. There is a lot more coming down the road after this. Many like to look at things in isolation instead of the totality of the situation.

Leofinance is a project that is leading the way but is not the only one. There are a number of projects making strides behind the scene that, in isolation, look like they are having little impact. However, it we look at the collective, it tells a much different story.

Leofinance is its own collective since there are so many pieces being worked on at the same time. Infra just adds another layer that ties into the interface, the dex, and some of the other aspects of the platform.

wLEO being hacked was just a setback, it was not the end.

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wLEO being hacked was just a setback, it was not the end.

Sounds like a setback, but it wasn't. It was just a call to more carefulness which is making Leofinance and wLEO more secure than ever.

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As we close the case on the WLEO attack next week and also get every LP made whole from the situation, we're going to prepare for a more robust and secure relaunch.

A few people were saying it on that day and it has been echoing in my head. It's a tough time to get through but with all of these other developments + a more secure relaunch (after ensuring that we've closed the case on WLEO 1.0 properly and made all the LPs whole), we will look back on the WLEO attack as a blessing in disguise. Something that made our project that much more secure and ready for a better future 🚀

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A lot of this is experimentation and we learn by trial and error.

The release of an upgraded form of wLEO will be a major step forward. Yes we had a setback but with the project willing to do what it takes to make people whole, I think that even instills more confidence.

Turning a negative into a positive.

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The #1 priority is to make everyone impacted by it whole. I can't stress that enough :)

We were less than 2 weeks away from a major exchange listing for WLEO. A part of me is upset that this happened, but also relieved that it happened when WLEO was still small. If this happened after that listing, things could have been much much much worse.

Now we have an opportunity to turn that negative into a positive by turning WLEO into a truly robust system to bridge our token to Ethereum for the long haul. The insights we've gained from this attack are incredible. While I wish we didn't have to learn them the hard way, learning them at all is a gift in-and-of itself.

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Get the major hiccups out of the way when we are flying under the radar. It would have been catastrophic if it happened after an exchange listing it and getting a ton of people to sign up for LEO using ETH.

Now we can show wLEO as a "future" development.

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