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RE: Ask Me Anything: I Work As A Tarot Reader on s Psychic Hotline. What Would You Like To know About My Business?

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I haven't interacted much with you colleague, I don't know much about your work. My question:

"What exactly is your job and based on that, what are your next goals in this crypto world?"

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My current job is such: I log onto a platform in which different advisors are available to give advice via the Tarot.

When I connect with a client, I get paid per minute to offer them advice.

My income depends on how many clients I connect with per session.

My goals in the crypto world are a little stagnant, since I reached the original goals I wanted. AKA reaching 10,000 HIVE Power, along with some Hive Engine Token Goals.

I know I want to keep accumulating HIVE, LEO, CUB. I have certain tokens that I am accumulating as well.

I had thought that when I reached these amounts, I would start taking out a monthly stipend to take my children out to the movies or something, but I find that now that I have these amounts, and my blogging could make enough to take out some fiat now and then - I don't want to. Now I want to HODL.

I will keep staking my HIVE, LEO, CUB, and tokens, and I will keep Storing Value in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Spinvest.

I want to say that my next HIVE goal is 50,000 HP, but I don't see myself investing $20,000 into Crypto at the moment and don't really want to wish it back down to the $ 0.10 - 0.15 mark.

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Excellent your work, in fact I have relatives who work with that too.

Regarding your goals, congratulations for reaching 10,000 HP👏👏. It's a very good idea to keep accumulating LEO, CUB and other cryptos. I think they will be worth a lot more money in a while. I personally want to raise capital to invest it in more LEO and also Cubfinance farms.

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I definitely want more CUB...

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I don't have one yet, I don't want to be left out hahaha.

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I like the idea of 5,000 Leo Power.
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