The Lion Report #1

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In the ever evolving categorization of Leofinance, we have the most recent Lion Report. This charts where each level of holdings stand and the number of people who attained that classification.

We are dealing with a moving scale as things keep changing but we are doing our best.

To start, this report only deals with the amount of LEO that is actually on Hive, not including the Ethereum one. To start, that technically a separate token just like any other. Also, the wLEO that is in the pool is based upon Ethereum addresses, thus not all are tied to Hive. Finally, one's influence on Leofinance is unaffected by the holdings on Ethereum.

As a side note, for LBI holders, this too is a separate token and not reflected in any individual's holding. The LEO in @lbi-token is accounted for collectively.

Therefore, we will use both the Staked and Liquid Leo as the main components for classification.

According to the Tokenomics logo, we presently have 4,934,692.481 LEO.


The goal of this, from my perspective, is to see how much we influence we have on the platform, something that is denoted by categorization on Hive. It also shows the distribution of the tokens, something we are trying to mirror here.

Thus we start with the MVest rate from (The is the true level of what it takes to be a Minnow on Hive since it equal to 1 MV):


Next we determine the number of Hive outstanding as shown on


Dividing the Hive per MVest by the total supply we get a ratio of .000001247. We can use this as well as the ascending ratios to determine the amount of LEO required.

Here is what the categories look like with the LEO (on chain) held:


You will notice the numbers were changed down from what we used in the past for each level. That is because we now have the Liquidity Pool on Ethereum which pulled more than 1 Million LEO off chain.

There is also a change in the names. We went with feline to better represent our community. We also added two layers also to reflect our token distribution. For reference, Cat = Minnow on Hive and starts moving up from there.

Using the rich list from Leo Dex, here is what the chart looks like:


As we can see, a total of 6,309 accounts hold at least some LEO.

The key is, as always, what is the direction of the trend over time. We could look at past reports although that will give us little insight for a couple reasons. First, as mentioned wLEO pushed more than 1 million tokens off chain, effectively removing those from providing influence. The second is the introduction of LBI. This took 200K LEO from individual wallets and put them in one. So, from a distribution perspective it skewed things a bit from anything that took place before.

So there is the latest report. Let us know your thoughts on it. We will do our best to be consistent with the metrics but, with the way things change on Leo, that might be hard to do.

Finally, for those who do hold wLEO, if you want to get an idea of where you stand, simply add that to your total on chain and check this chart:


This was derived using the total about of LEO and wLEO on the tokeneconomics icon.

By the way, as a side note, with microblogging still be delayed, let us do a warm up for it. I will be bringing back @leomarkettalk which was tried last year and was a framework for the microblogging idea.

Each day I will make a blog post and everyone can join in and use it as a daily repository for different comments, thoughts, memes, links, and whatever else tickles your fancy. Let's get some "conversations" going on chain as well as providing each other with some interesting ideas.

With all those commenting these days, we should easily be able to get a few hundred comments etal in there a day. Make it fun and informative. Let us do our part to get the numbers up knowing that other people are starting to watch what is taking place on here very closely.

It will go up in the morning Eastern Time.

See you then.

If you found this article informative, please give an upvote and rehive.

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I am new to Leo Finance, I hope I can see many guides that teach me much more about LEO, it is a great project and I know that its process will be very big, I feel good to have started right now and not be late.

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Welcome to! I would suggest you make a post where you introduce yourself, your financial dreams and knowledge and how did you join us?

If you need any help, drop to anyone in here a comment and people usually reply fast.

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I will do that, my computer had just been damaged but I have returned and I will do what you indicate, thank you very much for the advice.

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Welcome to the site. It is great you found us here.

I can assure you it is not too late to be here. Get started earning rewards by participating and you will find your account growing.

Over time, it all adds up.

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Ok thank you very much, I will continue learning throughout the forum, I was a bit inactive but I have already resolved and I am going to prepare my first topic.

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Hello and welcome to Leofinance!
You will find this post to be a helpful review of earning here on Leofinance.

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Yes, I really see that the earnings are very interesting, but I also want to share content like other people in order to support the project with more content.

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78% of LEO is staked. At least this shows how much people care about LEO enough to stake it (since it doesn't automatically stake it when you get it). I am currently a cat, but I will work myself further up the ladder.

I have reached a short-term goal of 25 staked LEO for now and debating about whether I should stake or go for LBI tokens. Either way, I believe LEO has a promising future.

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The belief in Leo and what is taking place is getting very excited. People are buying into that because they see progress.

As for the last part, it is a tough choice. I have been adding more LBI every few days since it went live. To me this could pay off well in the future.

But each has to figure their priorities. Fortunately, I dont think there is a wrong choice between the two.

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25 LEO is a great start and you maintain a consistent activity on the platform and setting goals I believe you will always be able to be motivated to achieve more and more.

Today you are a cat, but tomorrow you can be a Lion King and help the community to thrive even more.

I also think about starting to increase my LBI share. At the moment I have 10 tokens and I hope to increase this number gradually because I believe it is a good project, but as Task said, each one has their preferences and goals. Create a good strategy that I believe will be happy.

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We welcome your increased participation in LBI.

It is a great community to support.

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I am grateful, it is always good to support promising projects and LBI will be one of the biggest on Hive.

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I really enjoyed the new report and knowing that we have more than 6k accounts with some LEO, I hope to see that number increase in the coming months for the status of Lion and Lion King. It would be very interesting that more users can have more LEO in their possessions.

Very cool your initiative to start something when the microblog has not yet been launched. You can count on me friend that will be a pleasure to participate.

I always try to follow your recommendations and if I am here today it is because I have learned a lot from you. I have an alt account and I believe that I can now think of using it for this purpose as well as the @leomarkettalk that I am following now.

I can already imagine more fun interactions and conversations in the community.

As of tomorrow I will start to separate part of my LEO earnings to exchange for LBI, I have good expectations for this project and having a part of my investments in it will be very interesting for me and the community.

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Thanks for the kind words @coyotelation. I am glad I could help in some way and hope all of this ultimately makes a huge difference in your life. It is always good to help others who are willing to grow and learn. The best part is you do all you can to add value here also.

Yes Leomarkettalk was an idea I had back in the Summer and something we did for a while. There wasnt a ton of engagement on the site in general at that time so perhaps it will work a bit better now.

It is a good primer for the microblogging feature.

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It will always be a pleasure to help the community that supported me.

For Leomarkettalk, he had a good day to comment on the flaming market. It is a good start for your account to be able to have more subjects and interaction.

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Hello @taskmaster4450le

It gives me great satisfaction to know that there are new users every day on this platform. As the value of your token is growing as this great project. The microblogging will be the boom that everyone will talk about and will do more than they are now.

Apart from feeling happy about the leaderboard for the month of December, I am number 21.

With today's new board I feel like a PUMA ... to be a Lion I would be missing 433,417 Leo ...


On the other hand, but not least, I thank you for the advice and help you have given me on this platform. Thanks for being the way you are...

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Keep working at it, you will get there. It takes some time but you are off to a terrific start.

They key is to keep staking LEO each week.

You will get there.

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Freakin love these reports! Always like to see where I stand in the sea of things and this paints a good picture of that to get some footing. Also look forward to the post in the AM and getting off to a great Monday start

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Honestly this one is a hard one to figure out since there are a lot of variables. The wLEO adds a dimension we dont have with Hive reports. Also the staking and liquid on the rich list are mixed together.

Either way, I think it helpful for people to have some idea where they stand and also for the entire platform to monitor how this stuff is unfolding. Over time, the key is token distribution to more wallets.

Hopefully we see that happening.

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I'm a cat and ready evolve to puma soon. Its very motivating me to achieving goals by goals in Leo Finance.

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6.309 accounts that have at least one LEO, among them I am, I started recently but I am here to grow and I will continue to acquire Leo with my little income.

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With at least .001 LEO.

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Posts you were comparing Steem stakeholders in the past was offering good insights. I like what you're doing for LEO too. Thanks for taking you time to prepare these. It's super easy to make it to Cat or even Puma as long as you posts consistently. What we really need is Kittens. Lots and lots of Kittens.

On the bright side, thanks to wLEO taking off LP out of the ecosystem my tiny Lion vote means more. It's still only 0.056 LEO X10 per day.

For 365 Days

LEO Year.png

I keep 50% and spread 50% around. That's 102.2 for the community from me. LEO will soon hit $1 and probably hit $10 in next 3 years at least (I'm 99.9999999999% sure)

Now See GDP Per Capita

GDP Per Capita.png

Now these numbers show how blessed we are to be part of Hive and part of LEO. (I mean we all have at least some Hive - Hive must go up when LEO succeed)

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The greater the impact of Leo, I do believe it will roll over onto Hive, at least to some degree.

It is true we are blessed to have this. We must keep pushing forward in an effort to make it grow. I do agree we need a lot more kittens on here.

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With this charts I'm halfway to being a puma.

Which is a good way to start earning a curation reward.

I guess I'll be watching out for the @leomarkettalk post soon 👏


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Cheers, @marvinix You Successfully Shared 0.100 WINE With @taskmaster4450le.
You Earned 0.100 WINE As Curation Reward.
You Utilized 1/3 Successful Calls.


WINE Current Market Price : 0.000 HIVE

Just seeing this I'll check it out now and join

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My goals for this month is reached half way become LION. this challenging me to keep my consistancy and cant wait for wonderfull update on leo finance app soon. thanks for the report article

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Proud to be a lion but I want the Lion King title by the end of the year !!!

I love the idea of ​​pre microblogging! It will certainly be useful to start understanding how it works, waiting for more details on the new platform

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Moving up the charts.

You will get there.

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Yay, I've always wanted to be a Lion King!
Well, not really, but being one still feels great :D

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LOL you are a star of your own movie.

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Well then let's just hope I'm Lion King Junior and not Lion King Senior :D

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Nice. I like the tokenomics. Feline names seem appropriate!

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Oh, glad that I am a Lion.
Rehived :-)

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Thanks again for crunching the numbers. We need to reach to the 6309 Leo holders to vote for the @leofinance witness so that the top20 is reached fast.

I think the community in here, shall be a stronger voice on Hive as it has proven that it can raise value.

As a closing, let's see when we reach 80%+ staked!

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I'm currently a Puma trying to evolve into a Lion :P

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That is more accounts that I would have guessed. I probably would have said closer to 2000 or something like that. Awesome that it is so many. Getting up to 10k would be really cool. It does make sense that so many of them are kittens.

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A lot are on the low end, under 1 LEO.

Could be due to projects like BROfund and DHEDGE dropping a bit of LEO on people each day.

It is a great marketing tool.

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Yes, that is likely the case. I know I get some dust tokens from some of the other projects I invest in.

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According to LEO Levels you describe, I am a Lion on LeoFinance.
I am proud to be a Lion.
At the next year, Probably a Lion King.
Glad to see LEO Staking of our Community!
Thank for sharing!

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That is part of the reward.

To think you were one of the first people to join from Ethereum when that sign up went live and here you are months later, working your way up the Leo scale.

We like to have success stories on here.

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@taskmaster4450le, In my opinion these kind of analysis and metrics will going to add unique numeric vision to Leo Finance. Stay blessed.

Cool to be a Lion King:)
It's amazing to see that 6309 account's hold minimum 1 LEO.
Thank you for making this report.
I think there will be more people coming the Leofinance, and they want some LEO's.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 39 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

I guess I am a Lion King in the making and at some point I might rule the jungle. This gamification simply brings motivation, just to get some more inspiration from around. Lately I navigate on Leo Finance site and trying to see some investment opportunities, but there is some silence on that side. Hopefully this can improve in the future and we'll have more posts in this direction either on promising crypto projects or stocks.

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I plan on powering up about 100 Leo until the end of February, and hope the airdrop doesn't roll out until then :)

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hmm, on chain I am a lion, almost half a king
and in total I am a king since I have more in the pool and am growing my on chain part

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Thanks for the report.

This year I am trying to reach the Puma level.

I hope to reach it creating content and with my delegated hive to leo.voter

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