POSH (token) Airdrop!

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Enjoying the weekend

I was just minding my own business today, we had some clearing up to do in the house and needed some groceries as well. All was done, I thought I should have a peek in my hive engine wallet, and noticed that I had received an airdrop from @poshtoken, valued at $151 bucks! NICE! Proof (not of sharing, lol) below:

I alway share my articles on Twitter

It's a small effort to do so, and I've noticed the engagement with other (sometimes new to me) hivers grows by using it. People are sharing each others articles as well and it brings more eyes to the platform, which is great. Sometimes, just sometimes, I forget to use the hive tag in my Tweets, but overall, I don't forget to use it. It's great that @ocd is trying to reward those that share their content on other platforms that possibly bring more users to Hive. Thanks for that!

Hiveposh website

I hadn't checked the status of my received POSH tokens for some weeks now, and receiving the airdrop made me curious about any news I may have missed. After all, I had no idea an airdrop was coming! I went to: https://hiveposh.com/ and discovered I could login with my Twitter account now, cool! After authorizing the app, this is where I landed:

I discovered that I'm at spot 69 on the Rich List of POSH tokens. Not bad, but I can do better, especially now I've found a nice flow to write during the past weeks. I try to up my game and continue this pace.

Posh tokens usage

At this point, it's not clear yet what we can do with the POSH tokens, but maybe I missed the explanation article by browsing through the page too quickly. I will have a look tomorrow and see if I can find some answers.
Thanks for the airdrop @poshtoken @ocd @acidyo! Keeping a close eye for updates, and let's keep sharing on Twitter to get more users to Hive!

Appreciate it!

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I usually see those posh notification on a lot of posts around Leo

Once I tried using the share to Twitter setting, but I didn't know what the outcome will be, and I left it

Can you help by explaining what happens to me when I allow posh to share my posts to Twitter?

Is that the reason you are on 69 on the richlist?

Is this only applicable to users who post using Leo frontend?

What if I share other people's posts on twitter, do I get rewards too?

How do I register with posh?

Thanks for answering in advance

Oh, congrats on getting your air drop, I hope you find ways to make great use of it

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a lot of questions, I have to direct you to the website: https://hiveposh.com/
and for other questions, please go to the OCD discord as I don't know it all sorry :)
Someone will help you there, I think I saw a notification in the announcements there on how to register, so start there :)

Oh, ohk, thanks, I appreciate

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Good luck :) If it's connected, it's all very simple!

the project doesn't share your posts on twitter, you and others can and they can be rewarded for that by earning posh tokens daily!

Everyone is eligible as long as you use a hive tag and share a link to a hive front-end (leofinance included)

register on the website @thisismylife posted in the reply below by signing in with twitter and keychain!

Hey @thisismylife , what I need to do is log in twitter in the link you shared and then share my posts on twitter, right?

you need to register first, go to the website yes, use keychain to connect your account :)
Tweet and use RELEVANT tags in your tweet plus #hive so that the POSH bot drops a comment under your article (see the one below mine here). Poshtoken account will share reports where you can see how many tokens you got. Good luck! It's easy :)

Thank you! I think I did it right but I haven't received any comment from poshtoken yet. Maybe I should wait.



Maybe you're too quick and the bot may need to register it first, take bit longer dunno. I can imagine it won't be instant? Are you in OCD discord? You can find out more info there https://discord.gg/nWUTXbNS

Thank you, I will wait too see.

I guess I did something wrong…. I share like crazy with #posh tag and got like 39 Posh tokens …. Hmm….

Do you use #hive on the tweets as well? At first, they said #posh (and #hive I think it was?) and now only #hive will do to trigger the bot to leave the comment below your articles. Check in the OCD discord server, and ask someone what's up. Maybe you missed a requirement or step? Not too late to start earning the tokens ;) still early!

I was using #posh and #hive on all my tweets. … maybe I tweeted too much ? Oh well …

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Lol can't imagine that was the case, if you use discord, check in their server, not logged in currently so can't send you an invite sorry.. otherwise, ask @acidyo here or on Twitter :) I'm sure he will help you out!

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I assume this is your twitter account

all I can say is there's some requirements to tweet performance to earn tokens, liking your own tweets is probably not one of them

wow this is cool, I will try and see if I can do that as well. I mean sharing #posh tag.

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Nice one. This has been an awareness strategy which I have been talking about for some period now

I never knew there will even be a reward for this. but he only challenge right now in my country Nigeria generally is that our federal government has banned the use of twitter in our country. I don't know if there will be alternative way to sign up though will check that out myself

Thanks for sharing and congrats for the reward

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Oh really, that sucks if your country banned it! Although there may be a solution to that in the future? I believe project blank had something to do with twitter as well, although I'm not 100% sure if that's true. Keep an eye out for the release of blank from leofinance!

And thank you! :)

No official announcement of all the changes of poshtoken yet, but stay tuned as it's coming as soon as everything is flowing well bug-free. :)

Sure, I'm not going anywhere :) It was sweet to receive the drop, and even sweeter seeing it was doubled this morning! Thanks!!!

this thread explains the reason for the doubling :P

Yes I saw that, and that's a pretty cool move to send everyone a double drop :)

Early adopter bonuses go hand in hand with tokens I guess so was a nice accidental touch. :D

Not bad turns out I got 486 of them! Wonder how the price will shake out for them. Good stuff!

Lol, probably you got double now? I received a second drop last night, but woke up with the price 90% down lol. Now it's even worse out of the 150 bucks (for the 500 something tokens yesterday which should be double now) only 9 bucks left :P people have been dumping hard. I'm keeping them. Curious how we can use them..

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I couldn't help but buy some as I've been slacking on sharing posts on Twitter lately, let alone post on Hive in general. :P Too much things to do!

That’s cool I’ll have to check out what I’ve got!

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Got a big chunk as well and hope they will do something in the future. Until then it's nice to have it.

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I hope so too.. As expected people have been dumping hard, value dropped 95% or something.. Oh well, need to figure out what they can be used for first anyway :)

A nice airdrop, I get 77!

Congrats :)

Congratulations to you as u have receive the unexpected airdrop I'm so happy for you..

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thank you!

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The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

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I have checked it out and discover there is no alternative way of logging in which shows that we that we ae from Nigeria are exempted because of the government policy

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Damn, shit! Sorry about that :(

The country can be so funny while bandit were not banned, twitter was banned