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RE: Ready for Kingdoms?

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why do every developer do this? you promise to release ... on the weekend. i want to be with my family, then you make these promises and i have to watch out for it whole weekend to not miss the price jumps.

and of course nothing happens until next week.

i am happy you are trying to inform us, but a probably later and more certain date works better than wild guesses like "maybe two days"

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Well... if I were to guess, he also has to watch market conditions carefully. If you launch during a dip like we had a few days ago, you pretty much blew the opportunity. If you launch during a market recovery, the market sentiment/momentum might work in your favor.

Crypto, unlike other markets, is open for trading 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

What I can tell you it's a matter of priorities. If you need time with you family, take it! There's always something happening, and if you were to pay attention to all opportunities you would never be around for your family.

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Agreed.... it’s better to not be early. I bought Cub at $14, 10, $7, ... ouch.