Hidden message in Bitcoin block 666,666

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Bitcoin block 666,666 was produced on January 18th at 18:28:03 UTC contains 2,728 transactions.

One particular transaction is interesting though and contains a hidden message.

If you pull up transaction ...606afe99 on your favorite Bitcoin block explorer you will notice there is return data in the output of this transaction.

Look at the bottom you can see it under output scripts you can see data under OP RETURN.

This data is in hexadecimal format, so let's quickly decode it.

"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good - Romans 12:21"
- Bitcoin block 666,666

Someone spent $48 to send that message.

If it isn't obvious, 666 is commonly referred to as The number of the beast and generally associated with the devil and evil.

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Excellent advice. Has anyone stored the whole bible on Hive?

No, not sure I see a point.

100% worth the fee they paid. Going to be there on that block for as long as bitcoin is around.

Looks like someone had some extra money to spend


these are the types of things i like to read - short interesting facts.

How exactly is it hidden?

Do you typically look at the op return on every transaction processed on Bitcoin? It was obviously timed specifically to be there. It's not hidden as in encryption, more like change lost in your couch. It's there, but you don't really know it until you find it.

Makes sense. But those are obvious numbers to check.

In your analysis, you missed the btc addresses involved with is also a hidden message of sorts: 1god and 1bible.

I did notice the bible not the god.

I wonder how much they paid for that address or how many times they rolled? Getting God is hard enough, but bible could take awhile.

How interesting and Kudos to whoever sent it!

That is interesting, not sure how you even found that. The eternal message lives on desterilized eternity now.

I find that to be quite brilliant :) Who was the one who actually discovered this thing? That is my biggest question!

" May the Lod's gainzzz bless thy portfolio " - that's what I would write :)

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Is it possible to accurately hit the block or would one have to try multiple times?

Pay a high enough fee, you will get in right quick.

Ah, Ic

Clever timing.

Was that "someone" you?


I am curious. How did you find this out?

I noticed someone mention it on Reddit.

If only they had an account here, could have scooped some HIVE and LEO.

It is also fun to Google the question:

"how many satoshi in a dollar"...

That is pretty cool!

That's really cool @themarkymark. Thanks for showing us that one.

Did you know in block 333,333 there is also a hidden message?

"Do not be overcome by Nickelback, but overcome Chad with good - Kroeger 12:21"

Epic discovery there Marky. Subtle and flashy at the same time. You have to have the spare cash and the intel to achieve that from my perspective. Now it opens up the idea that there may be many more such hidden messages on the blockchain.

That is VERY COOL, God is so Good !

Very cool thanks for deciphering. If they just used PeakD or LeoFinance they could send the memo for just 0.001 HIVE

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That is very interesting! I love this!