Remove your liquidity from wLEO now, compromised

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There is a bug that is allowing a hacker to print wLEO without supplying LEO. If you are providing liquidity to the pool your ETH is at risk.


The pool has lost about 33% of it's liquidity, but everyone who has liquidity in the pool right now is at risk.

Remove your liquidity until further information is found out about the hack.

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It's at times like this that I find myself going phew.. 'I'm glad I did not follow the herd over there'....

I don't like Eth so wasn't going to anyway LOL, sucks for the people that did though.


Me too. I'm not so into investing anyway. Happy to just keep powering up HIVE.

not this.

Lol me too the slow adopter tends to win the race

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Hahah for sure me too!

This is like those moments you thank HIVE for being so protective (with 13 weeks power down, multiple keys, etc). I know here it's not a fair comparison... but just thinking about.

I feel really bad for those who went for this, having been in a similar situation before. It makes you very non-trusting of things.

Unfortunately yeah... I had myself some bad experiences in the past that I learned a lot with it. So, definitely know what's at stake here. All I wish is the best persistency patience for all LEO supporters and keep the communication flowing. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it...

very non-trusting


ouch is this bug specific to LEO's contract or are there any other tokens like wHIVE and DEC that could be affected by the same bug? Is anyone working to patch it? I see leo's had a 46% drop already damn

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potentially wHive but unlikely wDEC as it was created 6 months before wHive/wLeo.


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damn when the price gonna go back to normal and I'm glad I didn't follow the herd wleo need more enhanced security and developing

I was arbitraging the price difference with Leo DEX, was just about to buy a ton of wLEO. Thanks for the post...

I put a lot in that pool and got rekt, but I knew the risks, so it's fine.

I think something needs to done quick with leo dex and hive engine because all that hive is going to be dumped on binance. We should be able to find out who it was though which will be interesting because you can see who you trade with on hive engine.

It is ETH they got, not Hive.

agh ok, i thought it was leo too since leo got dumped so hard. thanks for clearing that up. Was thinking there was a ton more supply of leo as a result.

There is more wLEO, but LEO hasn't changed.
I'm not sure how it will be worked out though.

95.9% drop in wLEO, ouch

We're cursed.

fail often, fail fast, so you can get to succeeding.

we have the first one down pat. :D

That’s one of the better failure quotes I’ve heard.

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oh, you would love this then.

I need to watch the MJ doc on Netflix everyone says it’s amazing. He’s such a champ.

I am not a fan of basketball, love playing just not watching, but it is a really good motivation piece.

One I used to listen to daily.

Powerful man. I love al as an actor. His speech cadence is so interesting.

Thanks for the update, what should we do with the WLEO tokens then ? Unwrap or keep or just sale for ETH while it is still possible ? Thanks for your input.

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I believe the wLEO server has been taken offline to prevent further damage.

Thank you for letting our community know.

Just find out this from @fbslo Tweet few minutes ago

Is there any update from the Leo team ?

Not yet, but I believe he is looking into it. I'm waiting to hear back myself, but I am sure he is busy.

Well that escalated quickly. Good thing I didn’t jump into the hype!

There will always be some out there to put a dent on one's progress, we shouldn't give up but stay strong!

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How to change now from WLEO to LEO??

It is disabled right now until the issue can be resolved. It will likely need to be unwrapped manually

Thanks. After removing my pool (app. 4K$) I have now quite a high amount of WLEO in my metamask.
How to manually unwrap?

I believe LEO team will need to unwrap. It might be a day or two but I have faith they will get it done in due time.

This is a good reminder that DeFi is risky. In the tweets you only read about high APRs but seldomly about all the risks with new tech.

Does this affect wHIVE and DEC?

It does not affect DEC. DEC uses completely different code and was released many months before either wHIVE or wLEO.

It does not seem to at this time.

OMG! Thanks for the heads up.

so is this like the exploit that is seeing thousands of eth being drained from different pools then???

I believe it was wleo only target but investigation still ongoing.

maybe not, I have seen this a few times now.
either the code has vulnerabilities, or its part of a larger problem with uniswap
hit me up if you need a hand looking at the etherscan data

I am just aware about it and stop liquidity of wleo... Thanks for your awareness to the community.

That sounds like an UGLY bug....

Thank you for the heads-up. Unfortunately I saw this a bit too late. It is what it is.

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Thanks for sharing

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