Who Is Accumulating LEO?

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A lot changed over the past few weeks within the LEO ecosystem. We had the release of a revamped Leopedia along with the introduction of Hivestats.io. Today, we received an update about the later detailing the road maps and implemention timeline.

Here is the post for all who care to read it:


In that time, we see the reaction in the market with the LEO token moving up significantly. This shows how tightly held the token is and the potential that exists.

One of the ways that I see a change is in the number of people using the interface and, more importantly, those who are dedicated to helping the platform grow.

We are now seeing a few people who openly promoting the idea that they are trying to attain higher LEO stake levels to be a bigger part of the platform.

One is @uyobong who has stated his goal is to get to 50,000 LEO staked. He is consistently posting about his quest and the progress being made.

Another is @coyotelation who set a goal of 1,000 LEO staked. I certainly hope he sets another goal since he will reach that first one is a short period of time.

Today, @libertycrypto27 posted in the discord group about posting using the Leofinance interface to post.

The reason I bring this up is because there are a lot of accounts with LEO stake willing to help other accounts grow. Who else is looking to accumulate LEO and stake it? What are your goals with the platform? Do you want to hit a level of 1K, 5K, 10K, or even 100K LEO?

As we can see from the price action, the few who made a decision to accumulate LEO are finding themselves in a situation where the price is rising.


This is a marked change from earlier in the month when LEO was trading at .025 HIVE. It looks like to get a decent amount of LEO, one is going to have to cough up .1 right now.

We are watching a few of the pillars starting to expand. The entire process starts with Leofinance.io and the users of the interface. This will help to bring more revenue which helps the token via burn.

So, who else is looking to accumulate LEO?

It is a situation where many of those with larger stake are willing to up support the content.

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I love LEO and the folks behind it and see it as the premier group on the Hive chain. In fact I think they could stand on their own and probably will one day (or maybe not, I don't really know) . I do know I like the LeoFinance platform and have been accumulating as much LEO as I can wiht my current goal at 10,000 LEO (1500 to go!).
Only problem is dCity and the in-game SIM token are currently getting most of my investment $$ :/

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Posting through the Leofinance.io interface will get you more LEO through upvotes.

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Yep, I try to post from there when it is relevant and I also have a good chunk of HP delegated to @leo.voter. I'll get to that 10,000 mark soon ;)

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Thanks @Taskmaster4550le for this callout. It's quite exciting that LEO is growing, though it makes it more difficult for me to be able to buy at a pace I had desired. I literally have toi refresh the market feed every 5 minutes to see a lesser Ask so I can maximize.

Whatever, at 0.1 HIVE, LEO is far undervalued. I see LEO at 2 HIVE. I will tell ehy in my post coming live in few minutes.

Good to know about @coyotelation and @libertycrypto27 and their goals. WIll give both of them a follow and help curate them as well.

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I also think the same way, the LEO token is at a value that in the future we will ask ourselves why I didn't buy more as it was worth so little. 2 HIVE I think it is an interesting price for him and who knows, he may reach that in the medium term.

Thanks for the support you and @ taskmaster4450le are doing for me and the whole community. You are incredible people that motivate us. Through you we realize that dreams can be realized.

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I might have to look into using leo more. I am still kind of learning how to utilize the communities to my advantage without becoming a spammer!

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With the help of the community there will be a greater number of tokens staked and consequently the price of LEO will grow exponentially as the supply will increasingly be less than the demand. Good things we will be able to see in a future that I hope will not be so long and even hopefully it is in a position that I can do my part in helping the community as you do and I appreciate the encouragement that you do for us.

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The key is to develop use cases for the LEO token. That will bring more in to use it going forward.

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Will be hitting 5k this week! Been waiting to hit the milestone for a good while!

I was wondering if anyone was going to mention that 30% upswing, I had a nice smug moment as these got filled just before that: Screenshot 2020-05-30 at 06.10.36.png

I've always liked the look of LEO, and I got one of those 'dissatisfied' feelings a couple of days ago where I had to invest another hundred dollars in it or I wouldn't be satisfied - I actually bought BTC and went through the whole laborious conversion process specifically to buy LEO!

I really should have been using the leofinance tag more on some of my posts!

I've currently got my stake split in half between this an alt with different autovote patterns to see what a difference it makes to my curation returns.

Does it make a difference posting through this front-end to just using the leofinance tag in terms of earnings?

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Yes, nice perspective to accumulate Leo.

Leo is actually a good hedge against Hive. When the price of Hive goes up everyone sells Leo into Hive; When the price of Hive goes down users seem more likely to buy Leo. It's interesting because there is some lag here, so if you see the price of Hive move quickly you can usually jump in and make a good Leo trade before others react. There are no liquidity bots beating everyone to the punch.

I have a little more than 15,000 staked LEOs and I post twice a day on @leofinance, about my coin collection. As a collector, the more LEO the merrier.

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